Top 15 Best Attachments For Tractor You Should Acquire First

best attachments for tractors

Little did you know, there are more than 600 tractor implements and attachments on the market. This wide range of choices makes home maintenance trouble-free. However, it might be challenging for new property owners to pick up the essential tools.

Below are the 15 best attachments for tractors that you should acquire first. Tractors can handle everything as long as you have the right tools. I hope the following items might be a perfect fit for your next maintenance project.

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Top 15 best attachments for tractor

1. Tire chain

Security Chain Max Trac Snow Blower

A tire chain is a must-have for vehicles in winter when the roads become slippery with thick snow. Since heavy four wheels like tractors need more traction to ensure safety when running, this attachment becomes more essential.

This tire chain from Security Chain provides great traction for your garden tractor at a reasonable price. Like a car snow chain, it helps your tractor avoid being stuck in thick snow. When equipped with this zinc-plated chain, your tractor tire will maintain a robust performance for a long time.

This tire chain fits 3 sizes of the tractor tire: 14×5.5×5, 15×5.0x6, 15x6x6.

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2. Rotary Tiller

Titan 60″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

Whether you are just starting out, embarking on your next project, or maintaining your current cultivation, you should always have the soil well-prepped. A rotary tiller is one of the best tractor attachments for landscaping or growth plans.

This 60-inch Rotary Tiller from Titan Attachments can tackle big jobs efficiently. It is used to turn and mix soil for a healthy growing environment for vegetable gardens. You can either use it to prepare the soil for spring crops or cultivate fall crops.

Left or right-handed doesn’t matter with the L-shaped tines for optimal performance. This tiller goes with 5 adjustable ski height settings. Thus, all members at all heights in your family can use it effortlessly.

3. Rotary Cutter

Behlen Country Sub-Compact Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is one of the best tractor attachments for clearing land. It is used to remove bush, thick weeds, or tall grass. It can be adjusted to cut at low (1 ½ inch) or higher (9 inches) diameter depending on the size and model.

This Behlen mower is compatible with all sub-compact tractors. It is highly recommended on landowner forums and community as one of the best attachments for compact tractors. Made in the USA, this attachment has all the reliability and quality of other rotary cutters.

Productive yet durable, this cutter is manufactured of heavy-duty steel, coated with premium powder paint. This cutter also comes with a 25HP shear bolt gearbox. What makes this item unique is that it is a lighter-weight piece for smaller tasks and projects. You can mow, clear, cut, and shred with ease without the need to go into overkill.

4. Post Hole Digger

Tool Tuff Pole-Star 3-Point Tractor Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is powered by the tractor’s rear PTO to drill down to create narrow holes for place posts.

This Pole-Star post hole digger from Tool Tuff is a good option if you plan to install fences, large decks, build shallow wells, or any work that needs to place posts.

Well-constructed with rugged steel, the Pole-Star digger has been proudly served millions of farmers, landscaping professionals, or property owners for decades. It works with all compact, sub-compact, or Cat 0 tractors.

You can purchase this digger without augers, or augers with the diameter of 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch. 9-inch and 12-inch augers are Standard-Duty with replaceable edges.

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5. Box Blade

Titan 4′ – 7′ Box Blade

A box blade is one of the most crucial attachments for everyone, from professional gardeners to weekend warriors. It can be used to grade gravel driveways, level land, spread dirt, and many more of your farm operations.

If you are searching for something simple to complete lightweight tasks, this Titan box blade is what you need. With a massive 4×4 inches square tubing shank support, the shank runs 48 inches between the 6-1/4mm side panels, which is approximately ¼-inch thickness. Plus, two 12mm steel braces expand from the 17-inch deep roll-formed moldboard to the hitch.

Hard gardening work becomes hassle-free with this tractor attachment. The four sharp scarifier teeth with pin-through adjustments help you remove materials fast. Yet, these teeth are not replaceable, which might be a big pitfall for this box blade.

