Top 7 Best Post Hole Digger & Auger Reviews (2022 Updated)

best post hole digger reviews

A post hole digger is an indispensable piece of landscaping equipment. It helps to dig holes in the ground for fence building, signposts, or plant saplings.

The best post hole digger can make many holes at the proper depth easier and quicker. Whether you choose a powered or manual solution, these 7 top-rated post hole diggers & augers will enable you to dig directly into the ground while saving your time and putting less stress on your body.

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Top 7 Best Post Hole Digger on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
ECO LLC 52cc 2.4HPBest Gas Post Hole DiggerSee latest Price
XtremepowerUS 1500WBest Electric Post Hole DiggerSee latest Price
Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger with Wood HandleSeymour AUA2 Adjustable AugerBest Manual Post Hole DiggerSee latest Price
AMES 2701600 Post Hole DiggerGood for Soft to Medium-hard SoilSee latest Price
Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole DiggerPerfect For Digging Holes for Mailboxes, Fence postsSee latest Price
Roughneck 1080 mm Auger Post Hole DiggerBest For Most Soil TypesSee latest Price
Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3PTBest Post Hole Digger for TractorSee latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated Post Hole Diggers & Augers Reviews

#1 ECO LLC 52cc 2.4HP – Best Gas Post Hole Digger

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ECO LLC gas-powered model is the best post hole digger for clay and rocky soil. This heavy-duty digger is designed to deliver maximum performance on all hole digging tasks.

This ECO LLC post hole digger features a powerhead of 2.4HP and a gasoline engine of 40cc. These allow it to handle all toughest soil types, from clay soil, frozen soil, hard soil, to super hard soil.

With a 6- and 10-inch auger, this machine can deal with light-duty projects like setting mailboxes and metal posts and more challenging 4×6 footings and posts. You can use the extension in this kit to dig holes to a maximum depth of 55 inches.

If you often have to dig fence holes far from electricity sources, this gas-powered engine is far more convenient than corded models. There is no more wire tangle or accidental unplugging. This unit also has a built-in 1.2-liter gas tank, so that you can finish your challenging tasks without gas refilling.

However, bear in mind that this post hole digger weighs 50 pounds. It is not a compact and lightweight model that you can bring with you to all worksites. Besides, you will need considerable strength to operate it effectively.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful 2-cycle engine for most challenging jobs
  • Gas-powered with a big gas tank (1.2 liters) for extended work
  • Easy control with 2 wide handles with a grip-mounted throttle
  • Too heavy

#2 XtremepowerUS 1500W – Best Electric Post Hole Digger

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An electric-powered post-hole digger like this XtremepowerUS 1500W provides a perfect balance between performance and compactness. Weighing 29 pounds, this portable machine can deal with almost all common unearthing projects on your property.

This electric post hole digger has a 1500-watt engine motor with a power of 10.9 amps. It can deliver a maximum rotating speed of 2,700RPM and a maximum torque of 90-foot pounds without overheating.

The 6-inch auger drill bit is made of premium manganese steel to withstand impact, extrusion, and other types of challenging working conditions.

You can confidently deal with various lawn applications like planting trees, installing fence posts with this sturdy XtremepowerUS machine on hand. Its ergonomic handles give you the freedom to operate the machine with one hand.

Since it goes with anti-vibration and anti-skid design, you will not have to experience hand and back pain at the end of your working day.

Due to its powerful motor and fast rotation speed, you need to wear protection eyeglasses when using it to prevent any dirt and debris from getting in your eyes. You also need to assemble an extension cord to this machine if you work far from the electrical source.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight, easy to control
  • 1500W engine for almost all hole digging jobs
  • Ergonomic handles with anti-vibration and anti-skid
  • Safety lock
  • Need eye protection method
  • Require extension cord to work far from the electrical source

#3 Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger – Best Manual Post Hole Digger

Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger with Wood Handle

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Have you been seeking a manual post-hole digger that can serve you for decades? If yes, the Seymour AUA2 would be your most ideal choice for setting holes with small diameters, such as setting poles, fence posts, and vertical supports.

