Top 10 Best Ride On Tractor For Kids Reviews (2021 Updated)

best ride on tractor for kids reviews

Toys are essential to the overall development of our little ones. Some can spark their creativity, while others, like a ride-on tractor, can help to improve your kids’ physical dexterity. Some best toy tractors can also make a perfect birthday or Xmas present.

So, which is the best ride on tractor for kids? I’ve done careful research to select 10 brilliant models that any kids would love, and let me share them with you in this review.

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Top 10 Best Ride On Tractor For Kids 2021

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Costzon Ride-on Tractor With Parental Remote Control4.9See latest Price
TOBBI 12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor4.8See latest Price
Sopbost 12V Ride on Motorized Tractor4.8See latest Price
TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor4.8See latest Price
TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor And Wagon4.7See latest Price
TOMY John Deere Sit 'N Scoot4.7See latest Price
Little Tikes Ride-On Tractor4.7See latest Price
Costzon Ride on Tractor with Detachable Trailer4.6See latest Price
Rolly toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor4.6See latest Price
Costzon 12V Battery Powered Kids Ride On Excavator4.5See latest Price

Quick Reviews of 10 Top Rated Ride-On Tractor For Kids

#1 Costzon Ride-on Tractor – Best Electric Ride-on Tractor With Parental Remote Control

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This ride-on electric tractor comes with a big trailer, allowing your kid to transport his snacks, toys, a few books, among other things. Made for kids of 3+, it is also equipped with the LED headlights, adding more fun to their nighttime rides.

Your little one will love the horn’s honking sounds. And the music inputted via the USB port with adjustable volume will bring him lots of fun.

As a ride-on tractor with parental remote control, it allows you to drive your kid around until he can drive it himself.

The tractor will enable your children to get in easily with open legroom. At the same time, its two adjustable speed settings give it versatility and flexibility in low and high-speed control.

Stability and sturdiness are what make it stand out from others. Equipped with low gravity and four large wheels, this ride-on can effortlessly pull your kid through tall grass in the yard, pavements, and slight hills with ease when at its top speed.

Its battery can last for many days of playtime, making it one of the best riding tractors for toddlers.

#2 TOBBI 12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor – Best Battery-powered Tractors

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Most battery-powered tractors are speedier than electricity-powered models, so if you think that your kid can quickly get the hang of this TOBBI toy tractor, then it’s quite a decent choice.

While its price is almost similar to the METAKOO tractor reviewed above, it has a few notable added-on features.

With a big trailer, it makes transporting toys and books easy. Your child would also have extra fun driving as its horn produces funny sounds. Besides, the tractor’s built-in audio device allows you to stream the music from your electronic devices for more enjoyable rides.

Built from premium materials and operated by two powerful motors, it can go up and down hills of different steepness, through mud puddles, over rocks and lumps with little effort. Also, its two premium rechargeable batteries let your little one enjoy his rides for a long time.

Last but not least, this ride-on tractor battery-powered is available in a wide range of colors for both little guys and gals.

#3 Sopbost 12V Ride on Motorized Tractor

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Why not turn your children’s playground into a mini-concert with this kid’s motorized tractor?

It features the Bluetooth function so your little one will have a great time cruising around your property with his favorite music on. Better yet, with 7-LED headlights, your kid can enjoy his rides to the fullest, no matter if it’s during daylight or nighttime.

Its motors are strong enough to cross almost any terrain. That being said, climbing the hills, crossing grass, and hauling is always a safe and enjoyable experience.

The remote control is super helpful for longer rides. Besides, when your kid gets stuck in corners, this little device becomes extremely helpful in helping him get back up on the ride in no time.

#4 TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor

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With easy-to-reach pedals, this outdoor tractor is one of the best John Deere riding tractors for kids. The tractor’s rugged ride-on can inspire all sorts of different ideas for imaginative play, from transporting snacks from the kitchen to the backyard to attaching a wagon on its back to carry baby dolls or trucks.

