Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Tops?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Tops

Rabbits are lovely animals and are quite easy to raise, as their food source is extremely diverse and easy to find. But there are some caveats about what a rabbit can eat and what cannot. Can rabbits eat strawberry tops? That is a question I often hear, and if you are wondering the same, this article will be the answer.

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A rabbit’s diet

Rabbits are herbivores, and the best food for them is hay and grass.

Scientists recommend that hay and grass should make up about 80% of the rabbit’s diet. The remaining 20% ​​should be vegetables and small amounts of nutritious nuts. Let your rabbits drink clean water, and remember to change it regularly.

Rabbits are not picky eaters, but there are many foods that rabbits should avoid.

Rabbits can eat twigs and leaves, but not from an apple tree, ash-tree, birch, hawthorn, hazel, hazelnut, juniper, maple, pear, pine, poplar, rose, spruce and willow branches.

Rabbits love carrots. Sadly, feeding only carrots to your rabbit is bad as this vegetable contains high starch.

And especially high-sugar foods are also not good for their health.

One more thing, if you change the diet of the rabbit, it should be done slowly. I will explain more about this later in the article.

Are strawberries safe for rabbits?

Yes, of course, rabbits love berries in general.

No one can resist the sweetness of the strawberries. Strawberries are rich in vitamins and sugar. Vitamins are good, but usually, rabbits can get a lot of vitamins from green vegetables already. What rabbits like about strawberries is because of their sugar content, making them tastier than any other leaf.

But the amount of berries rabbits should eat is the issue we should consider. Eating a lot of sugar can make your rabbit obese, and sugar can also have a bad effect on your rabbit’s teeth.

So even though your bunny shows great interest in sweet fruits, you should only feed him occasionally, and at a small amount each time.

Also, make sure you rinse the strawberries before feeding them, as the pesticides that remain on strawberries will harm your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry

What age can rabbits eat strawberries?

From 3 to 8 months of age, the baby rabbits should be started feeding the diet of a normal rabbit. Therefore, they shouldn’t be provided strawberries until reaching 8 months of age.

When introducing strawberries to your bunny, you should give him a small amount for him to get used to, and divide into a number of times a week which must be less than those of an adult rabbit.

Food introduced to a bunny should be the same with that of his parents, which mostly consists of hay, grass and greens.

So, strawberries are safe, what about the plants? Can rabbits have strawberry tops, leaves and stems?

Can rabbits eat strawberry tops?

Yes, it is interesting to know that most rabbits love the tops of strawberries.

Strawberry tops consist of a petiole and small leaves, so your rabbits can digest them. The only potential danger in strawberry tops is again a pesticide, so be sure to wash it thoroughly before feeding your rabbit.

Can rabbits eat strawberry leaves and stems?

Yes, these parts are not only safe but also suitable for rabbits.

Although rabbits will not enjoy leaves and stems like lovely berries, this is still the right choice. And remember to wash the leaves and stems of strawberries and other plants before feeding them, as chemical residues in the growing process can be harmful to your rabbits.

What you should do when introducing new food to your rabbit?

Because the rabbit’s stomach is quite sensitive, when introducing new food to them, we need to be patient and careful.

To be sure and safe, consult your veterinarian first, he or she will advise you on the type of food changes and how to best suit your rabbit.

In fact, not only are rabbits stomach sensitive, but also vulnerable themselves. If there is a sudden change in the daily routine, they may feel stressed and anxious.

You should mix a small amount of new food with your rabbit’s present diet, and slowly increase it in 2 weeks to let him get used to it.

During the change of food, look after your rabbit. If there is anything unusual, reduce a bit amount of new food and take him to the vet for an examination.


So now, you no longer wonder whether rabbits can eat strawberry tops, don’t you? Rabbits can eat the berries, tops, leaves, and also the stems. But remember a small amount is enough and always wash thoroughly before feeding them. If not, several health issues can occur including tooth decay, digestive disorder, or problems caused by remained pesticides.

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