Top 8 Best Barbed Wire for Cattle Reviews (2022 Updated)

best barbed wire for cattle reviews

It is said that we should not use barbed wire fencing as cows will get stuck and injured. However, barbed wire is a cheap and long-lasting solution that is widely used in large areas. Barbed wires cannot hurt cows as long as the wires’ spacing is no more than 6 inches and the fence has good braces.

This review article will give you a detailed look at the best barbed wire for cattle.

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Top 8 Best Barbed Wire for Cattle On The Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Bekaert 18 4-Point Barbed Wire4.9See latest Price
DLH Western Barbed Wire 60ft 15.5 Gauge4.8See latest Price
FARMGARD CL3 4-Point High-Tensile4.8See latest Price
OrangeA Razor Ribbon Galvanized4.8See latest Price
Homeplus007 250FT Galvanized Barbed Wire4.7See latest Price
Estink Barbed Wire4.7See latest Price
VidaXL Barbed Wire 328′ Green Iron4.7See latest Price
Qiilu Barbed Wire4.6See latest Price

In-depth 8 Top Rated Barbed Wire for Cattle Reviews

1. Bekaert 18 4-Point Barbed Wire

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Bekaert is highly recommended as the best barb wire for cows and other large livestock on the market. So what makes this barbed wire top-rated?

First, it is designed with 4-point barbs, which reduces sagging, while enhancing the fence memory. Furthermore, you don’t need to do pre-stretching to keep the fence stable.

With Class-3 coating, this wire fence can withstand all harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it will help you reduce your maintenance effort and also save a huge amount of money for you.

There are two small drawbacks of this barbed wire. First, it does not wrap around anything so it will take more time to unroll the wire. Additionally, it is far more expensive than the remaining ones in this article.

2. DLH Western Barbed Wire 60ft 15.5 Gauge

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Whether you need to deter people or animals from jumping over your property, or need materials for your DIY project, DLH Western barbed wire got you back. This wire item offers you 4 height options – from 25 ft., 30 ft., 50 ft., 60 ft.

These 2-point barbs are adequate for big farms where your cattle have more room to stay. Despite its cheapest price tag, this barbed wire fencing for cattle offers superior durability. It goes with Class 3 galvanized coating, which is 2.5 times thicker than Class 1. In other words, this DLH barbed wire model can last around 25 years before rusting.

3. FARMGARD CL3 4-Point High-Tensile

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FARMGARD CL3 is a great option when you need a barrier to avoid intruders or any unauthorized entry into your property. Made of high-tensile Class-3 steel, this barbed wire can maintain its appearance and effectiveness for 25 years or more. Besides, it is designed to unroll easily so you can install it without help.

To use this FARMGARD CL3 model as secure fences, you can add chain links or other fencing barriers for heightened security. In most circumstances, a barbed-wire fence is widely considered legal, especially for landowners in rural areas or industrial areas.

Some buyers complained that the barbs aren’t sharp at all, which might affect the efficiency of the fence. Yet, for farming purposes merely, I think this wire is safe for cows. For example, when cows get an itch, they may look for the closest place to relieve that itch (in most chances is the wire fence!). Consequently, a fence with too sharp barbs can hurt your cows.

4. OrangeA Razor Ribbon Galvanized

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With high endurance, OrangeA Razor wire can be used for both military and residential purposes. This product item offers 3 length options – 250 feet, 500 feet, and 750 feet.

Its top-notch sturdiness is one of the main reasons why many buyers trust this barbed wire as their security method. Made of high-quality galvanized steel, this barbed wire model is weather and water-resistant, as long as you don’t let it contact with salt water.

According to some welders, galvanized steel is not as long-lasting as stainless steel or alloy aluminum, but I think with a shoestring price tag, this Ribbon wire is great to use in 20 to 25 years.

As claimed by the manufacturer, each OrangeA wire can line up to 50 linear feet. Yet, you can only stretch it out for a maximum distance of 33 feet to ensure its effectiveness.

5. Homeplus007 250FT Galvanized Barbed Wire

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Despite the fear that barbed wire is dangerous for cows and cattle, this Homeplus wire model is proven to be safe. A 5-strand barbed wire fence of Homeplus is sharp enough to keep uninvited guests and wild animals far away from your house, but not too sharp to cut you like a razor. However, you are still required to wear heavy gloves when working on this barbed wire.

