8 BEST Goat Milking Machines Tested for Farmers in 2022

best goat milking machine

If you’re working hard and trying to get the best outcome from your day milking goats or cattle, stop doing all the hard work on your own, and start looking for a way to equip your needs.

For goat farmers, you’ll want the best goat milking machine on the market. Finding a goat milking machine will not only help you save your hands from the extensive task of milking on a daily basis, but can also increase your yield while decreasing your effort.

We’re here to help you decide which goat milking machine is the best, and what each machine offers in comparison.

Look below for our top picks of 2022 starting with our best overall.

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Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine Best Overall: S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine This machine has it all: soft milking, durability, easy to clean, and convenient to use. Check Price
Hantop Rechargeable Battery Powered Milker Best Rechargeable Battery Milker: Hantop Rechargeable Battery Powered Milker With 24 hour battery life, this milker punches power and portability all in one! Check Price
Hantop 2L Pulastor Milking Machine Best Vacuum Pump Milking Machine: Hantop 2L Pulastor Milking Machine This milker makes the process easier and faster with its immense amount of pressure. Check Price
Obeauty 2L Adjustable Vacuum Pump Milker Best for Small Farms and Daily Home Use: Obeauty 2L Adjustable Vacuum Pump Milker A milker that boasts easy cleaning, easy installation, and removal; what more could you ask for? Check Price
Ultimate Ez Electric Milker The Best Substitute for a Heavy Industrial Milk Machine: Ultimate Ez Electric Milker Super fast cleanup, no tubes to flush out, this milker “takes all the chore out of choring.” Check Price
Happybuy Electric Milking Machine 25L Best Big Time Goat Milking Machine Bucket Milker: Happybuy Electric Milking Machine 25L Despite its size, this milking machine is easy to maneuver, portable, and efficient. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Goat Overall Milking Machine

goats for milking
Goats are an excellent source of milk and are more versatile livestock than cows in that they can be accomodated on less land.

For this test, we considered some of the top brands we know for their durable and easy to use machinery in order to get the most bang, quantity and quality out of the milk for your buck. 

These included Hantop, which is known for their comprehensive knowledge on integrating R&D, production, sales, operations, and installations. Not only do they hold themselves to excellence, but it shows.

Another milking machinery brand we back is Smautop. We love how they make their products high quality, and with food-grade silicone milk lining. With their products they ensure the proper care, keeping your goats safe from insanitation and sickness.

Lastly, we looked up and down the web for top milking machines that goat owners trusted from websites like Amazon to Hamby Dairy Supply

From all of the sources, we ended up testing 10 of the best goat milking machines to find the best we could.

Here are our top 8.

Best Goat Milking Machines Reviewed

1. Best Overall: S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine

S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine

Product Ratings

Milking Softness5/5
Easy Application5/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 5/5

Sizes: Medium | Material: Stainless Steel | Brand: S Smautop | Wattage: 36.00 Watts | Features: Non-toxic, venting holes, folding handle, Host, Stainless Steel Barrel, Pacifiers Milker Tube, Milker Tube Cleaning Brush, Power Adapter |  

What We Liked

  • Large bottle for pumping and milking
  • Suction capacity is large and very efficient 
  • There is an automatic stop when full
  • Milking is soft so it does not hurt the teat of goats

What We Didn’t Like

  • The sizing of the tubes can sometimes vary 
  • Reports of damaged package upon delivery. Be sure to check if components are damaged 

Electric Milking Machinery

This goat milking machine includes a 7L bottle. Its vacuum pressure is very intense, has a great suction capacity, and is also highly efficient.

One of the biggest things we like about this product is that it automatically stops when the milk is full. This is not only time saving, but also saves effort. 

Advantage and Benefits 

This machine is soft milking so as not to hurt the teat of the goats. In turn it also helps improve the milking health condition of the goats. 

Premium Material

It’s durable, non-toxic, and is safe for the animals with it’s 304 stainless steel machine and milker bucket.

Unique design 

This milker has a venting hole design which is unique, and allows heat to dissipate. It also has a great folding handle, which makes it easy to carry. Heat dissipation is also made possible by its aluminum alloy shell.

Suitable Application

This milker’s small milk pump makes this design perfect for home use, and makes it not only easy carry but also clean. The transportation and storing of milk is made simple.