6. Rear Blade

Brinly BB-56BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Rear Blade

When talking about gardening, landscaping, grading, or backfilling projects, a rear blade (or ‘rear-angled blade’) plays a vital role in all kinds of moving or lifting tasks. Besides, you can use rear blades as an alternative to snow blowers to remove snow from sidewalks and driveways. So what differs it from a box blade?

A rear blade able to angle the blade, and change the pitch of the blade from side to side. On the flip side, a box blade is used to grade and smooth. It can also break hard ground with scarifier teeth.

This Brinly BB-56BH is a landowner’s best friend. You can use it to dig a ditch, remove sand and dirt, or move debris. This tractor attachment can be angled and locked to a 30o in either direction. Eventually, you can rotate it 180o, allowing you to push material instead of pull.

Besides, Brinly BB-56BH is durable since it is manufactured of heavy-duty carbon steel. This hard material ensures an efficient movement with little effort.

7. Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Whether you distribute seeds for a new lawn, feed fertilizer for your garden, etc., a broadcast spreader is an invaluable gardening tool. Spreaders can save your time, money, and effort while resulting in a consistent distribution. If you use spreaders for bug infestations, this tractor attachment can protect you from potentially harmful chemicals.

This Agri-Fab Tow Behind spreader works well when you have to cover a garden of an acre or more. It can get along with lawn tractors, riding lawn mowers, or other tractors or vehicles. The arm is made of sturdy steel, which is easy to control from the driver’s seat.

Nonetheless, with a 130-pound capacity, heavy-duty plastic hopper, 13-inch pneumatic tires, and steel frame, you can grow beautiful lawns in a shorter time with less effort. This stable construction will last for years if under proper care.

As reviews from previous buyers, it is listed in the best tractor attachments for food plots.

8. Tractor Forks

Titan Attachments Clamp on Pallet Forks

Anyone who owns a tractor should have tractor forks. This accessory is useful for all kinds of gardening chores.

As the brand description, this 43-inch tractor folk is considered as one of the best attachments for Kubota tractors and other major brands.

First, this fork can hold weight up to 4,000 pounds. This means that you can use it to carry a heavy load like fence posts, lumber, pallets, logs, or anything you need moving around.

Besides, this Titan tractor fork is manufactured with safety in mind. When you are carrying a heavy load, you never get to worry about it rolling back because it has been fitted with protection slots. Furthermore, heavy lifting is easy and safe with chain holes. You can use chains to secure loads without breaking the tool. You can use these holes as a stabilizer to move heavy or big equipment.

9. Landscape Rake

Titan Attachments 5-Ft Landscape Rake

A landscape rake is a tractor attachment for clearing up land in a unique way. The rake’s tines will dig down the soil surface approximately 2 inches, pulling up roots, thatch, rocks, and other debris to the top while let soil remains. All of this debris will be transported to a central location thanks to the curved design of the landscape rake tines.

As advertised by Titan, this rake allows you to clear your soil, landscape, and comb grass. Compared with traditional hand tools and leaf rakes, this tractor attachment is more time-saving and efficient. The tines are extra durable and heat treats. Therefore, they can carry heavy loads without breaking or bending easily.

This multifunctional sweeper can swivel 360o, allowing you to in any angles or even reverse your movements. Cleaning up your garden or any gardening tasks becomes effortless with this super tool.

10. Backhoe Attachment

Backhoe Thumb Excavator Bolt On Universal Claw

With durable construction, backhoe attachments can withstand harsh working conditions. This tractor attachment is used to optimize your digging process.

Like grapple attachments, this backhoe thumb attachment from Titan Attachments is an ad-on for backhoe bucket attachments. It is designed to move like a human thumb, working closely to the machine. The mechanical thumb for this backhoe has 5 possible positions to help you stabilize heavy materials.

This attachment makes it easier to maintain a grip and rotate most materials without slipping or releasing during rotation.

If you don’t have much storage space, don’t worry! It can be folded back when not in use. Some buyers complained that there is no installation guide, just the part list inside this pack. You should check YouTube videos to learn how to use it or ask the customer support department for help.

