Top 10 Best Calf Milk Replacers 2022: Reviews & Buyer Guide

best calf milk replacer reviews

Milk is crucial for newborn calves since they depend on nutrients in the mother milk as the only source of antibodies. If the mother can’t provide enough milk or there’s an orphan calf on your farm, finding a milk replacement is a must to keep the baby safe.

However, there are millions of milk replacer products released every day. Do you want what’s best for your calves? The key to that is selecting the best calf milk replacer to meet their needs, not only based on price and availability but also on the ingredients quality and nutritional value among products.

Here are the 10 best calf milk replacers that are now available on the market. Take it to your consideration!

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Top 10 Best Calf Milk Replacers on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Manna Pro NurseAll Non-Medicated Milk Replacer, 8 lb4.9See latest Price
Manna Pro UniMilk Instantized Milk Replacer4.8See latest Price
Sav A Caf Milk Products Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer, 4-Pound4.8See latest Price
Manna Pro Unimilk Multi-Species Milk Replacer with Probiotics4.8See latest Price
Savacaf Grade A Ultra 24 Multi-Species Milk Replacer, 8 Pound4.7See latest Price
Land O Lakes C ProNurse Multi Species Milk Replacer 4 8LB4.7See latest Price
Manna Pro Suckle Pro Nutritional Supplement, 25 Lbs4.7See latest Price
Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer with Probotics4.6See latest Price
Premolac Bovine Immunoglobulins (IgG) Plus Milk Replacement Powder4.6See latest Price
VetOne - Bovine IgG Replacer 115 Natural Dried Colostrum for Newborn Calves (640g)4.5See latest Price

In-depth 10 Top-rated Calf Milk Replacer Reviews

#1 Manna Pro NurseAll Non-Medicated Milk Replacer, 8lbs

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As named “NurseAll”, this milk replacer formula is made to feed for 9 species: calves, goat kids, lambs, baby pigs, and more. If you own a farm filled with different baby animals, especially calves, Manna Pro Nurseall is one of the most convenient products you can find on the market.

This product ensures your calves can grow fast and healthily as it’s a non-medicated one. Manna Pro NurseAll contains 24% all-milk protein which is a good rate for the excellent development of young born calves. It also helps the gut health and digestion of baby animals to become stronger.

When using, the feature of easy-to-mix formula enables the user to quickly prepare this milk replacer for calves and optimize the consumption of the nutrients. And not only easy to use, but Manna Pro NurseAll is also easy to preserve. We can store it up to 1 year after the date stamp in a dry place.

Because of many gorgeous features, this milk replacer can be used widely among farms that raise various kinds of animals.

#2 Manna Pro UniMilk Instantized Milk Replacer, 3.5lbs

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Manna Pro UniMilk is another great product to have on farms or livestock operation. As it’s cheaper than NurseAll one, it only is formulated for 4 species: calves, foals, goat kids, and baby pigs. This feature may not be ideally suited for a farm that has many kinds of animals. Also, it is not as good at dissolving as the Manna Pro NurseAll.

However, if you’re looking for a good milk replacer for calves that available on the market, this formula one still works perfectly. Non-medicated milk like this eliminates antibiotic resistance concerns for a safer newborn raising. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Manna Pro UniMilk can ensure sound development as close to naturally fed baby calves.

With the shelf life is 1 year after the date stamp, this is considered another suitable option for farmers who want to feed their baby calves that couldn’t be fed naturally by mothers.

#3 Sav A Caf Milk Products Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer, 4lbs

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The spot out feature of this milk replacer for calves lies in its multi-purpose usage. The all milk protein nursing formula with 24% protein is designed for dry supplement use during calves weaning or time of stress. You can also use it as a normal replacement when the mother runs out of milk.

Even the product packaging is quite small in size, it can be resealed after using which is super convenient for storage. You can purchase it with a pack of 2 – a smart saving option!

#4 Manna Pro Unimilk Multi-Species Milk Replacer with Probiotics, 9lbs

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Uni-milk Instantized Milk Replacer with Probiotics is formulated for multiple species, which appeals to a broad range of your customers. To be more specific, this product is recommended for small breeds like pets. It works for calves, also.

Formulated with both milk protein and highly digestible soy protein isolate, this milk replacer creates a great combination of performance and value. Especially, it contains certified organic flax seed oil which is a good source of nutrients for baby animals. Customers consider it as a wonderful substitute for mother’s milk for their orphaned calf.

One pack of this product can weigh up to 9 pounds at an affordable price that makes your calves weaning days go by more convenient. Want the best milk replacement for calf? Take this product to your hitlist!

#5 Savacaf Grade A Ultra 24 Multi-Species Milk Replacer, 8lbs

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Savacal Milk Replacer is quite popular for raising young born at the rescue station or large farms. They said it’s exclusive for use in calves and call it “universal milk replacer” for a reason: it contains complete and balanced nutrition for 10 different common animal species and pets (Calves, Foals, Goat Kids, Lambs, Baby Pigs, Fawns, Elk Calves, Llama Crias, Dogs, and Cats)

Formulated with magic crystal technology, this calf milk replacement is one of the best mixing products on the market today. All-milk protein sources support optimal digestibility and help animals grow to their genetic potential.

One feature that I like most is the mixing and feeding direction. Well, it was written very clearly for each animal species from the first 24 hours to days later. So, you won’t need to search for more guidings on other sources.

#6 Land O Lakes C ProNurse Multi Species Milk Replacer, 8lbs

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ProNurse Specialty Milk Replacer provides a necessary nutrient source for orphan animals of many different species as life start they deserve. With the golden ratio of 24% digestible protein, 24% fat and carbohydrates, the product is formulated to provide optimum digestibility and foundation nutrients that are essential in the early development of calves.

