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What To Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching?

what to feed baby chicks after hatching

Learning and understanding what to feed baby chickens after hatching is vital to help the baby chickens stand a chance of surviving and thriving. Just like any newborn, in the long journey from a baby hatchling to a fully feathered, the baby chickens need to have strong defenses and undergo rapid development and transformation during […]

Why Do Chickens Eat Rocks?

why do chickens eat rocks

Perhaps at least once you came across a chicken eating a piece of rocks. Neither do rocks have any nutritional value nor tasty flavor? So, why do chickens eat rocks? Do they eat them for fun or any reason behind that we do not know? Let’s uncover the mask in my article below. Why do […]

How Long Do Roosters Live?

how long do roosters live

We all love living with a cockerel around. However, ever wonder for how long will these feathered friends company with you, especially for some breeds like bantam chickens? How long do roosters live? The length of a male chicken life depends on many factors. If you’re planning to pet a rooster, you need to answer […]

Do Chickens Have Ears?

do chickens have ears

Let me ask you this, do chickens have ears? Don’t rush. Think thoroughly then give me the answer. If your answer is anything but yes, take your time with us to find out in this article. Do chickens have ears? Yes, they do. Chicken ears are on the side of their face. They’re generally concealed […]

How Do Chickens Pee?

how do chickens pee

You might think chickens are very simple and understandable animals. However, there are so many myths about how they eat, poop, and sleep. Some questions can be easily answered through observations but some are not that easy to be understood. “How do chickens pee?” is one of the queries. The information relating to chicken urinate […]

How Much Do Chickens Weigh?

how much do chickens weigh

As an owner or a farmer, we always want our animals to be at the best condition possible. Chickens, at this point, has no difference. Asking how much do chickens weigh at first might seem like a simple question that just needs a simplistic answer, like a number or two. However, digging deeper into what […]

Are Chickens Cold-blooded Or Warm-blooded?

Are Chickens Cold-blooded Or Warm-blooded

Aside from arguing that “are chicken reptiles or birds”, people also debate about another confusing topic concerning chickens’ internal temperature. “Are chickens cold-blooded or warm-blooded?” is a very important question that the answer would have a huge impact on how you take care of your backyard friends. Let’s find out. Differences between cold-blooded and warm-blooded […]

Are Chickens Omnivores?

are chickens omnivores

One defining thing that has been easily mistaken about chickens is their kind of animal. If you are raising one of them, it could be a no-brainer pick. For those who don’t do their research or just don’t own any chicken at all, telling what kind of animal they are might get a little bit […]