Top 7 Best Pull On Work Boots Reviews (2022 Updated)

best pull on work boots reviews

Being comfortable and safe while working is important. Compared with lace-on work boots, pull-on work boots are easier to wear or take off with less time. It also provides better traction by lessening the tripling, slipping, or falling down.

Today we will discover the 7 best pull on work boots on the market, with details on their features as well as their pros and cons. Let’s go!

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Top 7 Best Pull On Work Boots On the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Ariat Men's Workhog Pull-on Composite Toe Work Boot4.9See latest Price
Irish Setter Men's 83907 Wellington Work Boot4.8See latest Price
Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-On Soft Toe Boot4.8See latest Price
Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot4.8See latest Price
Irish Setter Work Men's Crosby Nano Toe Waterproof Pull-on Boot4.7See latest Price
Wolverine Men's Floorhand Waterproof 10" Soft Toe Work Boot4.7See latest Price
Avenger Safety Footwear Women's Pull on Eh Work Boot4.7See latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated Pull On Work Boots Reviews

#1. Ariat Men’s Workhog – Best Composite Toe Pull-on Work Boots

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With an appealing look, these composite toe pull-on work boots can be used in your workplace or any outdoor activities. They are rated as one of the best Ariat pull-on work boots of all time.

These Ariat boots are good to go with all feet shapes. Many previous buyers said this is the best pull-on work boots for narrow feet. As you know, there are a few brands that produce boots for narrow feet, and Ariat is one of these.

These work boots are made of leather, which is the most breathable shoe material. The full-grain leather helps them withstand hard weather conditions.

First, it keeps free of snuffing, buffing, sanding, processes that impact its strength. Second, this material is breathable. It allows an efficient airflow into the boots to help your feet cool in summer or warm and dry in hard snowy days.

They are also water-resistant and will keep your feet dry in rains. Thus this full-grain leather can assure comfort wear for 7 to 12 hours a day.

Pros Cons
  • Fashionable
  • Extreme durable
  • Waterproof leather material
  • Fit well with narrow feet
  • Expensive
  • No shoe toe available
  • Not suitable for warm days

#2. Irish Setter Men’s Wellington – Best Pull On Work Boots for Wide Feet

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Irish Setter Men’s 83907 is a classic pair of boots that protect you from hazardous work environments. Whether you are a maintenance engineer or industrial electrician, these pull-on work boots provide you a top-rated comfort, lasting performance, and protective features under a fashionable look.

The sizing and fitting of the Irish 83907 are just perfect. Equipped with StableFlex technology, these Wellington boots provide a high level of flexibility.

They have large calves, so people who have bigger calves can comfortably walk around with them. Previous buyers rated these Wellington boots as the best for wide feet. However, since they are soft-toe boots, they cannot protect you when a heavy object falls on your feet.

Besides, this model meets ASTM-rated electrical hazard protection. The sole and the heel are designed to reduce any hazards while working with electrically energized parts.

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • ASTM-rated electrical hazard protection
  • Lightweight
  • Glued-on toe parts

#3. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Soft Toe Work Boots – Best For Plantar Fasciitis

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Caterpillar is one of the world’s most well-known brands on boots for foot affliction. Strong, sturdy, and comfortable, this pair of work boots from Caterpillar is highly recommended by pro workers as the best pull-on work boots for plantar fasciitis.

First and foremost, it provides excellent heel support for people with foot affliction. The PVC midsole absorbs any shock for every step you make. In other words, it protects your feet and joints from pains and injures when dealing with hard work.

The oil and slip-resistant outsole avoids you from slipping so you can stand and walk firmly on various floor conditions.

For workers, a pair of boots is not only a fashion accessory but a work gear that should last long. These pull-on work boots feature a Goodyear Welt construction that keeps the boots strong and durable for years. Hence, you can fully take advantage of their high-quality characteristics.

Pros Cons
  • PVC midsole absorbs shocks
  • Goodyear Welt construction
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • 30-day comfort guarantee
  • Not fit with wide feet

#4. Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe – Best for Flat Feet

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For farmers in hazardous working conditions, a good pair of work boots play a vital role in keeping them safe and comfortable whilst maintaining their robust performance.