This milk replacer is easy to mix because of the instantizing process and the convenient resealable ziplock pouch makes it easy to maintain freshness. You can use this product as a milk replacer in the early stage of calves development or sprinkled overfeed when the animal is older to boost feed intake – a multi-purpose milk replacement product.

#7 Manna Pro Suckle Pro Nutritional Supplement, 25lbs

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Not only supports the growth and development of your baby calves like other milk replacers mentioned above, but the Suckle PRO milk supplement with probiotics also helps the overall well-being of your calves. This product is powered by Optic-Gut to aid gut health and digestion.

Moreover, this milk replacer for calves has Manna oligosaccharide 101 – a natural nutritional supplement that acts as a wall to defend against harmful bacteria. Through this natural system, your calves could become healthier when consuming foods without the fear of bad bacterias.

But, unlike previous products, this one is formulated only for calves, not suitable for other species.

#8 Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer with Probiotics, 40lbs

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This product is a larger version of the #7 milk replacer we mentioned earlier. If you have many calves to feed, this version might be more effective as you can reduce the number of time purchasing.

Or even you don’t have many calves, buying a large pack help to reduce the amount of used bags that we trash into the environment.

#9 Premolac Bovine Immunoglobulins Colostrum Replacer for Newborn Calves & Goats , 13.2 oz (375g)

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For a newborn calf, colostrum is a must to keep the baby safe. In case of failure or passive transfer, you can take this Premolac PLUS bovine colostrum replacer for aiding in the treatment. It is made with 100% Bovine colostrum and contains the highest level of IgG proteins per gram compared to other dairy products.

It’s also safe and effective for use in raising calves since it has essential antibodies that help protect the newborn from the environment’s assault. By providing baby calves with passive immunity during times of stress, weaning or recovery, this product is one of the best calf milk replacement that works effectively on failure or passive transferred newborn.

As it is a colostrum replacer, it should only be used within first 24 hours of a calf’s life. Also, it’s a ready-to-serve product, no mixing process is needed.

#10 VetOne Bovine Immunoglobulins Dried Colostrum for Newborn Calves, 22.5 oz (640g)

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Like the product above, this milk replacer is used as a supplement maternal colostrum and aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer as a critical early source of energy in newborn calves.

It contains a 15% higher Bovine IgG amount than most other supplements on the market. To better understand, this colostrum replacement for calves is made from large pools of colostrum to ensure the product contains a wide variety of antibodies that needed for the early-stage development of calves.

One different feature that you can take to consider is that this one is made in dry form. It helps the preservation of products easier, especially in hot climates.

Important considerations when picking a calf milk replacer 

Now, there are many kinds of calf milk powder. Each has its own characteristics and advantages.  Therefore, your selection must be more thorough. Here are the basics and most important to consider when choosing a milk replacer for calves.

1. The amount of protein and fat

Protein and fat are the main ingredients in many milk replacers on the market. These two ingredients are also the basis for deciding the product’s formulation.

Crude fat generates fatty acids while crude protein generates essential amino acids. The synthesis of these 2 components will create a concentrated energy source. The calf absorbs this energy to grow.

This source of energy is especially important for calves in winter when they need to use a lot of energy to keep the body warm.

Many experts recommend that the best calf milk powder should contain at least 20% crude protein and 20% crude fat.

2. The sources of protein and fat

Protein and fat come from many different sources.  But not all is good for your calf.  Through many practical experiences, experts advise breeders to choose the following protein and fat groups:

– All- milk proteins: skim milk, casein, dry whey product, sodium or calcium caseinate.

– Protein alternatives: soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, animal plasma, or wheat gluten.

– Easily digestible fats: milk fat, lard, tallow.

Limit the use of protein from meat solubles, fish protein concentrate, and wheat flour as well as fat from soy, palm, or coconut oil. These are indigestible substances, so the calf’s digestive system must be strong enough to be able to use a milk replacer made from these ingredients.


3. The amount of vitamin and mineral

Like humans, vitamins and minerals are also essential for the immune system and calf development.

To have good health, calves need vitamins A, D, E, and B – complex vitamins. Besides, a grate calf milk powder should contain 0.75 – 1.25% calcium and at least 0.75% phosphorus because of their essential for bone growth.

4. The smell, appearance, and consistency

A milk replacer for calves should have a mild and pleasant fragrance. If the product has a smell such as paint, grass, or clay, it is likely that the fatty composition has been rancid.

Usually, milk replacers are cream or a lightly tanned color.  The flavor and nutrient content will be significantly reduced if the powder turns brown. Good milk replacers are fine powder, not lumpy and foreign matter.  Be sure to preserve this so that moisture does not interfere with these products.

5. Is it easy to use?

Naturally, you should select a milk powder that has a clear, easy-to-understand step-by-step manual. Having a good understanding of products and their preparation will be helpful with the care of your calf.


1. What are the advantages of feeding a calf milk replacer?

The first advantage of milk replacers is the ease of use. The preparation is usually very quick and simple. These products always ensure biosafety. Second, the use of calf milk powder offers many economic benefits to farmers.

2. When to give milk replacer for calves?

To ensure the health of newborn calves, they need to drink colostrum after they are born. Then, depending on the health condition of the calf, feeding, and housing system, you may be able to feed the calves with milk powder. For calves in normal health, you can use milk replacer products when they are over 3 days olds.


Are you still confused about choosing the best calf milk replacer for your young born among these various products on the market? The decision to purchase will depend on your purpose.

Our suggestion for most of you would be #1 Manna Pro NurseAll Non-Medicated Milk Replacer. This milk replacer can be used for multiple species and it also has the golden ratio of nutrients to help your calves grow fast as well as healthily. If you owning a farm that raises a lot of different youngins, take a look at this product the next time you purchasing milk replacer!

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