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It’s a common misconception that all chickens lay either brown or white eggs. In reality, there are many different colors of eggs that other chicken breeds can lay. So, what chickens lay white eggs? Keep reading to find out!

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What Chickens Lay White Eggs and Why

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Distinguishing what color egg will come out of your chicken is actually a bit easier than you’d think. Educating yourself can help you choose your best layer.
Chickens that lay white eggs include the:
  • Leghorn
  • Ancona
  • Russian Orloff
These chickens are mainly used for egg production, not meat production like the Plymouth Rock or Rhode Island Red chicken. These chickens lay white eggs due to a lack of pigment in their feathers, earlobes, and skin. The gene that causes this lack of pigment is what makes the chicken look white. Chickens with this gene are better at converting feed into egg production. This is because there is no blood flow to these areas, so they do not get oxygenated and turn red like other chickens. Read More: How Many Chickens Should You Have? Here’s a chart and guide showing how many chickens you need for a certain number of eggs!

Different Types of Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs

Some of the most popular breeds include:


Ameraucana chickens are a relatively new breed developed in the 1970s in the United States. These birds are known for their blue eggs, but some Ameraucanas also lay white eggs. Ameraucanas are typically blue, black, or splash colored.


The Ancona is an Italian breed of chicken known for its mottled plumage. Anconas can lay either white or brown eggs, but most lay white eggs.


The Andalusian is a Spanish breed of chicken named for the region of Spain where it originated. Andalusians are dual-purpose birds that are used for meat and eggs. Andalusians typically lay white or cream-colored eggs.

Barred Plymouth Rock

The Barred Plymouth Rock is an American breed of chicken developed in the 19th century. Barred Plymouth Rocks are one of the most common backyard chicken breeds known for their docile temperaments and egg-laying abilities. Most Barred Plymouth Rocks lay brown eggs, but some may lay white eggs. Here is a video showing some different types of chicken breeds and the colored eggs that they lay:

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How to Care for Chickens

When choosing what chicken to get for your backyard flock, one factor you may consider is what color eggs the chicken will lay. White egg-laying chickens are some of the most popular choices for backyard flocks, as they are known for being prolific layers of giant, beautiful eggs. If you are thinking about adding a white egg layer to your community, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding care and maintenance:
  • Give your chicken a high-quality diet. A diet rich in protein and calcium will help your chicken produce solid eggshell shells. You can find specially formulated feeds for egg-laying chickens at your local farm store.
  • Ensure that your chicken has access to clean, fresh water. A chicken needs around one gallon of water daily, so check the water dispenser regularly and top it off as needed.
  • Provide your chicken with a clean and spacious living area. Chickens like to have plenty of room to move around, so make sure the coop is large enough for your flock and is cleaned out regularly.
If you provide your white egg-laying chicken with good food, clean water, and a comfortable home, she will reward you with plenty of eggs! Read More: Chicken Eggs: Everything You Need to Know. Explore the fascinating world of chicken eggs in this ultimate guide!

Recipes for Dishes Made With White Eggs

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Using eggs for different meals is super common and we know why. They make delicious additions or main breakfast sides that we all know and love.
While white eggs are not as Nutrient-rich as brown or blue eggs, they are still a good source of protein and vitamins. Here are some recipes that make use of this versatile ingredient:

Egg Drop Soup

This simple soup is made by boiling chicken broth and whisking in beaten eggs. The eggs will cook in the hot broth, creating ribbons of protein.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast dish made with any egg. To make them extra fluffy, add a splash of milk or cream to the beaten eggs before cooking.


An omelet is a French dish that can be filled with various ingredients, from cheese and ham to vegetables and herbs. Be sure to get a good flipping technique down before attempting this dish!

Hollandaise sauce

This rich sauce is made with butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice. It’s often served over steak or fish but can also be used as a dipping sauce for vegetables or bread.

Tips On How to Store Eggs Properly

There are many ways to keep eggs, but some methods are better than others. Here are a few tips on how to keep eggs, so they stay fresh longer:
  • Store eggs in the refrigerator. The temperature inside the fridge is ideal for keeping eggs fresh.
  • Place eggs in an egg carton or lined box. This will help to protect them from bumps and to jostle.
  • Keep eggs away from strong odors. Eggs are very porous and can absorb smells from their environment. Store them in a spot where they won’t be exposed to solid aromas, such as near the garbage can or spice rack.
  • Check eggs for cracks before storing them. Cracked eggs will spoil more quickly than unbroken ones.
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So, what chickens lay white eggs? The answer is that all chicken breeds can lay white eggs, but some produce them more consistently than others. If you want to increase your chances of getting a white egg, try raising Ameraucana or Araucana chickens. These birds are known for their high rate of laying white eggs. Whether you’re a backyard chicken farmer or just looking for an interesting fact to share at your next dinner party, we hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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