Top 5 Best Fence for Goats Reviews (2020 Updated)

best fence for goats reviews

Be in a rush of finding a fence for goats? We are here to help. Please take a quick look at our 3 best-rated goat fences.

Goats were born to escape. With all their curiosity, goats running away from the barn is a severe problem for farmers. Wonder how to keep your goats inside for their sake? How about finding the best fence for goats?

A right fence could keep your goats secured and safe from predators. Plus, you can leave for a trip with peace of mind knowing your barn is still under control.

If you don’t know where to start, below are the top 5 best-rated goat fencing on the market for your consideration.

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Top 5 Best Fence for Goats on the Market

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence, 48" H x 164' L, Double Spiked4.9See latest Price
Premier 42" Electric Goat Net Fence 9/42/6 Yellow4.8See latest Price
Farmily Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence for Sheep and Goat with Step-in Fence Post, 35"x164'4.8See latest Price
Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence, 35" H x 164'L, White, Double Spike4.8See latest Price
Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence, 35"H x 164'L, White, Single Spike4.7See latest Price

In-depth 5 Top Rated Fence for Goat Reviews

#1 Premier 48” H x 164’ L PoultryNet – Best Electric Fence for Goats

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If quality is your top priority, Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence deserves to be the first choice.

This electric goat fence is pretty easy to set up. It features built-in posts and a 48″ electrifiable prefabricated wall. It takes no more than 15 minutes to install. Also, the stainless steel conductor with copper makes this fence more effective electrical conductivity.

Besides, double spiked post features add stability for the fence to stay on soft grounds. Premier Electric Fence option is an excellent pick for small livestock like goats or sheep. But, keep in mind that this product can also work well for poultry, cattle, and guard dogs as well. For other purposes, it can keep deer, bear, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks out from ruining your vegetation.

However, the product package does not include an energizer. It would help if you used the best solar fence charger for an optimum result.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to set up
  • Quality construction
  • Effective electrical conductivity
  • Not suitable for uneven terrain
  • Some might be sagging when using
  • Don’t include charger

#2 Premier 42″ H x 164’ L – Best Budget Fence for Goats

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Electric goat fence from Premier 1 Supplies is always the best-rated option on the market. If your priority is the price, this product is good for your consideration.

Like the previous one from Premier, you can use this fence to protect your goats safely. Coming with pre-fitted PVC posts, this fence is a smart choice to keep your barns under control.

You should energize this electric net fence appropriately to be effective. When properly energized, it can even repel bears or other harmful animals. You can use a Premier Solar or AC/DC energizer to charge your net.

Pros Cons
  • The best budget on the market
  • Easy to install
  • Electric net fence
  • The charger is not included
  • Posts are bent easily according to some customers
  • Poles are flimsy

#3 Farmily 35” H x 164’ L – Best Portable Goat Fencing

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This Farmily portable goat fence is simple to install, hook up, and use in just 10 – 15 minutes. With the size of 35-inch height and 164-feet length, it’s even included step-in fiberglass posts.

This electric goat fence is quicker to assemble and disassemble thanks to its smart construction. However, keep in mind that the wire shouldn’t touch wet grass or trees. This action could invalid the electric fence or even create a fire.

Pros Cons
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Reasonable price
  • Step-in posts
  • Not suitable for small poultry like chickens
  • Not safe if set up near trees or the fence touch wet grass

#4 Premier 35” H x 164’ L ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence – Best Double Spike Goat Fence

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As we said, you can always find the best fence for goats with Premier manufacturer. This double spike model is, again, so easy to install and remove. This fence is also suitable for cattle and hogs, not only goats.

This fence’s feature includes double spike built-in PVC posts. It could reach up to 35″ when installed. But please remember, an electric fence is a pain barrier. You should electrify appropriately before using. Although the lowest horizontal strand is not electrified to prevent fence grounding, you’d better perform routine maintenance to minimize grass load.

Pros Cons
  • Multiple using purposes
  • Built-in posts
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Double spike
  • Must use the entire length or it can’t be charged and effective
  • Some customers had to add insulated posts in between the sticks it comes with

#5 Premier 35” H x 164’ L ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence – Best Single Spike Fence for Goats

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This is another version of Premier ElectroNet goat fence. In this model, single spike posts are preinstalled at set intervals. Between these posts, strong plastic struts are placed to reduce sagging. This netting fence could last around 5-7 years with good maintenance.

Featured with 9 horizontal strands, this model also leaves the lowest strand not electrified to minimize fence grounding. You should double-check it weekly to prevent the wall from touching wet grass and re-charge it for an optimum result.

Pros Cons
  • Portable mesh
  • Preinstalled single spike posts
  • Ground out easily
  • Works well even in the snow
  • Supporting posts at corners and ends is required to prevent sagging
  • The charger is not included
  • Not designed to use for chickens or poultry

What to consider before buying the best fence for goats?

To choose and build a good fence for your herd of goats is not easy.  There are lots of factors which can affect your decision. Here are the most basic and important ones you should consider.

1. Area

The area is the first factor that you should think about when planning to buy a fence for the goats. Usually, a goat needs at least 250 square feet. However, goats are free-running and jumping animals, so the larger area they get, the happier they are.

2. Height

The recommended height for a goat fence is at least 4 feet. This height will definitely prevent mischievous goats from jumping over the fence.  But, pay attention to the gaps below the fence. Goats are quite smart.  If they cannot jump over, they will try to crawl under the fences.

