Top 7 Best Cattle Prods 2020: Reviews & Buyer Guide

best cattle prod reviews

Cattle prods have been around for roughly 100 years now. In some forms or another, their application has always been unchanged. It’s to deal with stubborn, aggressive animals, especially livestock. A best cattle prod is an essential tool for all farmers and ranchers.

They are built to ensure that they are safe and will not do any pain or long-term harm to the cattle. They’re fairly easy to use and don’t need much experience or knowledge to handle.

If you’re here, perhaps you are in need to find the best cattle prod for your livestock or for self-defense or even finding the best price that probably does both. That said, not all cattle prods are designed to be used in every case.

With that in mind, we have featured 7 best cattle prods with highlighting what’s best at what for you to check out.

Top 7 Best Cattle Prods on the Market 2020

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
HOT-SHOT DX364.9See latest Price
HOT-SHOT HS20004.8See latest Price
Magrath Handle Swine Prod #224.8See latest Price
Magrath Hot Shot Prod New 34" Shaft4.8See latest Price
Parker McCrory S29 29" Master Stock Prod4.7See latest Price
SHZICMY 8000V Electric Rechargeable Hand Prod Shock4.7See latest Price
Nasco Springer Magrath - C30361N4.7See latest Price

In-depth 7 Top-rated Cattle Prods Reviews

#1 Miller HOT-SHOT DX36 – Strongest Cattle Prod

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This is by far one of the strongest cattle prods on the market in my opinion.

HOT-SHOT DX36 from Miller Mfg Co includes patented feedback shock reduction technology, which is not so many products implemented. This prod also has enclosed circuitry, a sturdy handguard, and a rubber grip to minimize fatigue, a large trigger for an easy solid press.

Its built-in safety switch to prevent unwanted zap is one of my favorites. We all need it since no one wants to accidentally shock themself while holding a prod. The DX36 model comes with a snap-on battery pack (included) for easy battery replacement without any tools.

The 36-inch fiberglass shaft length is quite durable and ideal reachability. You might be surprised to know that some owners didn’t have to actually touch their livestock as this prod emits a high pitch sound that is quite imitating.

  • Has patented shock-reduction technology, built-in safety switch.
  • Sealed circuitry, sturdy handguard and rubber grip.
  • Snap-on battery pack for easy replacement.
  • 36-inch fiberglass shaft.
  • High durable product.
  • Manufactured in the US by 79-years experienced company
  • Some may prefer a rechargeable version

#2 HOT-SHOT HS2000 – Best Rechargeable Cattle Prod

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Another well-manufactured product from Miller Mfg Co. HOT-SHOT HS2000 The Green One is a rechargeable battery-operated livestock prod that delivers outstanding efficiency in all conditions, particularly on wet animals.

It comes with a permanently sealed maintenance-free motor that keeps dust and water away. The shaft is 48-inch interchangeable fiberglass, which is quite long, along with a protection clip that prevents accidental discharge. This one is probably the best cattle prod for self-defense, from animals and from the prod itself as well.

If you prefer charging over replacing batteries, this prod is for you. It has a rechargeable battery pack that can be recharged around 300-500 times. Latigo carrying strap is included.

  • Can be used in many conditions free-minded
  • The permanently sealed design allows dustproof and moisture-proof
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Has protection clip
  • Long durable 48-inch fiberglass shaft
  • Manufactured in the US by 79-years experienced company
  • Not so comfort handling design
  • The charger is not included

#3 Magrath Yellow Handle Swine Prod – The Most Powerful Cattle Prod

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Coming from Springer Magrath, a company with more than 50 years of experience in providing products of animal care, this product is one of the most powerful cattle prods on the market.

This prod for cattle has a solid-state electronic system with no moving parts to wear out or replace. It has a finger guide that helps you to feel the switch, even with thick gloves on. The switch is coated with rubber to avoid electrical feedback.

Battery contacts are made of refined metals to resist rust and use strong coil springs to maintain firm contact with the battery. It runs on 4 C batteries and releases around 5500 kV of shock.

One cool feature of this prod is after the release of the button, it still stores 1 shock in the shaft. It has a 22-inch shaft that for me is quite short. I assume this thing is for experienced ranchers.

