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Why is My Duck Shivering? (WHAT IT MEANS)

Two ducks swimming in a body of water

What does it mean when a duck shakes? Whether they’re excited, wet, ill, or just shaking feathers for the females, there is a reason behind your ducks shivering. You should always make sure you know what’s going on with your ducks especially if you notice any sort of odd behavior. Let’s learn more about why […]

How Fast Can Ducks Swim UNDERWATER?

adult duck swimming with baby ducks

If you’ve ever seen ducks wading on the surface of a pond, you’ve probably wondered, “how fast can ducks swim?” Above and under the water, the fastest ducks can swim at 4 to 6mph. The average speed is between less than 1mph and 3mph. Read on to learn everything there is to know about swimming […]

Do Ducks Have TEETH? – Not Exactly

Close up of a duck face

Duck owners might know a lot about their ducks, but one thing that people might wonder about is: do ducks have teeth. Ducks are really great to keep as backyard pets or for eggs. However, a lot of us don’t know about certain things like how they eat or if they have teeth. Let’s dive […]

Can Ducks Eat Peanuts – Is it SAFE?

Group of peanuts in shell

While many foods are suitable for ducks, it’s important to know which ones are good for them and which to avoid, so can ducks eat peanuts? Many duck keepers wonder if peanuts are safe for their birds to eat because they want to provide their ducks with a healthier and more diverse diet. Let’s dive […]

Do Ducks Mate for Life? – Duck Mating FACTS

two ducks in the water together

Waterfowl, like many other animals, create pair bonds with those of the opposite sex so that they can have offspring, but do ducks mate for life? The mating habits of waterfowl are extremely diverse. While some animals remain mated for life, others spend considerable time and energy each year building new pair connections. Let’s dive […]

What Are Baby Ducks Called – CHICKS?

Baby ducks in a group in a tin container

You probably already know that baby chickens are called “chicks”, but what are baby ducks called? Are baby ducks called chicks, too? Baby ducks are referred to as ducklings, which sounds just as cute as they are – but that’s not all they’re called. We’ll explore the different names of baby ducks and all about […]