Top 5 Best Backhoe Attachment For Tractor Reviews (2021 Updated)

best backhoe attachment for tractor reviews

Backhoe is a versatile attachment for tractors and other landscaping equipment. However, choosing a high-quality backhoe is not. In case you are looking for the best backhoe attachment for tractor, this article will provide you with the most insightful reviews on top-rated backhoe models for your tractor.

Please notice that the correct backhoe model will depend on the type of job that you want to achieve. To get the wise investment, you should understand what you are planning to do with this tractor attachment.

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5 Best Backhoe Attachment For Tractor on the Market

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
7' ft 3 Point Titan Backhoe with Thumb4.9See latest Price
Titan 6' ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb4.8See latest Price
Samson Machinery BH5600 Backhoe Excavator Tractor Attachment4.8See latest Price
MCP-Distributions Category 1 BHM5600 3pt Hitch PTO Hydraulic Farm Backhoe4.8See latest Price
Titan Backhoe Excavator Attachments for Tractors and Loaders, 3 Point (Cat 1 or 2)4.7See latest Price

In-depth 5 Top Rated Backhoe Attachment For Tractor Reviews

#1. Titan 7′ ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb – Best Backhoe Attachment for 40 HP Tractor

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Titan 7’ ft 3-point is the best backhoe attachment for 40 HP tractor. In other words, this backhoe fits all Category 1 tractors.

To use this backhoe, your tractor has to have a horsepower of 30 hp or more. If you are using a Category 2 tractor and want to purchase this backhoe to use at home, please contact Titan’s Customer Support Team for assistance.

With a maximum digging depth of 84 inches (or 7 feet), this small-sized backhoe can handle light-duty agricultural work. The hydraulic pump is included in the pack so you don’t need to spend an extra fee for a separate one.

With a bucket width of 16 inches, this backhoe can handle 2.5 cubic feet of material, with a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

As advertised from Titan Attachments, this is a 3-point backhoe. Thus, compared to a shovel, they are more powerful in repairing tile or digging a hole with the size down to 5 inches or so.

#2. Titan 6′ ft 3 Point Backhoe with Thumb – Best 3 Point Hitch Backhoe

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If you own a Kubota tractor, why not get this Kubota backhoe attachment? You can also use this backhoe with all Category 1 tractors of John Deere.

Many workers chose this tractor attachment as their favorite item for agriculture, construction, landscaping jobs. This multi-purpose attachment is your great pal for a spring clean, removing hard snow out of the road, breaking up asphalt, and so on.

The reason why I recommend this best backhoe tractor model of Titan to you is because of its superior sturdiness.

First, it is made of 100% heavy-duty steel with powder coating, which assures a long-lasting performance and a look without rusting or oxidation. Therefore, you can still work on rainy days or leave it outside in all harsh weather conditions.

Second, its installation is quick and hassle-free. A friend of mine who has no experience in tractors took half an hour to assemble this backhoe to his tractor.

Also, this backhoe can work with both hydraulic and standard PTO pumps. The hydraulic thumb is included in the package. For easier installation with hydraulic, you can purchase the bypass hose kit of this brand.

If you choose a PTO pump for assembly, make sure that you already have a PTO pump at home, otherwise, you should get a new one.

#3. Samson Machinery BH5600 Backhoe – Best Backhoe Attachment for Compact Tractor

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Samson Machinery BH5600 is the best backhoe attachment for compact tractor with horsepower from 18HP to 25HP.

What differentiates this backhoe from its competitors is that it is designed with horizontal stabilizers. These stabilizers maintain a great balance over the side.

Additionally, they are also helpful if you want the tractor machine to stand firmly when digging a hole or lifting materials. To maintain the greatest performance and avoid shaking, you should spread the stabilizers to their full width, and the bucket is completely placed on the ground.

If the ground is too soft, you should also use blocks and cribbing. Otherwise, the stabilizers will sink in.

Its standard Swing Arc of 180 degrees allows users to perform digging and lifting jobs with ease without wasting time on repositioning. This backhoe goes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, and also with dedicated supporting quality (as reported by previous buyers).

#4. MCP -Distributions BHM5600 3 Point Hitch – Best Backhoe for Farm Tractor

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MCP BHM5600 is a great option when it comes to a high-quality backhoe for farm tractor. Just like farm tractors, this 3 pt backhoe with pump is widely used in various fields from gardening to farming.

Made of solid stainless steel and a weather-resistant coating, this backhoe can maintain a great look over the next few years. Its strong sub-frame handles all the hard forces caused by digging, lifting, and transporting.

Like the Samsung BH5600, this MCP BHM5600 also features a Stabilizer Spread, which ensures balance when working.

#5. Titan 3pt Backhoe Attachment for Tractors and Loaders – Best Backhoe Attachment for John Deere Tractor

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Owning a John Deere tractor but still haven’t found your desired backhoe yet? This product from Titan is considered the best backhoe attachment for a John Deere tractor. This backhoe works well with tractors CAT 1 and CAT 2.

Besides its heavy-duty construction, this tractor backhoe offers you a smooth operation. For example, thanks to the curved boom, you can elevate materials with ease. Since the boom does not touch the excavator’s edge, your backhoe is protected.

Additionally, dirt or other small objects cannot fall back to the hole, which reduces your digging effort and time. The boom, in combination with dual swing cylinders, hydraulic valves, gives you a stress-free controlling experience.

The only pitfall of this backhoe is that there is no manual in the package. Still, with its impressive user-experience controlling system, I think you will need a short time to master this tractor attachment.

My top pick

For years, the backhoes have been replaced with mini excavators and skid steers. However, due to its versatility, it is still widely used today.

As with other essential attachments, choosing the best backhoe attachment for tractor can help you boost your working performance. If you don’t have much time for exploring all these best-selling items, go for the first Titan 7’ ft 3 point backhoe with thumb as the best choice of all time. This backhoe item on all online stores thanks to its superior quality, durability, easy controlling ability, and affordable price tag.

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