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Drop Calves: All You Should Know

Drop Calves

While dropping a calf is a common term for ranchers on cattle farms, its true meaning might be interesting for people who aren’t familiar with cattle breeding. So, what are drop calves, their roles in the industry, and how to take care of these little creatures? What Are Drop Calves?  In agriculture, “drop calves” are […]

Do Cows Cry Tears? [The Truth Revealed]

do cows cry

Whether cows can feel emotions like humans is a controversial topic on online forums of cow lovers and dairy farmers. While some people believe that cows can feel pains, others think that the “tears” in cows’ eyes are only their external irritation. So, do cows cry when they are sad, hungry, stressed? Do Cows Cry? […]

How Long Do Cows Live?

how long do cows live

Cows can live many years in their natural environment. But in agriculture, the lifespan of domesticated cows has to be shortened to meet their meat and milk production expectancy. Have you ever asked yourself: how long do cows live in each living environment? How Long Do Cows Live In The Wild? In the wild, cows […]

Cow Hoof: Anatomy, Problems, Trimming & Caring

Cow farmers put their cattle health as a top priority. To maintain their cows’ health, hoof trimming practice is essential. If the farmers fail to do it, the cows are likely to suffer from cow hoof-related problems.  In this article, we will provide you with information about the cows’ hoof anatomy, hoof injury and problems, […]