Top 7 Best Cattle Banders Reviews (2021 Updated)

best cattle bander reviews

Banders of calf or cattle are advisable as the most humane castration device for your livestock. When the band’s tension is kept high, it minimizes your cattle’s immune response and also lowers the risk of appetite loss.

However, only when using the best cattle banders can you perform cattle castration well every time. Make sure you have some of the best-rated banders that will be mentioned in this article.

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Top 7 Best Cattle Banders on the Market 2021

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Callicrate Pro Bander4.9See latest Price
No Bull Callicrate Smart Bander Kit4.8See latest Price
Tri-Band Castration Bander4.8See latest Price
S&J Xl Bander4.8See latest Price
Xl Bander4.7See latest Price
Zikimed California Bloodless Castration Bander4.7See latest Price
2005 PRM Castrate Bander4.7See latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated Cattle Banders Reviews

#1 Callicrate Pro Bander – Best Overall

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The Callicrate Pro is one of the best cattle banders on the market. This tool is from No Bull Enterpries Inc. – the best name in the bander industry.  Many veterinarians and animal handling specialists worldwide recommended this bander model for its robust construction, safety, and durability.

This Callicrate bander takes less time and effort if you have a lot of cattle for castration. First, it comes with a pull strap and large openings so that you can get the band on effortlessly. It also comes with a 360-degree tension indicator, allowing you to view the tension.

The tension is high, so you need to put less stress on your cattle. Thanks to this sturdy construction, you will need around 15-30 seconds to band one cow.

Although the upfront cost is high, I think its top-rated build and design worth your investment for a flawless castration method.

Pros Cons
  • Stress-free castration done in under 1 minute
  • Built-in cutting tool
  • High tension with a 360-degree tension indicator
  • More lightweight than other models of Callicrate
  • Expensive

#2 No Bull Callicrate Smart Bander Kit

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The Smart Bander is a more affordable option for those who love the Pro Bander but have a limited budget. This bander is much cheaper and comes with a Callicrate cutter, 5 loops, and a compact carrying case.

This bander offers the same benefits as the Pro Bander. It has a sturdy, solid construction that bands exceptionally well with no breakage or damage. It also prevents slipping thanks to the Smart Bander loops and the patented clip locks. You can perform a bloodless, humane castration with less stress on your animals with this versatile tool.

There are a few pitfalls of the Smart Bander compared to the Pro Bander. First, it weighs more than the Callicrate Pro. If you need to neuter a lot of cattle at once, it will be less comfortable. Second, it comes with a cutting tool instead of a built-in cutter, which takes you more time for banding.

This bander also has a tension indicator, but it’s not a 360-degree one like the Pro. However, if you have handled this job before, I think this missing feature doesn’t bring any difference.

Pros Cons
  • More economical than the Callicrate Pro
  • Sturdy construction
  • No slipping with Smart Bander loops and patented clip locks
  • Heavier than Pro Bander; discomfort when castrating a lot of cattle
  • No built-in cutter

#3 Tri-Band Castration Bander

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Banding is the most common castration for goats when they are from 8 to 12 weeks old. To minimize their discomfort and pain, you should pick up the best goat bander. Tri-Band Castration Bander is a bloodless goat castration tool for newborns up to 3 or 4 months with a maximum capacity of 350lbs.

Despite being plastic, this Tri-Band bander is two times stronger than its counterparts. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can always contact the manufacturer for help if needed. The bander opens up to 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (equal to a golf ball), wider than most standard banders.

The bands are elastic and hard to break even when using in summer. There are 10 free bands in this package. You can also purchase additional ones. Their flat edge prevents them from falling apart from the applicator. They also require no tightening. Just open, put it in place, then release.

Pros Cons
  • Tougher than other plastic banders
  • Flat edge to keep the band in one place
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Triangle shape, hard to open any wider than round rubber bands

#4 S&J Xl Bander

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The later you wait in life, the more stress your cattle will have to experience. S&J XL bander is a fantastic solution to make their delayed castration less painful. This large bander for cattle can handle various kinds of animals ranging from 250 to 750lbs, from sheep, goats, cows, pigs, and so on.

This tool can open up to the size of a tennis ball (4 x 3 x 3 inches) and requires no tightening. Thus, you can easily apply it to your calves and cattle.

Their scrotum will drop off 20 to 40 days after application without appetite loss or slow weight gain. A few weeks before banding older calves, you should vaccinate them with a tetanus toxoid to protect them from tetanus and blackleg.

Its sturdy and rugged construction makes it last for a lifetime under regular use. Besides castration, you can utilize this tool for removing horns and docking tails.

A minor drawback of this bander is that there are no bands in the package. The rings themselves are not durable when used in cold weather conditions.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for big animals from 250 to 750lbs
  • Simple application, no tightening
  • No appetite loss or slow weight gain found
  • No bands included
  • Bands are easy to break in cold weather

#5 Xl Bander

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The XL bander for cattle is the best budget-friendly option in the bander industry. This bander is easier to use than the two above Callicrate ones. At a lower price than Callicrate banders, it offers good performance and an excellent level of tension. This bander is suitable for bulls weighing from 250 to 750 lbs.

Providing fixed, smaller bands than the Callicrate models, this bander fits best for farmers with more banding experience. Since you don’t have to adjust the tension, putting the band on is easy as pie.

However, it might be challenging for first-time farmers. The bands can only open up to a maximum of 4 x 3 x 3 inches, so you will need to take more effort to get the testicles inside the band.

A few buyers reported that the bands are fragile in lower temperatures after months of banding animals. Mine has no problem with the bands. I have used it for one year, and it is still in good condition.

Pros Cons
  • Most affordable bander
  • Advisable for bulls from 250 to 750 lbs
  • Easy to use
  • Tension can’t be adjusted
  • Bands can be broken in cold weather

#6 Zikimed California Bloodless Castration Bander

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There are no weight or size restrictions when it comes to Zikimed California bander. In other words, you can use this tool for all your animals, from baby goats to older bulls.

This Zikimed bander for bulls is simple, efficient, and easy to use, saving a lot of time and effort for you. The ergonomic handle can fit nearly anybody.

This bander comes with 25 high-quality bands that are made of natural latex with no harmful chemicals. Each band is 6 inches in length, and it can open up to 10 inches when being expanded. In winter, you should warm the band up to make it stretch better.

Pros Cons
  • Fit animals of all weights and ages
  • High-quality materials – Stainless-steel handle, natural latex bands
  • User-friendly design
  • No specific complaints found

#7 2005 PRM Castrate Bander – Best Calf bander

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After choosing the best livestock to breed, you should spay the remaining ones to prevent unwanted mating and reproduction. Among the best calf banders on the market, PRM Castrate Bander is a premium solution that assists you in breeding control and maintains stable meat and milk quality. You can use this tool for male calves under 250lbs, provided that their testicles are ready for castration.

Compared to surgical castration, banding with this PRM tool is much more humane and cheaper. The bander is made of aluminum, which is lightweight (11.8 pounds) and less prone to weather forces and moisture than stainless-steel ones. This material is also easy to sanitize, thus reducing the risk of infection in bulk banding.

Pros Cons
  • Used for calves under 250lbs
  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum build
  • Affordable replacement bands
  • Hard to release the bands

My Top Pick

There are various reasons for castrating your livestock – to stop their hormones and semen production, to prevent unwanted mating, to decrease their aggressiveness, and so on. You need to find the best cattle banders to make the castration job done quickly and efficiently.

A high-quality bander like Callicrate Pro is a safe and efficient choice for all workers and animal types. Its terrific usability and construction make your castration work stress-free, even for first-time cattle owners.

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