Its steering wheel makes your kids’ rides on various surfaces much more enjoyable, while the adjustable seat is perfectly designed so you can keep the pedals at a comfortable distance for your kid.

More importantly, it allows parents to adjust the position as their kids grow, so the tractor can be their kids’ toy for years to come.

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#5 TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor And Wagon

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With a solid build in iconic John Deere colors together with an accessory wagon, kids would love this tractor as they can haul stuff around with great fun.

The wagon can spark the love of creative outdoor play in your little kids. No matter where you live, urban or countryside, encouraging your little one to engage in more physical activities is no longer a challenge.

This well-constructed pedal tractor and wagon allows the enjoyable harvest of fruits in your small farms or cleanup of yellow leaves for organic mulch. For city dwellers, you can see your kids throw in stuffed toys in their wagon for weekend rides in the parks.

#6 TOMY John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot

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Designed for younger kids, this tractor doesn’t come with a motor or pedals but can be scooted along or pushed around on grass, carpet, wood floors, or even on the pavements.

Kids would love to beep the horn that makes cute “Old McDonald” sounds. A little compartment opens up right under the seat, where four included farm animals are kept. As each animal makes its sound when put into this container, they will become your kid’s best friends.

The yellow handle is removable when pulled on, making it easy for storage. When in use, it ensures your kid won’t fall over.

The Sit ‘N Scoot certainly has a well-thought-out design, making it one of the best tractor toys for kids of 10 to 12 months or above.

#7 Little Tikes Ride-On Tractor

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Bring some giggles to your little one with this eco-friendly tractor. Your kid can easily and safely scoot it around thanks to the sturdy build of large wheels and comfortable seats. A great toy to help your little guy or gal advance his/her gross motor skills.

Made from recycled materials, it leaves minimal impact on the environment. What’s better than helping your child improve their physical development with a well-built and environmentally-friendly tractor?

#8 Costzon Ride on Tractor with Detachable Trailer

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This children’s ride on tractor from Costzon comes with a control, which means your little prince/princess can drive it backward, forward, and steer.

With a removable trailer, the tractor’s versatility is greatly enhanced. It can be easily attached to transport toys around or detached to drive more freely.

Built from 6 wear-resistant and anti-slip wheels, this cute tractor provides excellent balance and steadiness to drive on almost any terrain, making it one of the best-motorized tractors for kids.

It’s a perfect gift to surprise your little one during holidays, birthdays, or other festive seasons.

#9 Rolly toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor

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With the backhoe digger and front loader, this pedal tractor is undoubtedly a really entertaining toy to various kids at different ages. Your little kid would absolutely enjoy driving it around to dig and scoop up loads of stuff, be it sand or snow.

Made in Germany, which means you can be ensured that this tractor is built with unsurpassed engineering technology. Indeed, its quality is impressive and can hold up to serious playing time.

What is more important, it comes in a substantial size and adjustable seat, so you can be confident that it will fit your kid for at least a few years. Moreover, its roll bar provides added protection to prevent tipping when driving through rugged terrains.

#10 Costzon 12V Battery Powered Kids Ride On Excavator

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This ride-on excavator is a blast to play for any kids of around 2 to 7 years old, as it looks like a real deal with simulated decoration and fully functional features, but only in a miniature form.

The front loader has a capacious shovel that can move flexibly to scoop up sand and snow. Your toddlers will have hours of entertainment in the backyard, on the asphalt driveway, and also on unsteady grassy terrain.

With two speed settings, it offers optimal flexibility. The low one would be ideal for the first couple of times when your kid is getting used to riding it, while the higher speed is quite fast, which means kids should drive this tractor under parents’ supervision until they ultimately get the hang of it.

Constructed from sturdy and durable material, its body is well-made to withstand a slight collision. Also, the tires have great traction, so driving in the snow or steep hill wouldn’t be an issue.

With a long battery life of up to 1.5 hours, your kid can have uninterrupted playing time and endless fun once it’s fully charged.

Benefits Of Kid Riding Tractors

There are three benefits of gifting your kids a ride-on tractor.

