Dr. Bristol Bit vs French Link – What Is The Difference?

Dr bristol bit vs french link

You have bought a bridle and some reins for your horse and you think that now everything is ready to control him. A fantastic ride is waiting! But stay calm, do you forget something? Yes, you do. A very important tool to conquer the horse that you should not miss is the bit.

Dr bristol bit vs french link are two types of horse bit that are so popular on the market and you bring home one of them for your lovely horse. But are they the same? Is there anything different? Which one best suits your horse?

If you are bearing those concerns in mind then my comparison below can do you good!

Dr bristol bit vs french link
Dr bristol bit vs french link

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Dr. Bristol Bit vs French Link: What Is The Difference?

“ No need to tell them apart, they are completely the same!”- That what my friend claimed when he first saw the two bits and insisted that there was nothing different.

Did you feel like him when you first had a glimpse of them? If yes, do not need to worry, a lot of people have trouble differentiating between dr bristol bit vs french link!

So what is the difference? The answer may lie in the severity of these two bits. While French link is considered a mild bit, Dr. Bristol gains its reputation for a severe form.

French link is a flat bit. You can check its flatness by placing it on the table. An interesting thing you’ll notice is that this bit seems to be parallel to the table, proving its flatness. This is because of the fact that French link possesses smooth rounded edges.

french link
french link

What about Dr. Bristol? Is it an angled link? Well, in the same way, when Dr. Bristol is placed on the table, an angle of about 45 degrees to the table will appear in front of your eyes.

Why is it like that? The reason is when giving the horse this bit, the lower edge of the link goes into the tongue as you hold the reins.

Dr Bristol bit
Dr Bristol bit

Which one is better for your horse?

You may have the bias towards French links as it seems to be much friendlier and safer for your horse. But actually, each horse has different feelings with the bit they are in. Some horses feel that they are at ease in French link but others prefer Dr. Bristol more.

It’s up to your horse. Make sure he feels happy in the bit you give!

In Conclusion

Dr bristol bit and French link are really out-of-the-world bits for horses. Which one is better? The answer depends on your horse. If you give him the bit he doesn’t like, he may terribly fight against it.

So, don’t mistake a French link for a Dr Bristol! Though they may look the same in some ways; I believe that with my comparison above, you can easily tell them apart. Good luck!

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