Top 6 Best Incubator for Duck Eggs Reviews (2021 Updated)

Best incubator for duck eggs reviews

It takes more effort to make homemade incubators for duck eggs than chicken or bird eggs. You have to precisely control the temperature and the humidity in 28 days to reach a perfect hatching result.

Hence, I have shortlisted the best incubator for duck eggs to make this job easier for you. Each incubator below is slightly different from others in features and ability, so please pick the one that best suits your needs. Don’t blindly trust any recommendations!

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Top 6 Best Incubator for Duck Eggs 2021

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Harris Farms Nurture Right 360Best Fully Automatic Duck Egg IncubatorSee latest Price
Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg IncubatorBest PriceSee latest Price
Brinsea Products Mini II Advance Automatic 7 Egg IncubatorBest for VisibilitySee latest Price
KEBONNIXS Egg Incubator with Humidity DisplayGreat Incubator with Egg CandleSee latest Price
HovaBator Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator Combo KitBest for CompatibilitySee latest Price
Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Circulated Air IncubatorBest Commercial Duck Egg IncubatorSee latest Price

In-depth 6 Top Rated Duck Egg Incubators Reviews

1. Harris Farms Nurture Right 360 – Best Fully Automatic Duck Egg Incubator

Hold up to: 

  • 22 chicken eggs
  • 12-18 duck eggs
  • 22-24 pheasant eggs

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This automatic duck egg incubator comes from Harris Farms – a worldwide well-reputed brand that many aviculturists trust and use. This nurture incubator can hatch from 12 to 18 duck eggs. Besides, you can use it to hatch chicken, quail, and pheasant eggs.

This Harris Farm machine is the best incubator for duck eggs because it contains all the necessary features for hatching duck eggs.

First, you can easily control the temperature and humidity on the top LED screen. From my experience, the temperature range should be within 99.3 – 99.6oF and the humidity should be 45-55% for the first 25 days, then increase to 65% in 3 days before hatching.

The 360-degree induced airflow helps maintain constant temperature and humidity inside, creating a nature-like environment to ensure that 100% of eggs are successfully hatched.

Besides, you don’t have to manually turn eggs or turn off the machine during the duck egg incubation time. The automatic Egg Turner will ease this process to increase the hatch rate.

3 days before the hatch day, the Nurture Right 360 will stop the machine. You can check the hatching status thanks to the crystal-clear 360-view window.

Despite its features and egg capacity, there are two drawbacks of this incubator. First, it is slightly expensive, which is not suitable for first-time aviculturists with a limited budget. Second, it can be used only with the power supply provided in the product package.

Pros Cons
  • Can hatch chicken, duck, quail, pheasant eggs
  • Come from a reliable brand
  • Easily control temperature and humidity
  • 3D window view
  • Can be used with the provided power supply

2. Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator – Best Price


  • Hold up to 9-12 eggs (depends on the egg size)
  • Available for chickens, ducks, fowl, geese, etc

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Starting to hatch farm duck eggs can be costly and challenging. You should choose an affordable, multi-functional incubator to get the job done without breaking your bank account.

This small incubator from MagicFly is an ideal start for first-time aviculturists. It can contain 9 to 12 duck eggs at a time with the dimensions of 1.4 x 2 inches. Besides duck eggs, you can utilize it to hatch a wide variety of eggs, including chicken eggs, fowl eggs, geese eggs, and so on.

This digital egg incubator is compact with 13.98 x 6.89 x 7.48 inches and a weight of 4.8 pounds. You can put this machine anywhere on your farm without taking too much space or move it around your property for frequent checks.

Besides, it has a simple structure and is made of durable PP and ABS materials. You can control or adjust the thermostat at any time using the knobs and LED digital screen.

Another reason that makes this digital auto incubator an excellent choice for starters is that it comes with the automatic egg-turner feature. It will turn eggs several times a day so that the developing embryo doesn’t stick to the shell and membrane. This feature can’t be turned off, but you can reposition the tray to keep eggs from turning upside down.

Pros Cons
  • Can hatch various types of chicken and bird eggs
  • Simple structure, easy to control thermostat
  • Made of durable PP and ABS materials
  • Affordable
  • Small egg capacity, not suitable for commercial incubation

3. Brinsea Products Mini II Advance Automatic 7 Egg Incubator – Best for Visibility

Hold up to:

  • 7 chicken/duck eggs
  • 12 quail/pheasant eggs

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Duck eggs failing to hatch is a costly experience, and quickly diagnose the early symptoms can rescue the eggs and prevent future losses.

Besides choosing high-quality eggs, you should also frequently check the hatching process and adjust the humidity, temperature, and airflow inside depending on your egg type. But how do you do it if you can’t open the lid while it’s running?

