5 BEST Backhoe Attachments for Tractors: TESTED & Ranked

best backhoe attachment for tractor reviews

If you are looking for the best backhoe attachments for tractors then you’re in the right place.

Finding attachments for a tractor can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for, or if you don’t have a good way to compare them. 

Backhoe attachments for a tractor are important attachments that should be high quality, strong, and overall easy installation to do yourself.

These qualities will make for the best backhoe attachments for tractors. We have compiled a list of the top 5 accessible backhoe attachments for tractors. Let’s look at a comparison. 

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Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
Category 1 BHM5600 3 Point Hitch Best Overall: Category 1 BHM5600 3 Point Hitch This is the best pick for any Category 1 tractor that needs a fully functioning backhoe attachment. Check Price
BH5600 Backhoe Excavator Best Quality: BH5600 Backhoe Excavator This backhoe excavator is a strong choice made of steel, and it’s very durable. Check Price
Titan Attachments Backhoe Excavator Best For Controllability: Titan Attachments Backhoe Excavator This backhoe is perfect for a Cat 1 or Cat 2 and is a heavy-duty, easy-to-operate attachment. Check Price
Titan 6' 3 Point Backhoe Attachment Best For Versatility: Titan 6′ 3 Point Backhoe Attachment Titan backhoe attachment is a versatile option for any Category 1 tractor. Check Price
Titan Backhoe Excavator With Thumb Excavator Easiest To Install: Titan Backhoe Excavator With Thumb Excavator This backhoe comes with a thumb excavator and works with hydraulics and a PTO pump. Check Price

How We Chose The Best Backhoe Attachments For Tractors

When choosing the best backhoe attachments, we started from the customer’s perspective.

We researched what people were using the backhoe attachment for, and what qualities would make the process and jobs easier.

We wanted to find an option that seemed to check all the boxes, had specs that made sense for this type of tractor attachment and was easy to control once it is connected to the tractor.

This is where we found the BHM5600 backhoe attachment. Quality is a huge thing when it comes to tractor attachments in general, and backhoe attachments are no different.

The BH5600 backhoe is made of steel, and it includes all the parts you will need to install it. 

Overall, we feel that these 5 options for backhoe attachments for tractors live up to their name. They cover versatility and controllability, and they’re easy to install and use

Best Backhoe Attachments for Tractors Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Category 1 BHM5600 3 Point Hitch

Category 1 BHM5600 3 Point Hitch

Product Ratings


Digging Force: 4,928lbs | Digging Depth: 6ft | Item Weight: 675lbs | Bucket Size: 10in | Hitch: 3-point | Pressure Requirements: 2000psi

What We Liked

  • Includes all attachments 
  • Good value
  • Lightweight
  • High digging force

What We Didn’t Like

  • On the pricier side
  • Hoses sometimes can pinch

This backhoe attachment is overall the best we could find that is extremely accessible, comes with everything you need, and is lightweight.

We loved that it is easy to put together and install, however, we found that it’s on the pricier side.

The attachment does have a few issues like downrigger hoses pinching, but we still feel it is a great option for a backhoe attachment. 

It is made of steel and has a high digging force of 4,928lbs even though it’s a lightweight attachment only weighing 675lbs, making it the perfect combination. 

We recommend this backhoe attachment for a tractor as an essential attachment to get.

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2. Best Quality: BH5600 Backhoe Excavator

BH5600 Backhoe Excavator

Product Ratings


Cylinder Digging Force: 2,046lbs |Digging Depth: 6ft | Item Weight: 554lbs | Bucket Size: 15in | Hitch: 3-point | Pressure Requirements: 2000psi

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with all attachments
  • Large bucket

What We Didn’t Like

  • On the pricier side
  • Not a high digging force

We found that this backhoe tractor attachment is a lightweight, durable option that comes with all the attachments for any usage option. It comes with a PTO pump and a giant 15” bucket.

This attachment also comes with a 1-year warranty, which we love. It does not have a huge digging force but has a 6ft digging depth, which makes up for it.

Overall, the only downside is that it is a pricier option, but it’s very durable, and worth it for the price.

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3. Best in Controllability: Titan Attachments Backhoe Excavator

Titan Attachments Backhoe Excavator

Product Ratings 


Digging Force: 2,592lbs | Digging Depth: 6ft | Item Weight: 1325lbs | Bucket Size: 12in | Hitch: 3-point | Pressure Requirements: 2230psi

What We Liked

  • Heavy Duty material 
  • Smooth controls
  • For Cat 1 and Cat 2
  • Weather resistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy attachment weight
  • Instructions can be a little confusing

This Titan backhoe tractor attachment is made with heavy-duty steel that allows for it to last longer and be durable, plus it’s weather resistant, which is important to us farmers. 

It has smooth controls, which makes it great for handling and being able to control what you are doing. 

The main downside we found to this attachment is that it’s on the heavier side.

Overall, the weight of it doesn’t affect its controllability of it, so it’s still a solid choice for anyone with a tractor. 

Curious how many different types of tractors there are on the market? Check out our article on the main varieties of tractors.