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2. Best Portable Goat Milking Machine: Hantop 6L Goat Milking Machine, Rechargeable Battery Powered 

Hantop Rechargeable Battery Powered Milker

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application4/5
Unique Design3/5
Quality and Durability 5/5

Input Voltage: 110V-240V | Output Voltage: 12.6 | Output Current: 1.5A | Vacuum Pump: Motor Power 48W | Features: Hydraulic Head 4.5m, Stainless Steel Pail, Silicone Teat Cluster, 2 Cleaning Brushes, Replacement Parts |  

What We Liked

  • The quickness of the pulsating cycle
  • Saved significant labor time 
  • Automatically stops when milk is full
  • Very easy to use and clean

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quality of the stainless steel 
  • Product took a little longer to get to us than originally anticipated

Time and Labor Saving

With the pulsating cycle being so heavy duty at 43-46 times per minute, using the milking machine actually saved at least one-half of the labor and time. 

No need for us to tolerate sweating in the hot summer sun, or deal with freezing hands in the winter time.  

Reinforced Pulsation System 

This system simulated natural milking processes in order to give care to the animal’s teats, maintaining normal blood flow and dredging the mammary glands.

During the entirety of the process the animal experiences no pain and maximum comfort.

Portable and Durable Battery Pump

The battery pump is made of an aluminum alloy, which is great for dissipating heat. Also, the main component can be easily replaced, which ensures this product has a long and productive lifespan.

Easy-Use and Clean Up 

Installation can take less than 15 seconds with this product with its professional design. Operation is also so easy that even someone with no experience can use the system.

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Check out this in-depth video review of this Hantop model:

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3. Best Vacuum Pump Milking Machine: Hantop 2L Pulsator Milking Machine

Hantop 2L Pulastor Milking Machine

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application3/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 4/5

Sizes: Medium | Negative Pressure: 35-57 kpa | Brand: Hantop | Features: 2 Teat Cup, 2L Milk Container, Pulsator Pump

What We Liked

  • The suction on this model is a dream come true 
  • No need for a bulky bucket – easy to transport for home or small farm use
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comfortable for the goat and mimicks the natural sucking of babies 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cord is very short 

The Machinery Build 

Helps you to not feel so exhausted as compared to milking by hand. This Hantop milking machine provides a simple, easy, and healthy way to do the daily milking. 

The build allows for an easy and clean process without having to deal with a wide open bucket. 

Pulsation System Vacuum Pump 

Designed to mimic the sucking of a lamb or calf, this pulsation system is safe and comfortable for the animal.

The system gives a massage-like sensation for the animal, with the liners collapsing below the teat every second. 

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4.Best for Small Farms and Daily Home Use: Obeauty 2L Adjustable Vacuum Pump Milker

Obeauty 2L Adjustable Vacuum Pump Milker

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application4/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 4/5

Material: Stainless Steel bottle, Plastic pump, Silicone and PU tube | Input/Output Voltage: 110-220V and 12V | Negative Pump Pressure: 80 Kpa | Features: 1 2L Bottle, 1 Vacuum Pump, 2 Milker Inflation, 2 Milker Tube, 1 Adapter, 1 Tube Cleaning Brush 

What We Liked

  • 2L bottle and an electric vacuum pump
  • Safe rubber material for the nipple
  • Made with premium stainless steel bucket
  • Suited with a small pump for small-scale milking goat farms

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bucket tends to be too small
  • Package can from time to time be damaged upon delivery 

Electric Milking Machinery 

This milker comes with an electric vacuum pump as well as a 2L bottle, which allows for a high level of efficiency, convenience and ease of use.

This matches the natural physical conditions for the milking of sheep, as well.

A Safe Product to Use 

The milking machine includes a rubber nipple with enough elasticity to allow for soft milking, which ensures no pain for the goat and an improved quality for the milk. 

Premium Material 

Made of 304 stainless steel, the milking machine and steel bucket is protected from rust, and is non toxic.

Suited For 

The small pump goat milking machine is designed for small-scale goat farmers, as well as homeowners who may own a goat or two.

Clean Machinery

This machine also comes with a 60cm long soft brush which can easily clean the hose. It also can easily clean the stainless steel milk bucket to prevent and reduce milk residue.

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5. The Best Substitute for a Heavy Industrial Milk Machine: Ultimate Ez Electric Milker 

Ultimate Ez Electric Milker

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application5/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 4/5

Item Weight: 22 pounds | Pattern: Quart Bottles (2) | Brand: Udderly EZ | Item Package Quantity: 1| Features: 2 1-quart bottles with caps, 1 Vacuum Line Assembly, Vacuum Hose Clamps, Small Silicone Inflations, Medium Silicone Inflations, Shells for Silicone Inflations, 1 Foal Nipple, 1 Dairy Wipes Pack, 1 Micro-fiber Dairy Towel, 1 Canvas Carrying Back

What We Liked

  • The ease of use
  • Quick cleanup 
  • Makes daily milking really easy 
  • Really good investment
  • Great for medium/larger scale operations

What We Didn’t Like

  • The sizing of product can fluctuate 
  • Delivery time varies 

Advantage and Benefits 

This machine is soft milking so it doesn’t hurt the goat’s teats, which in turn also helps improve the milking health condition of the goats. 

