Top 10 Best Cowboy Boot Brands On The Market 2021

Nowadays, cowboy boots are not only outdoor work accessories but have also become a must-have fashion item for people of all ages and genders. Since not all of us can experience boots from all brands, I will introduce the 10 best cowboy boot brands that you should consider before purchasing a new pair of work boots.

Each brand session will include a short brand introduction, its product ranges, and its highlighted characteristics in its cowboy boot models. Let’s go!

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10 Best Cowboy Boot Brands on the Market

1. Ariat – Brand of High-quality Cowboy Boots

Among the best cowboy boot brands, Ariat is the pioneer in technology and innovation. Founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker and located in Union City (California), Ariat has been praised by many professional workers worldwide for its high product diversity and quality.

best ariat work boots reviews

This American cowboy boot brand has a huge inventory of boots for people of all ages and genders. Besides, Ariat cowboy boots serve many purposes with high diversity in heels, toe shapes, materials, designs, etc.

Most noticeably, it has a product line of work boots with steel toes for working in the construction industry or dangerous working conditions.

These work boots of Ariat have a wide price range, allowing you to pick up a model that best suits your demands. You can choose from the cheapest ones to the most premium, expensive ones depending on your purpose and budget.

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2. Lucchese – Vintage Cowboy Boot Brand

Since 1883, Lucchese Boot Company (previously Lucchese Bros. Boots & Shoes) has been providing handmade cowboy boots with exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality components, and vintage details.

lucchese cowboy boots

This company was founded in San Antonio, Texas, by Salvatore Lucchese and his immigrant brothers from Sicily (Italy). These Lucchese boots were first made to serve various notable politicians in the US Army, then become a new standard in the cowboy boot industry.

All cowboy boot models of this Texas brand reflect the true Italian’s perfection in shoes and boot craftsmanship. All leather parts of Lucchese cowboy boots are manually stitched together by Lucchese artisans, leaving beautiful stitch patterns for your footwear.

Besides, Lucchese uses brass and lemonwood pegs to attach the outsole with other parts of the boots. This pegging not only helps maintain the integrity of the boots but also extends their lives.

Although Lucchese boots are not cheap, they can last for years in good condition, allowing you to stay comfortable and safe in any harsh working environment.

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3. Abilene – An American Cowboy Boot Brand

  • Origin: USA
  • Price: medium

Abilene is one of the few American boot companies that has been producing high-quality cowboy boots for more than 30 years. Since 1980, Abilene has committed to manufacturing affordable yet comfortable and durable boot models.

abilene cowboy boot

This company offers a few men’s cowboy boots and women’s cowboy boot models, including classic boots, Sage, Rawhide, and Silverado. All of these product lines come with top-quality leather and reliable construction.

Abilene boots are made of full-grain leather, which is thick, tough, and built to last with regular maintenance. They have rubber or composite outsoles with cushions within for maximum traction and comfort.

These cowboy boots also feature a Dri-Lex internal liner to keep your feet comfortable and dry while working outdoors.

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4. Justin – Classic mix Modern Cowboy Boot Brand

Justin Boots is another well-known brand name in the western wear industry founded by H.J.Justin then led by his sons. This company has provided equestrian boots and cowboy boots since 1879, with its first location in Gainesville, Texas.

There are several popular brands under the Justin Boots brand, including Tony Lama boots, Nocona boots, Chippewa boots, and so on.

Justin Cowboy Boots

Justin Boots offer anything and everything that a real cowboy might need, from work boots (with steel toes), working ranch cowboy boots, dress boots, kids’ work boots, apparel, and accessories.

You can find a pair of Justin boots anywhere, from college campuses to the ranch, to executive boardrooms. An interesting fact that you should know about this boot brand – Justin boots are currently chosen as the official footwear of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

Although not all Justin boot models are made in the USA, they inherit the Western culture with a focus on value, quality, integrity. Each Justin boot is handcrafted by skillful artisans using the finest leather and materials.

With more than 140 years of development, Justin Boots has become an essential part of the daily life of Western people.

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5. Durango – Brand of Fashionable Boots

Durango is a brand with fashionable boots with a history of more than 50 years. In 1966, Georgia Boot opened a new Western-inspired footwear collection to complement its line of work boots called “Durango.”

Durango Cowboy Boots

Durango and Georgia Boot were then purchased by Rocky Brands, Inc. in 2004. Since then, Durango continuously innovates its boot models with new western and fashion-oriented styles. This endless working effort of Durango helped Rocky Brands, Inc. become a global market leader in footwear and apparel.

Unlike traditional cowboy boots, the design of Durango boots is a hybrid between cowboy boots and work boots. Their energetic and charismatic appearance is inspired by the Old West’s spirit and adventure.

Besides their designs, Durango boots also treat you with their extreme durability. A good pair of Durango boots can last for 10 years if well preserved with proper maintenance. It’s hard for ordinary shoes to pass this time limit, even when cowboy boots are used to do physically demanding jobs.

