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How Long Do Cows Live?

how long do cows live

Cows can live many years in their natural environment. But in agriculture, the lifespan of domesticated cows has to be shortened to meet their meat and milk production expectancy. Have you ever asked yourself: how long do cows live in each living environment? How Long Do Cows Live In The Wild? In the wild, cows […]

Cow Hoof: Anatomy, Problems, Trimming & Caring

Cow farmers put their cattle health as a top priority. To maintain their cows’ health, hoof trimming practice is essential. If the farmers fail to do it, the cows are likely to suffer from cow hoof-related problems.  In this article, we will provide you with information about the cows’ hoof anatomy, hoof injury and problems, […]

Do Female Cows Have Horns?

do female cow have horns

Horns in male cattle are weapons to fight against other animals and protect the herd. What about the female? Do female cows have horns?  Since we usually see them appear with no horn, are they born hornless, or the horns already removed? We will be answering these concerns of yours in this post. Do female […]

Do Male Cows Have Udders?

do male cows have udders

It seems like common knowledge, but many people still wonder “Do male cows have udders?”.  In this article, we will answer your question along with how udders develop in bulls and how to differentiate between a bull, a steer, a heifer, and a cow. After reading it, you will no longer be confused about whether […]

What Do Cows Drink? Water, Milk, Or Else?

what do cow drink

While consumers are familiar with food products from cows such as beef, milk, or butter as a necessary part of their daily meals, not many people know exactly about the eating habits of cows or even wonder “what do cows drink ?” “Such a funny question! What else if it isn’t water?” – is that […]

How Long Do Cows Give Milk?

How long can a cow give milk

If you have always dreamed of buckets of fresh milk or churning butter and homemade ice cream, milk cow is a wonderful addition to your operation. So, while trying to come up with appropriate methods for raising cows, perhaps you asked yourself: How long do cows give milk? Just keep on reading to find out […]