Unique design 

This milker has a unique design that makes it efficient at dissipating heat, and easy to carry.

It’s folding handle allows for that easy transportation as well as convenient storage. It also has an aluminum alloy shell.

Suitable Application 

Fits all three dairy animals with a separate model for horses.

Further Reading: A separate model for horses? Do horses have milk? They certainly do, and here’s why their milk isn’t as common as goat’s and cow’s.

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6. Best Big Time Cow Milking Machine Bucket Milker: Happybuy Electric Milking Machine 25L

Happybuy Electric Milking Machine 25L

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application4/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 5/5

Materials: Stainless Steel Bucket, Stainless Steel Shell | Brand: Happybuy | Included Components: Milking Machine | Features: 25L Milking bucket, Food-Grade Rubber Air Hose, Pneumatic Pulsator, 4 Milk Suction Heads 

What We Liked

  • Electric milking machine 
  • Big suction capacity and high efficiency 
  • Has wheels
  • Doesn’t hurt your goat 
  • Both cow and goat models

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not the easiest to clean
  • Our machine didn’t come with any instructions

Durable Material

This 25L electric goat milker is made of stainless steel, and ensures minimum maintenance. Another perk is the food grade bucket to ensure reduced risk of toxicity as well as the rubber air hose.

High Working Capacity 

This milking equipment has a speed of 60 pulsations/min, and a motor speed of 1680rmp/min. 

Safe and Portable 

The thick stainless steel milk suction cup mimics the sensation of hand milking without feeling any pain, and is comparable to a massage. 

Easy to Maneuver 

This milking machine is easy to operate. Just plug in, and the 1680 rpm ultra-quiet motor does the rest work.

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7. Best Basic Manual Pump Milking Machine: Hantop 3L Basic Model Machine

Hantop 3L Basic Model Machine

Product Ratings

Milking Softness4/5
Easy Application4/5
Unique Design3/5
Quality and Durability 4/5

Power Supply: Input Voltage (110V-240V) | Milk Pail: Stainless Steel Bucket Size: 6.9 x 6.9 x 7”| Brand: Hantop | Silicon Hose Length: 51.2 inches | Features: Milk Canister, 2 Teat Claws and Milk Hose, Pulsating Pump, 2 Cleaning Brushes

What We Liked

  • How easy it is to use  
  • Efficient 
  • Basic model is easy to put together
  • Includes everything you need for small-scale goat milk production

What We Didn’t Like

  • The suction force can be too much for smaller goats
  • We found that it takes a little bit of time getting used to  

Pulsation System 

Your goats’ teats are guaranteed safe since the machine’s continuous vacuum is designed to be gentle and prevent damage or pain.

This is done with the liners collapsing below the teats every second, and it maintains normal blood flow by simulating a gentle and continuous massage.

Time and Labor-Saving

The cycle for pulsation occurs about 40 times per minute, proving that using a milking machine saves a lot of time and labor. 

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8. Best Overall Milker with 14L Canister: Clarexa 14L Goat Milking Machine

Clarexa Goat Milking Machine 14L

Product Ratings

Milking Softness3/5
Easy Application5/5
Unique Design4/5
Quality and Durability 5/5

Brand: Clarexa | Features: 1 14-liter canister (food-grade stainless steel material), 48-watt vacuum pump, 1 Cluster with 2 Teat Cups, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Plastic Bowl, 1 Non-return Teat Dip Cup, 1 Stainless Steel Funnel with Mesh Filter (removable, food-grade), 1 Hose Cleaning Brush, 1 Cleaning Sponge with Handle

What We Liked

  • This product was easy to use and is a high performance milker 
  • The stainless steel in this machine
  • 14L capacity canister with cover
  • It comes with a hose cleaning brush
  • The capacity of the milk tank is a dream

What We Didn’t Like

  • Package can be damaged upon delivery

High Performance Milker

We loved just how powerful this machine was, its 48-Watt Vacuum Pump doesn’t mess around. With that powerful of a milking machine pump we were about to safely milk out in the shortest possible time. 

Then with the spacious 14L Food Grade Stainless Steel Canister, a lot of time was spared not having to go back and forth so often. 

Advantage and Benefits

Because of this goat milkers sleek design, it made setting and cleaning up incredibly easy. With this we didn’t have to worry about the animals stressing out while we were putting things together or away. 