11. Land Planer

A land planer is an essential tractor attachment. It helps maintain a gravel road or driveway, smooth a horse area, level out gardens, and many other purposes.

When a land planer starts working, it will lift gravel, soil, and other materials, then flow evenly across its working width. This process results in a smooth and flat surface for cultivation.

The 84-inch Skid Steer Land Planer from Titan Attachments is the best choice for professional farmers. This land planer uses an SSQA connection to work with all tractors, skid steers, loaders from well-known brands like John Deere, Kubota, BX, etc.

It features 8 adjustable scarifier teeth to smooth out any uneven surfaces of rock and debris with a maximum depth of 4 inches.

12. Tractor Grapples

When purchasing attachments for tractors or mini loaders, you should not forget grapple!

A tractor grapple lets you pick up and transport brush, limbs, rocks, debris, and more with little effort. Having a high-quality grapple will reduce your workload, allowing you to save both your time and money on daily lawn and farm tasks.

The 48-inch Titan Attachments grapple with 6 splats at the bottom is an affordable pick for small farms and lawns. It weighs only 450 pounds, so it suits small-sized skid-steer-type tractors.

Besides, this tractor grapple consists of 3/8-inch steel splats, gussets, and sides and is operated by a single 3,000 PSI cylinder, which can take any loads of 48 inches in width or more.

13. Snowblower

A snow blower is a must-have attachment for tractors for those who live in snowy areas. A tractor-powered snowblower is powered by the rear PTO to clear huge snow loads on roadways, driveways, sidewalks, or property faster and more efficiently than a shovel.

Arnold MTD Genuine Parts Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment

A versatile snowblower like Arnold MTD never lets you down with its high performance, compatibility, and durability. The mowing deck of this attachment can rotate up to 220 degrees to clear out 42 inches of hard snow. This snowblower is compatible with all lawn and garden MTD tractors.

14. Disc Harrow

A disc harrow is an essential tool to maintain your property and prevent the development of unwanted vegetation. You can use it to till the soil, chop, and bury weeds or crop debris.

This tractor attachment features a row of concave metal discs that can power through heavy crop debris. Since it is mounted to your tractor’s 3-Point hitch, it is easy to use, transport, and storage even in small and mid-sized farms.

When in use, the tractor pulls the disc harrow to loosen and smoothen the front ground in its path.

If you have a Kubota or New Holland tractor, you should purchase a Titan Attachments Notched Disc Harrow to prepare your land for cultivation.

The 16-inch notched discs are perfect for tilling up soil and removing unwanted debris from the wet, heavy ground. These discs are made of hardened steel, so you can confidently go through areas with hard rocks, thick weed roots, or old crops.

This disc harrow can be attached instantly to the Point Hitch of Category 1 & 3 tractors with no installations needed.

15. Dump cart

A steel dump cart makes moving bulky products easier with less effort,  especially when you can attach it to powerful machinery like your garden tractor or heavy truck. You can use it to prevent yard refuse, moving firewood, sand, or dumping gravel.

A dump cart consists of a wide bed space to contain debris and thick tires with two straight cushioned handles. When the cart is fully loaded, you have to move it to a predefined destination.

Agri-Fab 45-0101 is the best-rated dump cart that you can use for various purposes all year long – transport firewood, mulch, sand, gravel, fertilizer, and more.

Made in the USA, this alloy-steel dump cart with a durable steel bed can carry large loads with a maximum capacity of 750 pounds. You can easily control it even on rough terrains, thanks to the 16 x 4-inch pneumatic tires.

To use this dump cart, connect it to your garden tractor using its universal hitch. This dump cart can take a few minutes for assembly with a video instruction guide provided.

Make a tractor more than a tractor!

At the end of the day, with the right attachments, your tractor can boost its versatility and save your time – and your back. Whether you are looking for implements to maintain your garden, to lift heavy materials, or clear wet snow from your driveway, those 15 best attachments for tractors can assist you well.

Remember to read the user manual before operating any equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.

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