This Brinsea incubator enables you to view the hatching process without opening the cover, thanks to its transparent ABS lid for great visibility. You can adjust the thermostat with the digital display on the cover.

There is a countdown timer to the hatching day with the auto-stop function. Unlike the Mini II Eco version, Brinsea Mini II Advanced includes the auto egg-turner to lessen your checking effort.

There are 2 disks in this product package – a disk of 7 slots for chicken eggs and duck eggs and a disk of 12 slots for quail and pheasant eggs. This mini incubator is an interesting hatching kit for classroom use or a compact machine for those who raise pet ducks like Pekin, Rouen, Call duck, etc.

Pros Cons
  • 2 egg trays for different egg types
  • Hygienic ABS trays for easy cleaning
  • Great visibility
  • Can’t serve bigger hatching needs

4. KEBONNIXS Egg Incubator with Humidity Display – Great Incubator with Egg Candle

  • Hold up to 12 duck eggs
  • Egg candle is available

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The Kebonnixs 12-egg mini incubator is among the best incubators for beginners to backyard poultry farming, for home, classroom, or lab use. You can hatch up to 12 standard eggs with this incubator, whether chicken, duck, quail or goose eggs.

This egg incubator provides an additional feature that doesn’t appear in most incubators on the market – the LED egg candler. This is a special device to check whether eggs are fertilized and monitor the egg’s embryonic development.

Moreover, the Kebonnixs incubator has an external water top-up, so you don’t need to open the lid to avoid losing humidity and temperature.

The 360-degree viewing window is clear and big, allowing you to watch the egg development and other things going on all sides of the machine.

Pros Cons
  • Integrated LED egg candler
  • External water top-up
  • Large window for easy observation
  • A little bit costly

5. HovaBator Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit – Best for Compatibility

Hold up to:

  • 30-40 duck eggs
  • 42 chicken eggs
  • 70 quail eggs
  • 28 goose eggs

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HovaBator Genesis 1588 is an advanced incubation kit for experienced farmers. This duck egg incubator can hold temperature and humidity steadier than the basic models, which is more cost-efficient and effective.

This machine can contain approximately 42 chicken eggs, 70 quail eggs, or 28 goose eggs with a universal egg tray for different egg sizes.

This egg incubator is made of Styrofoam, providing better insulation than PP or ABS plastics in conventional models. There is also an air fan to maintain consistent temperature and humidity inside, thus better at optimizing the hatch rate. You can also view how things happen inside,  thanks to the large 12 x 12 -inch viewing window.

As a farmer, I think sometimes it’s hard to remember when to turn eggs manually. This machine can roll eggs 6 times per day automatically, which is similar to egg turning in nature. Duck eggs will be rotated every day for 25 days straight.

However, this advanced incubation kit doesn’t include an egg candler to observe the environment inside. It is also not recommended for beginners since it’s pretty expensive with advanced features, and you will have to do a lot of guesswork to get your desired hatch rate.

Pros Cons
  • Large egg capacity
  • 2 power supply options – 110V and 220V
  • Made of Styrofoam for better insulation
  • Auto egg-turner
  • A lot of guesswork for starters
  • No egg candler

6. Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator – Best Commercial Duck Egg Incubator

  • Hold up to 41 eggs (depends on egg size)

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Artificial incubation plays a vital role in maximizing the reproductive potential of breeding populations. Farm Innovators 4250 promises to make the hatching season as simple as possible at a reasonable price. It can contain up to 41 duck eggs. You can also use this machine to hatch Muscovy duck eggs or even large duck and goose eggs.

What’s most noticeable in this commercial duck egg incubator is that it includes all the necessary features for hatching many eggs, from the countdown timer, digital thermostat display, auto egg-turner, and egg candler.

Farm Innovators 4250 also features 2 EZ fill water channels on the sides of the machine, allowing you to refill water without removing the lid. Each channel is set separately to maintain a constant humidity during the hatching process. To add water, you can use a filling device (not included in the product package).

This professional incubation machine is set to 100oF at factory settings. It will also warn you with light flashes when the temperature is a few degrees lower or higher than this temperature.

Pros Cons
  • Include all necessary features to maximize the hatch rate
  • Reasonable price
  • 2 EZ fill water channels for adding water
  • The water filling device is not included
  • The auto egg-turner needs improvements

My Top Pick

To get the best incubator for duck eggs, you need to know how many eggs you are about to incubate. If the number of eggs remains small, you should pick up a mini model at an affordable price and basic features, and vice versa.

Harris Farm Nurture Right 360 Incubator is the best choice for aviculturists of all levels and farm sizes. It includes all the necessary features for artificial hatching and can be used to incubate various egg types.

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