3. Head gaps

Goats are curious animals.  Most of them like to push their face to every corner.  If the gap in your fence is too large, the goat will most likely go through and get stuck.

If you have children, you should pay more attention.  Young children love to put their hands over the fence to touch or feed the goats.  This sometimes can be very dangerous. The ideal gap is 4 × 4 inches, which keeps both the goat inside and the children outside safe.

4. Obstacles

To create more natural space for goats, many people like to put more obstacles in the fenced area.  Usually, it will be small logs, old tires or even a stable.  Make sure that the obstacles are not too high as the goat can step on them and jump over the fence.

5. Fence attachments

Goats love to push things. So when attaching wire panels, stick to the inside surface of the fence.  When the goats want to fight against the fence, they push the ropes into the post, making it harder for the goat to escape from the fence.  Likewise, leave the hinged ports inside the fence, not swinging out freely.  Because if they unfortunately release the latch, they will push the gate close instead of opening it.

6. Climate

Each climate type will be suitable for different types of fences.  For example, dry weather and dry soil make it difficult to dig the hole for the post.  Or the humid climate is suitable for using electric fences as the moisture in the soil plays as a natural conductor.

If you are living in a dry climate and want to use an electric fence, you can consider utilizing wide-impedance energizers or earth-return wires.

7. Visibility

Visibility makes it easier for animals to recognize their barn or fence.  Some animals (like horses and deer) have a limited perception of color. Given that, it may be difficult for them to recognize their area if the strands of the fence are too thin.

To avoid this scenario, you can use thicker fence wire. Using colored ropes or sticking tape on the fence is also a good idea to help your goats recognize their home more easily.

Where to place the goat fence?

Similar to the climate, the location of the fence will also determine what type of fence you should choose.  Flat areas are suitable for most fences.  But some types of fences are only effective when placed in mountainous terrain, or wet soil.

Types of goat fences and panels

Due to the diverse needs of users, nowadays, there are many different types of fences for goats. Here are some of the most basic ones that you can consider.

1. 4-5 Strand Electric Fencing

Electric fences are very popular. This is probably the type of fence you should try because of its convenience.

4-5 Strand Electric Fencing


  • The structure of an electric fence is quite simple. So, it is easy to set up or build up.
  • The price for an electric fence is reasonable because the material is so common.
  • It is easy to relocate if you want to change your breeding method into a free-grazing one.

Things to notice:

  • Make sure your fence is high enough so that the goats can not jump over.
  • Handle the weeds around the fence regularly.
  • Regularly check and maintain the fence to ensure the durability of the fence.
  • You also need to learn how to use an electric fence.
  • If your family has young children, an electric fence is sometimes quite dangerous because children love to play with goats.

2. Square Wire Fencing (4-inch squares)

Square Wire Fencing


  • Square wire fencing is popular.
  • It is easy to use and build.
  • The square wire fence has an average price, neither too high nor low.
  • This type of fence is solid.

Things to notice:

  • Remember to pitch the stake tightly to the ground and pull the rope tightly to ensure the security of the fence.
  • The gap of the metal wires should be 4 × 4 to ensure that your goats do not push their heads into and get stuck.
  • Make sure the fence is high that the goats can not jump over.

3. Woven Field Fence

Woven Field Fence


  • The woven field fence is durable.
  • Construction cost is less expensive than other types of fences.
  • This is maybe a good alternative to other types of fences.

Things to notice:

  • The fence ropes are thin so they are not strong enough when the goats are leaning on.
  • This fence has big holes, so the goats are very easy to get stuck in.  Especially for horned goats.

4. Cattle Panels

Cattle Panels


  • Cattle panels are solid and very durable with strong barriers.
  • It is suitable for dividing copper or making a fence.

Things to notice:

  • The price is expensive.
  • It is not appropriated for large areas.
  • Large gaps of the panels make goats easy to get stuck.

5. Welded Wire Fencing

Welded Wire Fencing


  • This kind of fence is easy to build.
  • The price for one welded wire fence is quite good for most goat owners or cattlemen.

Things need to notice:

  • This fence is not strong enough for the goats.
  • The welds are easy to break when touched by the goat.

Tips on goat fencing that work

good goat fencing

Make sure that the space between the pillars or the wire does not allow the goats to enter and become trapped.

Use strong and solid materials to make fences for the goats.  This will help protect your goats from dangerous animals from outside.

Do not be surprised if your fence is damaged by the goats themselves.  They love to push and lean against the fence panels.  So, be sure to check the fence regularly to make sure no goats can get out.

Goats love new things, they always think the grass outside the fence is the best.  They find a way to break the fence to get out. So, you should regularly care and trim the lawn in the fenced area.  This is also a way to keep the goats in peace and limit damage to your fence.

Last but not least, if your goats are too mischievous and cannot stay inside the fence, try letting them freely feed.  You do not have to always fence the goat if they damage it over and over again.

So, our most-wanted fence for goat is …

Goat fencing is a must for farmers as these animals are natural escapers. To prevent your goats from running widely out of your control and being hunt by predators, make sure you purchase the best fence for goats that suits your need.

Among all the best-rated netting fences, Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence would be our top pick for you. Indeed, you can use this model for multiple purposes. It is also easy to set up, hence, ideal for beginners. If you want a net that can conduct electricity effectively, give a go for this option!

What is your decision? Let us know.

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