Since this Homeplus 007 is a high-tensile one, it offers a long lifespan with an affordable budget limit compared with other wire types like mesh wire fences, cable wire fences, woven wire fences.

To maintain this barbed wire in its best condition, you should follow the two following cautions. First, you must attach the wires in any posts so that they can move laterally and be re-tensioned. Second, you should re-tension them once or twice per year.

6. Estink Barbed Wire

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Estink Barbed Wire is a perfect combination of appearance and functionality. With a premium painted coating, your property will end up with a military-grade security barrier with a rustic charm without being like in a prison.

In terms of functionality, the powder-coating differentiate this barbed wire from its competitors. First, this electrostatic dry powder is super weather-proof and flexible, giving your fence a solid, durable finish that can last for a lifetime.

Besides, it is highly resistant to corrosion, scratching, and flaking. Cows and any large livestock can rug this fence without the coating. Likewise, this coating is non-toxic and environment-friendly so it will not badly affect the landowners, the cattle inside, as well as leaving footprints on the mother Earth.

7. VidaXL Barbed Wire 328′ Green Iron

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A common application of barbed wire is decorating for the outdoor green space. Made of iron with a solid green color coating, this VidaXL barbed wire blends well with your flowers and plants without looking out of place.

Similar to the above Estink wire, VidaXL barbed wire goes with a heavy-duty powder-coating. This special coating maintains a pleasing look for your fence against the harsh of time and weather. Besides, it is proven safe for your cows, deers, or any animals on your farm.

When purchasing this barbed wire, you will get 328 feet of powder-coated wire with a diameter of 0.08 inches.

8. Qiilu Barbed Wire

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Qiilu is high-rated on the market as the ‘premium’ option of VidaXL. Compared with VidaXL, Qiilu has a bigger diameter of 2.1 mm. It means that Qiilu is more durable for heavy animals like cows.

However, this thicker model might be harder to install and remove than the ones with a smaller diameter. Many previous buyers chose this Qiilu model as the best barbed wire for cattle because of this ideal thickness.

With the solid green coating, this barbed wire adds a touch of nature to your property. Still, it helps maintain more superior protection for your living space than a wooden fence.

FAQs about Barbed Wire for Cattle

1. How tall should a cattle fence be?

There is a rule of thumb that the fence should be as high as your cattle’s shoulder. Specifically, the fence posts should be around 48-54 inches. In order for the cattle to neither climb over nor crawl out, the fence should also have a few strands (usually 3 to 5) in between.

It is always recommended to double check with your local laws to ensure your fence height is legal. Other requirements might also be met if you have livestock in the fence, too.

2. Can barbed wire be electrified?

In short, the answer is a strong NO.

Barbed wire, if electrified, can cause serious damage to both animals and humans. Not being able to quickly back off from the fence, imagine getting entangled in it and receiving repeated electric shocks.

Not to mention the spiky, sharp barbs of the wire can also pierce the skin and cause greater injuries together with the electroshock.

Electric barbed wire is in fact forbidden in most of the countries in Europe. Although it is still legal to arrange an electric fence with neutral/not-electrified barbed wire as a part of it, people still never use this method.

3. Does barbed wire hurt cattle?

A slight cut on cattle skin from barbed wire can heal over time. But entanglement in the barbed wire can lead to serious injuries and even death (because of infection from the unsterile barbs).

Cattles that move slowlier and will step back right from the first pain tend to suffer less from barbed wire injuries.

With proper installment, you can minimize injuries in cattle. Usually having one barbed wire in between the strands of the fence will be enough to effectively keep the cattle in as well as the predators away.

4. How tight should the barbed wire be?

The barbed wire should be tight enough so that it is straight between the fence posts. If there are braces along, tie the wire at the brace instead of just stamping it.

The wire doesn’t need to be too tight, however, or else it will break. There is always some stretch in new-bought barbed wire and it is best to not over-stretch it.

5. How far apart do you put posts for barbed wire?

A standard barbed wire fence with 3 to 5 strands of wire will need 10 to 12 feet spaces in between its posts. This distance helps to secure the wires as well as the fence itself.

My top pick

Have you picked up your best barbed wire for cattle in this list? If you are still confused, the first Bekaert barbed wire is highly recommended for all purposes – from gardens, yards, residential areas, or military sites. Although it is pricey than the remaining ones, I think it is worth a long-term investment for you with low maintenance effort.

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