BEST Food Plots for Turkeys – What to Grow in 2022

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Food plots are a very convenient way for you to attract turkeys into your area whether that be for hunting or watching reasons. Regardless, there are many food plots to choose from when it comes to this. Let’s dive into more about the best food plots for turkeys.

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The Best Food Plots for Turkeys

The finest feeding plots for turkeys are those that offer a wide range of plant species. The time of year as well as the geographical location of your hunting trip will both have an impact on the kind of plants that are there. Let’s look at what to feed a turkey from your plots. Here’s a video giving some tips for turkey food plots:


Clover is a great option for your turkey food plot because it’s high in protein. It’s also super easy to grow and lasts a while. The planting of clover can take place either in the spring or the fall, and once established, it typically does not require replanting for several years.


Wheat is yet another plant that can be beneficial for turkey food plots. It’s a pretty good staple among birds as it is filling, easy to grow and obtain, and has really good benefits. It’s simple to cultivate and provides a diet of great nutritional value for the birds. Wheat can be planted in the spring or fall, and once established, it will often continue to produce grain for several years before it must be replaced. Read More: Where Do Turkeys Sleep? Take a peek at the life of a turkey in this guide!


Corn is another staple crop that is frequently used in turkey food plots. Because it’s a crop that is high in energy and supplies a lot of calories to the birds, it’s great for when hunting season rolls around. Planting corn can take place in the spring or the summer, and the crop will typically remain in the ground for between one and two years before it has to be replaced.


Another plant that can be utilized in turkey-feeding plots is soybeans. They provide a good healthy amount of protein for turkeys. You may plant soybeans either in the spring or the summer, and once they are established in the ground, they will typically continue to grow for two to three years before they need to be replanted.


Grains are some of the most popular types of food to put on a food plot for turkeys and many other birds.
Wheat, rye, and oats are all great choices for a wild turkey food plot. The turkeys can eat them all year long, and they’re cheap and simple to grow. After planting them in the late spring and summer, these plants provide a useful seed source that can remain well into the winter, making them appealing to turkeys in the fall, winter, and spring.

Why You Might Want a Food Plot

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to implement a food plot in your area for turkeys.
  • Turkey owners enjoy food plots because it allows their turkeys to be free-range while still knowing they’re getting properly fed.
  • Another reason you might want a food plot is that it attracts turkeys to the area. Ultimately this can be great for hunters or those who just enjoy watching wild turkeys.
There are many reasons that you might want to have a turkey food plot on your property, just be sure you’re doing it correctly for it to attract turkeys where you want them. Read More: What Do Baby Turkeys Look Like? (and how to raise them!)

Things to Consider

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Food plots should be maintained and flourishing in order to feed your turkeys properly. Prepping the soil can help your food supply grow in abundance.
It’s important to consider the other wildlife that you have around. Keeping turkey feeding plots enclosed away from other animals is possible, but it can be quite difficult. Always start with a soil test before planting a turkey feeding plot or any other wildlife planting. The planting should begin with a clean, well-prepared seedbed. You’ll also want to consider how much space you have for you to grow food plots for your turkeys. Make sure you have adequate space in order to build as many food plots as you need for your turkeys. Read More: What is a Group of Turkeys Called? If you’re a turkey owner or if you just want to learn more, then let’s find out what a group of turkeys is called.


Turkeys can be easily fed by using a food plot which is a plot of land growing specific consumable vegetables or grains for the turkeys. There are many options to choose from when it comes to what you can grow. We hope we helped you find the best food for food plots for turkeys.

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