This Ariat square-toe model provides the best comfort and safety for all foot shapes and is also considered working best for flat feet.

It has a high shaft measuring 10 inches high heels and strong cement construction. This design keeps your gait steady even when walking over a slippery outdoor surface. The four-layer insole support offers padding, shock absorption, improved balance, and comfort.

The Ariat Groundbreaker offers a wide variety of safety features. For instance, the Duratread outsole keeps your feet dry from oil and water and reduces the risk of slipping when you walk over oily or wet surfaces.

Further, unlike other boots in the same price range, these boots have a 90-degree heel providing better traction and activities that require flexibility like climbing.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for flat feet
  • Duratread, 90-degree heel, and many other safety features
  • Soft-toe meets ASTM class 75
  • Avoid electrical hazards with compliance of ASTM F2413-05 EH standards
  • Not appropriate for feet with pain issues
  • Wear down quickly

#5. Irish Setter Men’s Crosby Nano Toe – Best Pull On Work boots with Arch Support

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This pair of pull-on work boots are especially for summer work because the soles are hard and can slick in snow and ice.

Packed with StableFlex technology, this model is rated as the best with arch support. It provides great flexibility in the forefoot and a stable platform in the arch. The welted heel under a dual-construction process ensures its stability when stepping in wet surfaces or rough terrains.

Another good point of this Irish Setter model is that they have a non-metallic safety Nano toe, perfect for the workplace requiring protective footwear. Compared with soft toe, this Nano toe doesn’t fully protect you from heavy dropped objects. They give you the highest level of comfort if you are on your knees all day.

Pros Cons
  • Secure fit along the middle of your foot
  • Comfortable, flexible feeling
  • Protection standards: ASTM F2413-11, M/I/75/C/75, EH
  • Removable memory foam insole
  • In the same price range, cement construction forefoot isn’t as tough as direct-attach boots

#6. Wolverine Men’s Soft Toe – Best Pull On Work Boots Under $100

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Unlike other work boots in this review, this Wolverine model is quite affordable and not a burden on budget while providing the same quality as premium ones. As reviewed by professional works, it is one of the best pull-on work boots under 100 dollars on the market right now.

With under 100 bucks, you have got a pair of boots designed with safety on top. 100% leather made, it can keep your feet warm on rainy or snowy days.

The waterproof full-grain leather upper keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. The rubber lug outsole is slip-resistant, keeping your every step secure in slippery conditions.

However, this pair of boots is non-protective. Therefore, it is safe to use only in work situations where both comfort and flexibility are required (e.g.: electronic maintenance). With higher protection, you can take a look at the “Steel-Toe” model of Wolverine.

Pros Cons
  • Made of 100% leather
  • Durable nylon shank
  • Full-cushioned footbed
  • Non-protective with soft-toe

#7. Avenger Safety Women’s Comp Toe – Best Pull On Work Boots for Concrete

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Lightweight and feminine look, this Avenger 7146 model is a great women’s style loaded with the world’s top safety standards. Women customers of this model range from various industrial workplaces, from warehouses, construction sites, chemical plants, shipping facilities, and so on.

One strong plus of this model is that it uses direct attach TPU/PU and Vibram brand and rubber outsoles with some of the most flexible and tough combinations in the industry. Boots with TPU soles provide strong resistance to high temperatures up to 130oC (266oF).

Beyond that, it protects women’s toes from most oils and chemicals, and lasts long against any abrasion, cracking, splitting and, cuts/tears.

Although these boots are considered the best pull-on work boots for concrete, continuous working hours with these boots might lead to sore and achy. Using them for casual light wearing is be more advisable.

Pros Cons
  • Designed for women’ shoe shapes
  • Full-grain leather
  • Direct-attach construction
  • Oil and super slip-resistant outsole
  • Composite toe included
  • Meet ASTM F2413-11, EH
  • Well insulated making it hot

My Top Pick

I hope my review on the best pull on work boots has provided you some clues on choosing a pair of shoes for your worksite.

Whether you are looking for boots for daily work or weekend retreats, my first pick of the Ariat Composite Toe Boots has you covered. It suits all foot shapes, can withstand harsh weather conditions, comfortable to wear all day while being fashionable with all outfits. This pair of boots is a perfect pick of a go-to daily boot or work boot.

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