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4. Best for Versatility: Titan 6′ 3 Point Backhoe Attachment

Titan 6' 3 Point Backhoe Attachment

Product Ratings


Digging Depth: 6ft | Item Weight: 1325lbs | Bucket Size: 16in | Hitch: 3-point

What We Liked

  • Easy to control
  • Large bucket size
  • Very durable material

What We Didn’t Like

  • Instructions are hard to understand
  • Not easy to install

This Titan backhoe tractor attachment is easy to control and is made from a durable material.

The bucket size is 16” making it one of the larger ones, which is super important when it comes to getting a backhoe attachment. We thought the price was great for what we got.

The only downside is that we found the instructions to be difficult to read and follow, and it is not the easiest to install, which may cause complications.

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5. Easiest to Install: Titan Backhoe Excavator With Thumb Excavator

Titan Backhoe Excavator With Thumb Excavator

Product Ratings


Digging Depth: 7ft | Item Weight: 1435lbs | Bucket Size: 16in | Hitch: 3-point 

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Big bucket
  • 7-foot digging depth
  • Comes with a thumb excavator

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy item weight
  • Not made of the best material

The Titan backhoe is a great choice because it comes with a thumb excavator. The things we loved about this attachment are the deep 7-foot digging range and the 16-inch bucket

This backhoe is meant for Cat 1 tractors of any kind, and it works with both hydraulic and PTO pump systems, although the PTO pump is sold separately. 

The ease of installment is also a plus if you’re looking to do it yourself, but the item is heavy.

Overall, the only downside we found with this option is that the material isn’t quite as good as others. 

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest QualityBest For ControllabilityBest For VersatilityEasiest To Install
Overall Rating4.5/54.5/54.5/54/53.5/5

The Winner

Overall, we felt that this BHM5600 backhoe tractor attachment is the best choice for meeting all your needs.

It ranked great in controllability and strength when we tested it, which means that it is easy to control and very powerful. 

We also found that it’s very easy to install, and it can be done by yourself if needed.

It’s powerful, durable, easy to install, and is the best value you’ll get for a backhoe attachment for a tractor.  

How to Choose the Best Backhoe Attachment for Tractor

Consider the Specs

Looking at specs is something that everyone must do when researching the best backhoe tractor attachments.

There are many components to every backhoe attachment, and knowing what to look for is key. 

Most specs include bucket size, digging depth, width, force, the weight of the attachment, and what type of system it works with (PTO or hydraulic).

These specs will give you an idea of what you need for the job you are wanting to do. 

Read our related article, What Does PTO Tractor Mean? If you’re not sure what PTO is, this guide clears it up and covers the most important info!

Consider the Durability

Having a durable backhoe attachment is important, and making sure that it’s made of durable material will make a huge difference. And, there are options for weather-resistant attachments. 

Most of these backhoe tractor attachments are made of heavy-duty material such as steel, which makes for a very durable machine attachment.

Consider Your Tractor Type

Most backhoe attachments for tractors are made for a specific type of tractor or a tractor with certain specs.

For example, some attachments work for just Category 1 or Category 2 tractors

Paying attention to what you need for your job and tractor will help you make your decision for the best backhoe attachments for a tractor. 

Also, consider what system it runs on, such as a hydraulic or PTO pump, as some attachments are specifically for one or the other.

Check out this video on what you need to know before buying a backhoe attachment:

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at a couple of honorable mentions that made it onto our list. 

1. BH6600 3 Point Backhoe Excavator – Considered for Best Overall

The BH6600 backhoe attachment was considered for Best Overall because of its lightweight design and strong digging power that we loved.

It also comes with a substantial-sized bucket, which stands 15” wide. We also loved that it works with any Cat 1 tractor of any brand, making it extremely versatile.

In the end, we chose the BHM5600 for Best Overall, because the value was much better. 

The price is cheaper and the quality still stands up to our expectations, making it the best option for an all-around great backhoe attachment. 

2. Titan Attachments 6′ 3 Point Backhoe – Considered for Best Quality

This Titan backhoe attachment was considered for Best Quality, because of its metal design that is built to withstand a lot of work. It also comes with a rubber case with protective wire to prevent pinching. 

Although we loved how great of quality this attachment was, especially for the price, we came to the conclusion that the BH5600 attachment stole the show.

This durable design is made fully of steel and gives the impression that it can last through anything. 

3. BH7600 3 Point Backhoe – Considered For Versatility

The BH7600 backhoe attachment can work for any Cat 1 tractor of any brand, which makes it extremely versatile. It also can be used with both hydraulic and PTO pump systems. 

Although this is a very versatile option, we felt that the Titan Backhoe and Excavator attachment gave us more for the value. The versatility is almost spot on, but overall this choice gave us the best value. 


1. Is a backhoe a good investment?

A backhoe is a good investment, especially if you will be using it a lot. However, if you only need it once in a while, it might be best to rent.

2. How deep will a Kubota backhoe dig?

The answer to this question depends on what Kubota backhoe you have or are interested in.

For instance, the Kubota BH65 backhoe will dig to a depth of 6.7 feet. but the L47 can dig to 10 feet.

3. Are backhoe attachments universal?

A lot of manufacturers now design generic attachments that are universal.

However, there are some companies, like Caterpillar, that make specific to them attachments.

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