How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding A Horse?

horse riding burn calories

Are you experiencing an awful period of time struggling to lose weight? Stop looking at your belly and complaining that you are too fat, and let’s hop on the horseback and start horse riding now! You know why? The answer is that horse riding help you burn calories and assist you in obtaining a perfectly fit and toned body!

If you desire thrills, speed, adventure, and above all want to lose weight to have a fit body, horse riding is definitely for you. It is considered a sport that helps you exercise and burn calories. But how many calories do you burn riding a horse? Keep reading our article to find an answer for yourself.

horse riding burn calories
Horseback riding all help to reduce calories significantly

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding A Horse?

Horse-riding is a popular sport suitable for almost everybody. Adventure-loving boys, girls, those who dream to ride on horsebacks like fairy movies and even middle-aged people can all take part in this sport.

Depending on each person’s physical condition, the number of calories you burn will vary. There are a variety of factors that can affect the calories you burn when riding on horseback such as age, intensity of work or frequency of playing the sport.

When riding horses, the thighs, abs, arms, and leg muscles all work uniformly and seamlessly to help you quickly eliminate excess fat. The movements on horseback riding, in addition, aid your calories reductions significantly.

calories burn in horse riding activities
Calories burn in horse riding activities – Source:

To be more specific, for a normal healthy person, if your horse-riding activities are of low and gentle intensity, the calories you burn are  about 254 lbs per hour. Furthermore, horse chores you do such as watering them or cleaning their stalls can also get rid of about 287 lbs of your calories per hour.

When spending one hour trotting in a horse race, you can eliminate 457 lbs and this index can increase up to 563 lbs per hour when you gallop. Sound incredible, but it’s the truth.

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How are calories burned while riding a horse determined?

Perhaps right now you can’t wait any longer to hop on a horseback and start your ride. But have you wondered how the calories burned calculated? “MET” is the answer!

MET- What Is It?

MET stands for Equivalent of Task – the unit used to assess the amount of oxygen the body consumes during physical activity.

MET- A method of calculating calories
MET- A method of calculating calories – Source:

What Are Specific Examples?

1 MET is the cost of energy (Oxygen) for the body at rest (for example, sitting quietly or reading a book). Activities that require 3-6 METs are considered moderate activity, and any activity above that level can be regarded as heavy physical activities.

A 4-MET activity like slow-cycling uses 4 times more energy compared to resting. If a person performed this activity for 0.5 hours, that person did 4 * 0.5 = 2 MET-hours. Another option is to do 2 MET-hours by doing an 8 MET activity such as jogging for 15 minutes.

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In Conclusion

I bet that after reading this article, you now surely have the answer to the question “How many calories do you burn when horseback riding?” for yourself.

Those who participate in horseback riding have a slim body, especially a beautiful waist as well as good shape. In addition, this sport also enhance your physical fitness and even ameliorate your mentality.

Then what are you waiting for? How about hopping on the horse and start your horseback riding now!

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