Can Ducks Eat Peanuts – Is it SAFE?

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While many foods are suitable for ducks, it’s important to know which ones are good for them and which to avoid, so can ducks eat peanuts? Many duck keepers wonder if peanuts are safe for their birds to eat because they want to provide their ducks with a healthier and more diverse diet. Let’s dive in and check out some information on if ducks can eat peanuts and what is safe for them to eat.

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Can Ducks Eat Peanuts?

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Ducks can eat a wide variety of foods and a lot of the time people don’t know just how diverse a duck’s palate can be.
Peanuts are safe for ducks to eat. Peanuts have a good amount of nutrients in them including much-needed protein. The main thing that you need to remember is that peanuts should be served to the ducks properly for them to be safe to eat. The shells of peanuts might cause problems in the digestive system. For this reason, you shouldn’t give the ducks any peanut shells to eat. Ducks cannot properly chew whole nuts, therefore they present a choking hazard. They’ll likely try to gulp them down whole, which might be fatal. For this reason, only finely chopped peanuts without shells are safe for your ducks to eat. Read More: How Long Do Ducks Live? Knowing more about ducks is a great way to learn how to take care of them. Something important to note is how long they live.

How Many Peanuts Can a Duck Eat?

Peanuts can be a great source of protein for ducks, but they should not be the main part of their meal. Feeding ducks peanuts as a snack once a week is an acceptable frequency to feed ducks peanuts. Eating peanuts is good for the ducks, but having an excessive amount of them can cause digestive problems for your ducks. If you notice any problems with your duck then be sure to stop feeding them peanuts as soon as possible. 

How to Feed Peanuts to Ducks

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Peanuts are a great snack for ducks as they are rich in protein. Making sure they are served properly is key.
When it comes to feeding any animal anything it’s important to know how to prepare it so that it’s safe for them to consume. As we said, peanuts can be great for ducks, but they must be prepared for them in order to be safe. Here are a few ways that you can serve peanuts to ducks:
  • Cut roasted peanuts up into small pieces and feed them as a treat
  • Chop up peanuts and add them to their feed or other foods
  • Make (or buy) peanut butter to add to their diet as a treat, snack, or an extra with their meals
  • Peanuts can also be used as training treats
Things to Remember: 
  • Make sure that your peanuts are roasted
  • Shell your peanuts before giving them to your ducks
  • Chopping the nuts up can ensure they are not a choking hazard
  • Peanuts should not be the main source of food for ducks, but rather an addition to meals or a snack

Unsafe Ways of Feeding Nuts to Ducks

Pile of peanuts with the shell
Remember it’s important to remove the peanut shells and cut them into small pieces before feeding them to your ducks.
When it comes to feeding peanuts to ducks you should follow a few simple tips to ensure that you’re doing so safely. There are a few common mistakes that people make when feeding ducks peanuts, so be sure to avoid these scenarios when feeding peanuts to your ducks.

Feeding too Much

Peanuts have good nutrients in them but unfortunately, too much of even a good thing can be bad. Keeping peanuts to a minimum can ensure that you’re not overloading your ducks with fat, calories, and other unhealthy parts of peanuts. So it’s important to treat this as a snack and only offer it about once a week.

Feeding the Shells

Be sure not to feed ducks peanuts with shells on them as these are not edible or digestible for ducks. Ducks can choke or have difficulty eating peanuts with a shell.

Feeding Salted Nuts

When feeding peanuts to ducks, it’s crucial to remember that unsalted peanuts are best. Eating salted peanuts is a major contributor to their high sodium intake. Consuming an excessive amount of salt is harmful to the body as it can lead to dehydration as well as renal and liver issues in ducks.

Feeding Unprepared Nuts

Be sure to always remove the shall, make sure they are roasted, and chop them up into smaller pieces to ensure that they do not choke. Read More: How Long Can Ducks Go Without Water? It’s important to know how long ducks can go without water so you can make sure your ducks are adequately hydrated.

Benefits of Peanuts for Ducks

Peanuts, even though they are a high-calorie food, do provide certain benefits to the body in the form of nutrition. The below are acquired from peanuts:
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Vitamin E
  • Copper
  • Arginine
  • Protein
Some other benefits to consider about peanuts are that they are great sources of protein and can make your ducks be fuller for longer. They act as a great training treat or a special snack for your ducks. They also are great for changing up the diet of your ducks and offering them something a little different. These are just a few benefits in addition to the nutritional value that you should expect when feeding your ducks peanuts. Here’s a video showing what else ducks typically can eat as well as peanuts:

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The Takeaway

Peanuts are safe for ducks to eat as long as they are prepared correctly. Keeping these tips in mind is essential when feeding your ducks peanuts to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition from them, and also being fed safely.

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