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Overview of Sand Creek Farm
Sand Creek Farm is a diverse Sustainable farm / Aquaponic operation and training facility. 

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Farmer: Ben Godfrey, wife: Alysha, children: Abigale, Emily, Rebecca, Grace and Lillian

We provide local, healthy food for your family or business from our farm and a few select other local farmers. 

We offer an exclusive opportunity to train and mentor a limited number of individuals through our Sustainable Farming Student Program each season.

We offer Private Consultation for the design and operations of Aquaponic facilities and/or Sustainable Farms. For Custom Farm Design Clients, we also offer personal shopping services for tools and equipment (horse drawn or motorized).


$500, printed materials and certificate included. Private or group course available.  Email the farm for a class.

Accepted by South Dakota Raw Milk Licencensing department.

Read some fun articles about the farm in the following publications:
Acres USA, Jun 2014
USDA-NRCS by Randy Henry, Jan 17, 2013
Texas Farm & Home, Oct 2010
Waco Tribune-Herald by J.B. Smith, Aug 3, 2008


Food available from our farm:

- Produce CSA, we are not certified organic but follow the guidelines
- Wholesale Produce for other CSA model groups via delivery
- Soy-free, gmo free pork and chicken meat.  Why do we choose soy-free and gmo-free? http://www.westonaprice.org/soy-alert/http://responsibletechnology.org/gmo-education/
- Grass fed beef, lamb and goat by wholes and halves

We became Farmers to provide healthy foods for our family and to empower you and the next generation to do the same.  We wanted foods free of chemicals, free of antibiotics, free of hormones, free of GMO's, free of soy, and full of nutrients, so we bought a farm, moved out of the city and started growing and producing our own food.

After 2 years of "hobby" farming on 40 acres we moved to our current farm of 169 acres in 2006. 

In 2009 we sold our commerical construction company of 15 years, our "real job" in the city, and became full time farmers.  We have now been farming for ~13 years and feed/mentor/train people, thats what we do. 

Having made the journey from "City Folks" to "Country Folks" - let us tell you, if we can do it, anyone can do it!  If you need help, we can teach you what we have learned.  email Ben Godfrey for Private Consultation.

Items that we recommend but do not have in stock:

Sand Creek Farm * 1552 CR 267 * Cameron, TX 76520

google map us "Sand Creek Farm and Dairy, Cameron, TX"

Information: email us (fastest way to reach someone at the farm)

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