What Fruit Can Horses Eat?

horse eat strawberries

Your horses are hungry! Have you fed them yet? Perhaps right now you are scrambling to find grass to fill the stomachs of your beloved horses. But wait a second! Do you think that only grass is enough?

The grass, in fact, does not have enough nutrients for the comprehensive development of horses. They need more than that. Vitamin from fruits can be a  great source of nutrition which can do wonders for the health of your lovely horses.

What fruit can horses eat? You do not need to go out of your way for investigation any more because the answer is here. Keep scrolling down for useful information

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What Fruit Can Horses Eat?

These fruits not only provide your horses with full satisfying meals but also nourish them with endless sources of vitamins. Let’s take a look.

1. Pears

Perhaps you’ve never heard of horses eating pears but it’s true, they can surely eat it. Vitamin C and E from succulent pears work efficiently for the sensitive digestive system of horses.

However, a large number of pears consumed by a horse each day may unintentionally affect their health. You can read our article on notes when feeding horses pears. Be careful!

Horse eat Pear
Vitamin C and E from succulent pears work efficiently for horses

2. Peaches

Peaches promise to be the favorite food for your horse. The low sugar content of peaches will ensure a safe but delicious horse meal. Notably, peaches are good, but their leaves are not as friendly as you think. A horse eating peach leaves may suffer from unwanted symptoms. Keep them away!

Horse eat Peaches
Peach leaves may harm the horse

3. Grapes

Bunches of juicy grapes! Wow, enjoyable! Grapes have a great appeal to your appetite, right? Now you may be surprised to know that your horses love eating grapes just like you. The sweet taste of this kind of fruit can give your horses an out-of-the-world meal.

Horses love eating grapes
Horses love eating grapes

4. Oranges

You might be a little afraid when oranges are mentioned in the list of fruits for horses as the amount of citric acid in this fruit is quite high. But stay calm! Now you can rest assured to feed your lovely horses with oranges as they are still fine.

horse eat oranges

As long as you stay careful, oranges are beneficial to your horse’s health. You can read our article to understand more about a wonderful fruit for horses named orange.

 5. Carrots

“ Hey, my horse is not a rabbit!”- You may claim. But don’t panic, carrots can completely whet your horses’ appetite. Cut carrots into small round slices and then feed them, and your horses will surely head over heels fall in love with this new food for sure. How many carrots should you feed them? Our guides on carrots for horses will help you.

horse eat carrot
Cut carrots into small round slices and then feed them

6. Apples

Like pears, apples are also in the list of favorite fruits of horses. Believe me! Your horses cannot resist the sweet taste of a delicious apple. An intriguing fact is that horses can ease their minds by eating apples together with the grass. Apples act like a remedy, right?

This fruit is not only nutritious but also tasty. Give it to your horses, and they will love you more.

horse eat apple
Apples are also in the list of favorite fruits of horses

7. Strawberries

Let your horses eat strawberries, why not? Rich in vitamin C, E, and K, strawberries are definitely what the horses need for a balanced diet. Trust me, you love strawberries and so do your horses.

horse eat strawberries

In Conclusion

What human food can horses eat? Well, perhaps the answer is crystal clear, yes, that’s fruit. Fruits not only do wonders for the well-being of horses but also give them a tasty meal. However, raising a horse is not as easy as playing a simple game.

You need to take good care of them so please pay attention to the number of fruits that they eat. Some fruits are beneficial but a lot may affect the horses. You don’t want this prospect to happen, do you?

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