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All About Prairie Bluebell Egger Chickens

Prairie Bluebell Egger Chicken

You may have heard the name Prairie Bluebell Egger more and more often recently. They are among a few new chicken breeds that gain their popularity with the ability to lay blue-shell eggs. Yes! We are not kidding. And there are even more fascinating things about them. Let’s find out! What Is A Prairie Bluebell […]

What To Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching?

what to feed baby chicks after hatching

Learning and understanding what to feed baby chickens after hatching is vital to help the baby chickens stand a chance of surviving and thriving. Just like any newborn, in the long journey from a baby hatchling to a fully feathered, the baby chickens need to have strong defenses and undergo rapid development and transformation during […]

Why Do Chickens Eat Rocks?

why do chickens eat rocks

Perhaps at least once you came across a chicken eating a piece of rocks. Neither do rocks have any nutritional value nor tasty flavor? So, why do chickens eat rocks? Do they eat them for fun or any reason behind that we do not know? Let’s uncover the mask in my article below. Why do […]

How Long Do Roosters Live?

how long do roosters live

We all love living with a cockerel around. However, ever wonder for how long will these feathered friends company with you, especially for some breeds like bantam chickens? How long do roosters live? The length of a male chicken life depends on many factors. If you’re planning to pet a rooster, you need to answer […]