  • Lightest prod on the list
  • Durable build
  • Rubber switch to prevent feedback shock
  • Store 1 shock after releasing the button
  • Flexible shaft
  • 22-inch shaft
  • Batteries not included
  • Hard to disassemble the handle when needed.

#4 Magrath Hot Shot Yellow Handle Cattle Prod – New 34″ Shaft

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Yet another product of Springer Magrath, this prod shares a lot of similar specs with the previous prod at #3.

Sharing almost the same design means this prod inherits a lot of good stuff from the previous. This one also has a fairly solid built, moulded of a sturdy structural grade, high-impact-plastic material. Rust-resistant battery contacts. Rubber coated trigger.

The 34-inch shaft is also a flexible type that allows you to operate confidently. Longer shaft means you can keep your distance while still in full control of your cattle.

  • Lightweight and durable built
  • 34-inch flexible shaft
  • Rubber coated switch
  • Long battery life
  • Batteries are not included
  • Quite hard to assemble.

#5 Parker McCrory S29 29″ Master Stock Prod

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This prod has a solid-state circuitry, it features zero moving parts that are good for resisting dust and moisture, hence preventing accidental shock. Instant-on technology delivers an effective and safe shock, eliminating the need to wait for a motor to spin-up.

It might be the most battery economy on the list, the unit uses only 2 C cell batteries (included). Providing its quite short 29-inch shaft, Parma Master Stock Prod is specifically designed for close applications, such as chute loading.

Unfortunately, low-cost built comes with lower quality, this prod is not the most durable on the list, it might break quite easily when dropped. The internal electrical part might crack and stop working.

  • Super inexpensive that works
  • Lightweight
  • Instant-on technology
  • Only use 2 C batteries
  • Sealed circuitry
  • Weak shock, not recommended for cows or bigger cattle
  • Comes with no instruction documentary.
  • Low sturdy materials.

#6 SHZICMY 8000V Electric Rechargeable Hand Prod Shock – Best Budget Cattle Prod

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If you are looking for the cheapest prod for cattle, this is the one.

Made of engineered plastic, this prod offers a promising shockproof, moisture resistance and enhanced durability.

It has a non-slip design enabling a comfortable grip. Safety switch and button clip to prevent unintended shock. The battery is rechargeable with an included charging cable.

Although not being the best cattle prod, this one probably the best budget prod on the list. With a 22-inch flexible shaft, this prod might not be made for inexperienced ranchers.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip design
  • Safety switch and button clips
  • Budget price
  • 22-inch shaft
  • Not so sturdy materials
  • Not sure about durability

#7 Nasco Springer Magrath C30361N Battery-Operated Cattle Prod

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This is a prod with a clog-free, no-ground tip. The strong flexible 22-inch shaft can bend to a 90-degree angle even in cold weather and revert to its original form.

This prod has a solid-state electronic system designed to transmit a very low current to an animal with a strong instant jolt so there is no danger of harming you or your livestock. The case is made from high-impact yellow plastic.

You should notice that it still store one more shock after releasing the fingertip switch (like the #3 prod on this list). So, be careful not to shock yourself in the next use.

Weight at 2.75 pounds and the shaft length is just 22 inches, this prod is the shortest yet heaviest on the list, making it quite uncomfortable for women users.

  • Clog-free, no-ground tip
  • Durable build
  • Flexible shaft
  • Solid-state electrical system
  • Only 22-inch shaft
  • Heaviest prod on the list


Choosing the best cattle prod out of hundreds online might take forever. We’ve got you covered. In view of the specific details discussed above, you can make your own choice for the best that fits your needs.

In my view, the best cattle prod is Miller HOT-SHOT DX36 which is the first mentioned on the list. It’s a combination of good features like patented shock-reduction tech, excellent handling and well-made material. Manufactured by a 79 years experienced company, it is hard to go wrong with the HOT-SHOT DX36.

If your top priority is for self-defense, then #2 HOT-SHOT HS2000 Rechargeable Green Livestock Prod is for you. Aside from all the safety features, it has the longest shaft at 48 inches with a durable design and powerful discharge, enough to keep your distance while remaining effective.

Still want a fine prod that won’t hurt your wallet? #6 SHZICMY 8000V Electric Rechargeable Hand Prod Shock is a no-brainer. Offering almost one-third of the price than the best cattle prod on the list, this prod still gets your jobs done quite well.

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