Can You Ride A Cow? How To Train A Cow To Ride?

Cow riding

Riding a horse, a mule, or a donkey is normal, but can you ride a cow? It may seem weird at first, but the cow is also a four-legged animal so why can’t we try?

Those animals may not like it when you first try to get on their backs. But once they get used to it, they won’t bother it at all. Cows can be ridden but they just don’t enjoy that much.

If you’re planning for a real cow riding, here is something you should know.

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Can You Ride A Cow Like A Horse?

Cows can be ridden because they have been trained to carry people and cargo for several years. Cows that are raised to ride and work are called Oxen. In developing countries, they use Oxen as an alternative to expensive machinery to reduce production costs.

Cow riding

Cattle riding has some advantages when compared to horse riding.

Firstly, cows are tougher than horses so when they have small injuries, they can handle them better. When it comes to steep terrain, these animals can deal with it easier because of their lower center.

Also, you can learn to ride cows easier because they are more stable and slower. Cattle will not panic as much as horses in certain situations. They also have better endurance.

On the other side, riding a cow has some disadvantages that a horse doesn’t. Cows are not fast and agile as horses and they also cannot handle rivers or obstacles. These cattle don’t usually panic but when they do, their horns can be a danger to people who ride.

kid riding a cow

Horse riding

Horses are suitable for people who like fast speed and flexibility because they are able to deal with rivers and many obstacles. Plus, they don’t easily get scared like cows.

But horses have some problems, too. They will run away if they get startled. This will not happen to cows. And horses have more difficulties when dealing with wounds.

What Breed Of Cow Can You Ride?

Many types of cows can be used to ride, haul, and work. Some of them are Zebu cattle and Taurine cattle. The former can be found in South Asia while the latter is in Europe and North America.

Can you ride a dairy cow?

Dairy cows are not raised for riding and they don’t have enough strength needed to work on the fields or carry humans. In some areas of the developing countries, they castrate bulls and use them as oxen to support farming and transportation.

However, it’s not the same in the West where they sell bulls for veal. These cows usually have more pronounced spines than others so it wouldn’t be comfortable to ride them.

Can you ride an Angus cow?

Angus cows are raised in the United States, Australia, Canada, and South America for their meat. They are not usually used for riding but they can get used to it if you know how to train them. In some farms, farmers allow kids to ride these cows.

How To Break A Cow To Ride?

Riding an untrained cow might be a dangerous thing. As cows are large and heavy animals, they can cause more serious injuries than horses do. So, rule no.1, only ride cows that get trained to do that.

Here are some major steps to train a cow to ride.

train to ride a cow

Step 1. Start with calves

Training calves or young cows will be much easier than adult cows.

Step 2. Show your love

Spend time with the calf so it will be comfortable when you are around. You also need to get familiar with it. Do touch it and pet it.

You need to be patient because this process may take a few weeks. After the calf gets along with you, you can easily teach it to stand tied (halter-train).

Step 3. Try pushing on the calf’s back

When the animal starts to trust you and let you touch it anytime you want, try putting stuff on its back, little by little.

For example, you can push it back down with your hand, then come to your arms and chest. Do this in a short period of time but repeat it after a while. Don’t forget to praise the calf after it calms down.

Step 4. Try climbing

After the calf gets used to having pressure on its back, you can climb on it. At first, the animal may be a little scared and try to avoid you but you need to stay patient to let it know that you will not do any harm to it.

Step 5. Take a short riding

When the animal accepts you on its back, you can take it to a small area.

Step 6. Try using a halter

You can make the reins by placing a halter on the calf and putting the end of the lead to it.

Step 7. Rein training

Train the calf to go the way you want through the reins. Make it stand in front of a wall or a fence then climb on its back. Then pull the reins to the left or right and it will have to follow your order because there’s no way to go forward.

Step 8. Practicing

Do it again and again. You will need a certain period of time to get familiar with cow riding, and so does the calf.

Why Don’t People Choose Cows As Ideal Riding Animals?

People think they don’t need to go for cows when there are many other options such as horses, mules, or donkeys. These animals are obviously more practical to ride because they are born to be ridden. You can make sure to arrive at the places you want with these animals safely.

Cows are also not ideal when you need to run fast. They are confused if they have to run because they are not familiar with running like horses.

Moreover, cows get tired easily. Their body structure is large, which makes it really hard for them to carry. And when you ride them, they even have to take your weight. This will make them go even slowlier.

Cows are much more difficult to train. If you want to train them to ride, you need to spend a lot of time with them. They also take time to be used to carrying your weight.

Horses are more flexible and swift. Their bodies are made to run smoothly. So riding a horse will be a much better experience.


1. Is it legal to ride a cow?

Riding a cow doesn’t violate the rule, but some people find it somehow or even very cruel. They think that cows are not made to be ridden. Moreover, cows cannot be shoed, so riding will have a bad impact on them. Their hooves will be worn down sooner, which increases the risk of lameness.

2. At what age can you ride a cow?

People from seven years old can ride a cow. But it’s not highly recommended because it’s not as safe as riding a horse, a donkey, or a mule.

If your kids want to ride a cow, keep in mind that, only choose the one that has been trained to carry people. Also, there should be an adult to observe the whole time to make sure it is all safe.

3. Can I ride a calf?

Yes, you can, provided that the calf has done the halter training. Don’t scare it with a sudden jump on its back. And for a smooth riding experience, it’s better if the calf has mastered the reining lesson.

Final Words

To sum up, you can ride a cow, but remember that it takes a lot of time to train the animal and you might need prior practices. One more thing, don’t ride a too small cow as you may hurt its back. If you want to train a cow to ride, the most important thing is patient.

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