Safe to Use

When Clarexa made this machine they had health and safety first.

We love that not only is it safe for us to drink milk from it, but it was also safe for our goats to be milked from with its Stainless Steel design and Food Grade Silicone. 

The pulsation system also allowed for cyclical changes in pressure vacuuming, which in turn greatly reduced the discomfort of our goat, and helped to prevent future potential teat damage.

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest Rechargeable BatteryBest Vacuum PumpBest For Small FarmsHeavy IndustrialBig Time MachineBest Basic ManualMilker with 14L Canister
Overall Rating4.6/54.2/54/54.2/54/54.4/54/54.4/5
Milking Softness5/54/54/54/54/54/54/53/5
Easy Application5/54/53/54/55/54/54/55/5
Unique Design4/53/54/54/54/54/53/54/5
Quality and Durability5/55/54/54/54/55/54/55/5

The Winner

Overall, we loved the Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine. This milker was top notch for the health of our goats, and their milking career longevity. 

It was the best for us milkers with high vacuum power, a good sized milking canister, high efficiency, and an automatic stop whenever the milk is full.

There was no guessing game when picking our favorite, and Best Tested Goat Milking Machine for 2022.

How to Choose the Best Goat Milking Machine for Your Farm

cans for storing milk
When choosing the best goat milking machine, you’ll need to consider the size of your operation, your budget, the material of the milker, and portability among other factors.

Consider Your Milking Needs 

Decide what goals you want to achieve for milking your goats.

How big of a canister do you need to hold the goat’s milk? How fast do you need to be pumping that milk? Which machine will work for your goat count, and your portability needs?

Consider these needs when looking for the best goat milking machine for your farm.

Do You Need a Portable Milker?

If you desire to make a living on a homestead then you probably just need a basic goat milking machine model to provide for you and your family. 

However, if you have or are wanting to work up to a goat milking farm, and want to save time and money, you’ll want to find the best possible working model for your farm’s needs. 

Be sure when considering different models what works best for your particular farm.

If you already have a set up to be able to plug-in to a wall nearby, and just need a powerful machine then choose a milker that suits your needs. 

But, if you are wanting more freedom or don’t have the setup or need for a corded goat milking machine then for sure go cordless and rechargeable. 


Take comfort in that these machines are durable and will create a consistent milking stimulation for your goats. 

We took the hard work out for you, and made a reliable list of the best goat milking machines in 2022’s market made with the highest quality materials.

Now you just have to pick and choose which options fit your needs best. Do you need something portable, rechargeable, 7L, 14L, wheels, no wheels? The choice is truly up to you.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 3 options that didn’t make our list.

1. SEAAN Electric Goat Milking Machine 7L – Considered for Best 2 Teat Cup Machine

This easy to set up and clean product was ideal for the more basic model. It didn’t make the cut, because of the size of the bucket, and also it wasn’t portable while being attached to a chord. 

While this is a good option for milking, we decided that because it wasn’t as portable as we would like we choose another option.

We went with the S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine not only due to its ability to run battery powered, but also because it was 7L. 

2. Farm League 3L Milking Machine – Considered for Best Dwarf Goat Milking Machine

With the Farm League goat milking machine you have a reinforced pulsation system, and an ideal fit for Jerseys, Nigerian Dwarfs, Nubian Mix, and US Standard goats.

Even though this was an ideal choice to fit into our list we felt like its durability in the long run was questionable.

We felt that the  Hantop 3L Basic Model Machine fit best for this category and durability of life with its high quality materials. 

3. Mapotad 7L Electric Goat Milking Machine – Considered for Best Battery-Powered Milking Machine

This model from Mapotad was considered as well into our list for potential 2022s best milking machines.

However, we felt that the price in relation to quality of product was outmatched by our #1 Best Goat Milking Machine for 2022. 

Again, our pick above this model was the S Smautop 7L Electric Pulsation Milking Machine. A tried and true goat milking machine.

3 thoughts on “8 BEST Goat Milking Machines Tested for Farmers in 2022

  1. Nathan says:

    Pretty decent article. One of the ads shows sheep instead of goats in its ad which causes me concern about whether they are focused on milking animals like goats or cows. One of things that was not covered is the is the adjustment of the vacuum used when milking goats or how critical it is milking nubian vs regular goats.

    Another item is just how difficult are these to clean, espcially for the inexperienced who may be filling in for me when I am not there. One of the driving reasons to get a milker is that it is far easier for the untrained to milk a goat using a milker than by hand.

    Another facet worthy of discussion, is what must me do to sell goat milk. how many rediculous fed regs might we have to comply with and what states are the craziest with regulations.

    Thanks for your article.

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