  • First, they can learn about physical labor when imitating their parents doing daily farm jobs.
  • Second, these tractors, especially pedal-powered ones, encourage kids to do more physical activities and exercises.
  • Third, through enjoyable playtime with this special toy, kids will be more independent and confident at school or in daily social communication.

How To Choose The Best Children’s Ride On Tractor?

Since there are many products available on the market, you might have some difficulties picking up the right one for your beloved kids as first-time parents. In this section, I have included some important factors to help you make a better decision.


The tractor’s material determines its sturdiness, durability, and its performance under many conditions.

You should pick up a tractor that is made of polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, or steel. These three tractor’s materials can stay in shape and quality for an extended period. They also deliver a safe driving experience for your destructive kids.

Apart from the materials, make sure that all of their tractor’s surfaces are waterproof for easy cleaning and maintaining its appearance and painting for years of use.


There are two power options for a ride-on tractor for kids – the battery-powered one and the pedal-powered one.

  • Battery-powered tractor: The tractor’s engine relies on a power source from a rechargeable battery to run. This tractor type often comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger to guarantee long play periods for kids. Tractors with a 6V motor and a speed of 2.25 mph are the most common ones.
  • Pedal-powered tractor: The tractor’s engine relies on continuous pedaling.

The power option depends on how active you want your kids to be. If you want your kids to be more active, you should go for the pedal-powered tractors.


While 2.25 and 2.5 mph are the most common speed markings of a riding-on tractor for kids and toddlers, items with higher markings are included. You should purchase a tractor with various speed options like fast, slow, and reverse since it will bring more fun for your kids.

Speed mechanism is another safety factor you should consider when choosing a tractor, especially if this toy vehicle is for your younger kids who are just starting to ride.

For example, you should choose tractors with lockdown gear to limit movement to a specific speed option. Besides, tractors with an automatic braking system will slow down shortly after your kid removes his leg from the pedal.

Weight capacity

While the product weight equals the total weight of the tractor, the weight capacity (or called live weight, maximum load) indicates the maximum amount of weight it can cover.

You should get a tractor with a higher load capacity (or weight capacity) than your kid’s weight.

Control Mechanisms

You should also check the tractor’s control mechanisms before making the final decision. A ride-on tractor for kids must have a steering wheel to make it move. In addition, some other tractor components, like the loader, bucket, or excavator, are controlled by levers.

Add-in features

Apart from the above crucial factors, you should look at its extra features when buying a tractor for your kids.

For example, parents prefer tractors with bigger wheels because they are safer and more comfortable to control than those with smaller wheels. A big-wheeled one enables kids to glide across many surfaces with ease.

Similarly, tractors with adjustable seats receive more attention from parents than those with fixed seats. As kids grow, the seat can still be well-adapted to them.

Extra safety features like safety belts, helmets, safety latches, etc., helps reduce the risks of hurt or injuries. Thus, they should be included on your checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast can a riding tractor go?

The maximum speed of a riding tractor can be limited to 2.5 miles per hour since most tractor models come with parental control to manage the kid’s riding speed.

2. Can my toddler use a ride-on tractor?

Toddlers that are one year old are not recommended to use a ride-on tractor. They can start playing a ride-on or a pedal-powered tractor from 2.5 to 3 years old.

Thus, instead of a ride-on tractor, they can use a push-along tractor.

3. How can kids power a ride-on tractor?

There are 3 power options for this farm toy – the push-along, the pedal-powered, and the battery-powered one.

The push-along option is powered by parents and often used for toddlers from 1 year old. The pedal-powered option encourages kids’ physical activities since they have to turn the pedals to make it move continuously. And the third option is the battery-powered tractors, which use a rechargeable battery for their movements.

Final words, 

I hope you’ve got some useful insights from this review of the best ride on tractor for kids. All ten reviewed models above were carefully chosen to ensure your kids will have safe rides.

Since each kid has his/her own preferences, the right tractor for your little one would be your own decision, but it should be age-appropriate and promote attention span.

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