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6. Tony Lama – Exotic Cowboy Boot Brand

If you haven’t tried on Tony Lama boots, you have missed a notable brand name in the cowboy boot industry.

Tony Lama cowboy boots

Tony Lama is a western boot brand founded by Anthony Lama – a son of Italian immigrant parents. It was first a small shoe and boot repair shop in the nearby town of El Paso and started producing boots in greater quantities since the 1930s.

In 1990, Tony Lama company became a part of the Justin Boot, and this parent company has set the standard for craftsmanship and quality worldwide.

Tony Lama boots incorporate traditional craftsmanship with modern comfort and durability technologies, making it the world’s most recognized western boot brand. Each pair of Tony Lama boots require 100 steps to finish and are manufactured with user comfort in mind.

Whether the classic Western boots, the TLX series, or the Handcrafted series, Tony Lama offers a wide choice for both male and female workers in any harsh working environment.

In terms of technology, the two Tony Lama’s original Lama Comfort and Cushion Comfort technologies aim to maximize your comfort and dryness while protecting you from any possible shocks or injuries while working.

Depending on your working demands, you can pick up the steel-toe,  composite-toe, or square toe version of Tony Lama boots.

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7. Ferrini – Premium Leather Cowboy Boot Brand

For centuries, Ferrini boots have been highly praised for their top-notch Italian quality in the boot-making business. This Texas-based footwear company is operated by an Italian family business that shares its name.

Ferrini Cowboy Boots

Ferrini boots are well-known for their ultimate precision in design and unique patterns, and premium material. Professional boot-makers of Ferrini handpick and finish the best hides and exotic natural skins to guarantee the most delicate leather quality of each cowboy boot.

As a result, each pair of Ferrini boots is a bold statement to your daily or work outfits.

Ferrini boots are also built to last. All the leather parts are carefully trimmed and hand-stitched to bring all-day comfort for customers in every movement. Even the soles with lemonwood pegs are hammered by hand.

Although they are not cheap, they are worth your investment if all you need is a premium pair of boots to use for years.

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8. Old Gringo – Best Handmade Cowboy Boot Brand

Old Gringo is the youngest and also a fast-growing boot brand on this list. It was founded in 2000 by Ernie Tarut and Yan Ferry.

Old Gringo cowboy boots

The collaboration between Tarut with 30 years of experience in leather manufacturing and Ferry with 30 years of European design and bootmaking knowledge creates a lifestyle brand with a unique style and exceptional quality.

Old Gringo has boot models for all fashion styles, including Vintage, Contemporary, Rock Star, and European Style.

Each pair of Old Gringo boots is handcrafted by 250 professional bootmakers in Leon, Mexico. This Mexican cowboy boot brand is a perfect balance between fashion and western – a challenge that not many boot brands can succeed.

You can easily recognize Old Gringo boots while walking on the street by their vintage charm and contemporary style. These boots are not merely used for protecting your shoes and ease your movements, they are real masterpieces!

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9. Anderson Bean – Brand of Eye-catching Boots

Anderson Bean is a cowboy boot brand made in USA that follows the Texas boot-making tradition.

This company was founded in 1989 by the owners of Rios of Mercedes boots, offering all-leather cowboy boots with a medium price range. With 30 years of continuous innovation, Anderson Bean has exclusive customized boots and a full line of stock boots for women, men, kids, and babies.

Anderson Bean cowboy boots

Since this boot brand positioned itself as “made in the USA,” all boot parts originated in its factory in Mercedes, USA. Each skillful craftsman takes a specific role in the boot-making process.

Anderson Bean believes that only a manual process involving various boot experts and using no shortcuts or factory tricks can form a perfect pair of boots.

Besides, AB boots are made of 100% leather to bring the most comfort for your all-day working. Their bodies are made of the most premium leather, like crocodiles, Amazon bass, and ostrich. The soles are made from sturdy leather with many cushioned rubber pads for extra movement and stability.

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10. Dan Post – An Iconic Western Boot Brand

First appearing in the mid-1960s in Clarksville, Tennessee, Dan Post boots soon became a staple in the cowboy boot industry. With a strong focus on movement supporting, boot items of Dan Post ensure to be superior fit and comfort with design innovations.

Dan Post cowboy boots

Dan Post boots are a little bit stiff at first, but they are easy to wear on with the help of boot hooks. The moment you are in these boots, you will feel safe and comfortable performing any demanding jobs or outdoor activities.

You can pick up your most appropriate pair of Dan Post boots that meet your work requirements. If you are new to work boots, you can pick up a regular work boot model.

You can also choose ones with special toes like steel-toe or composite-toe versions or ones that are designed for specific environments like heat-resistant, oil-resistant, or waterproof models.

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Wrapping Up

I hope the above information is useful for you when looking for the best cowboy boot brands. Since these 10 mentioned boot brands are positively rated on the worldwide cowboy boot market, you are sure to find your favorite one that matches your sizing, budget, and style needs.

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