How Far Can A Horse Trot? Can 30 Minutes Be Achieved

How Far can a Horse trot?

Have you ever asked yourself why horses were widely used as transportation for centuries?. If yes, I will tell you the answer: The reason lies in their physical strength. A horse can trot at very high speed and satisfy most of the demands of people at that time.

But there is another question raised: Even when the horse trot so fast, can he run far? If this question is still bewildering you, I believe that this post can help you out. Keep reading and we will find the answer to the question: “ How far can a horse trot?”

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How Far can a Horse trot?

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How Far Can A Horse Trot?

To answer this question, you have to see how fit  your horse is.  horses that are well fed and in good health run much faster and farther than their weaker counterparts.

There are many internal factors that can affect the horse’s ability to run away such as breed, and other external factors such as weather and terrain.

The agile horses can take you through the forest and over the mountain within a blink of an eye. So, on average, how far does an average horse run?

A horse’s speed can reach up to 27 km per hour when they trot. Because horses have no collarbones, their back is not fully supported. Their spine is held up only by tendons, muscles and tissues.

As a result, the time that horses can trot without taking a rest is about 20 minutes, equivalent to 9 km long. If this period is exceeded, the horse will get a sore back and may collapse.

Horse can Trot up to 9km
Horses can trot up to 9 km long without taking a rest.

A Closer Look At The Some Affecting Factors


The first and foremost factor you have to take into consideration is the terrain. Going up steep, hard and rocky terrain will affect the limbs of the horse. The muddy or sandy terrain is also not good for the horse’s ability to run far. Stay away from them!

Hard and rocky terrain in horse
Hard and rocky terrain will affect the limbs of the horse

Weather Conditions

Long distances will cost the horse a great amount of body water. For horses to run fast and far, you need to avoid riding your horse too long in hot and humid weather.


Of course, health is an unignorable factor. A well-trained and well-nourished horse can run very far. So remember to take great care of your horse for better strength.

In Conclusion

“A horse can trot very far”– that is the answer that you can explicitly answer when someone asks you how far a horse can trot. However, to drive the horse to its fullest capacity, you must take great care of him.

Don’t wonder why your horse trots not as far as other horses. You know why? Yes, he needs more care from you!

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