This Seymour post hole digger is easy to use by a single person. You need to dig it clockwise deeply into the soil to create a hole. When reaching through rocky spots, you can turn it counterclockwise to loosen the rock. This manual driller can extract large portions of the soil out of the hole like a standard clamshell digger.

Since it is entirely adjustable, you can create a hole at a diameter of six, seven, or eight inches, thanks to the T-handle and the steel blades. The hard maple handle is sturdy because it is welded with a metal shaft on the top.

The two heavy-gauge steel blades offer you a maximum hole depth of 40 to 42 inches. Compared to an old-schooled clamshell post hole digger, the Seymour AUA2 takes approximately 10 minutes to dig a hole of 2 feet deep. The holes are perfectly round, which can’t be achieved by a clamshell post hole digger.

However, this manual tool shouldn’t be used for big projects like reassembling the whole fencing system. The effort required to dig a massive number of holes might wear out your arms, hands, and back.

Pros Cons
  • Simple and sturdy construction
  • Easy to use without a user manual
  • Full diameter customization
  • Not appropriate for big projects

#4 AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger

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Digging holes manually isn’t an easy job, but it’s the most convenient way to set a small number of holes. The AMES 2701600 is a traditional post hole digger that has a 6.25-inch spread at the pounds. This tool can dig 4 x 4 holes for fence posts without a bulky machine.

Even if you have a large farm, AMES 2701600 is still a must-have tool. This portable tool can quickly get the job done for soft to medium-hard soil or soil that is not too muggy.

You can handle it without help since it weighs only 8.85 pounds. It also has a hardwood handle of 48 inches long, providing an overall length of 58 inches.

There are also measurement markings on the handle for calculating the depth of the hole while digging without using a tape measure.

However, if you want to dig deep holes, this AMES manual tool takes much effort to dig deeper and deeper, resulting in too much fatigue for your back. You should choose the #1 ECO LLC as a better alternative.

Pros Cons
  • Compact and portable
  • Oversized cushion grip for extra comfort
  • Measurement markings to quickly check the hole’s depth
  • Not suitable for digging deep holes

#5 Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

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The Fiskars 60-inch posthole digger is perfect for digging deep holes for mailboxes, fence posts, and more. The offset handles allow you to dig a hole up to 12 inches deeper than old-schooled models. The blades can spread out to a diameter of 6 ½ inches.

The build quality of this Fiskars post hole digger is far more durable than the above AMES 2701600. It features 16-gauge steel shafts and 14-gauge sharp steel blades.

This heavy-duty construction can robustly perform when dealing with hard rocky soil or other tough terrains. You can also use it for a longer time than wood-handled tools. It won’t flex like fiberglass ones.

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy penetrate hard soil
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Require a lot of strength when digging rocky soil

#6 Roughneck 1080 mm Auger Post Hole Digger

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Roughneck 1080mm is another best post hole auger for most soil types. It is a perfect tool to dig holes for round and square posts. This auger can create a hole of 5-inch in diameter.

The spiral-shaped blades of this Roughneck auger allow it to easily penetrate the soil. You can adjust the holes’ depth by twisting the T-shaped handle clockwise or counterclockwise.

Although the manufacturer said that this auger could be used for many soil types, it takes too much effort to set holes on clay soil or rocky soil. And since the Roughneck 1080mm is a manual digger, it is not advisable to dig an enormous number of holes.

Pros Cons
  • Tubular T-shape handle for easy control
  • Heavy-gauge steel blades for added strength
  • Hard to dig through clay or rocky soil
  • Not recommended for digging many holes

#7 Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3PT – Best Post Hole Digger for Tractor

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Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 is the most reliable tractor post hole digger on the market. You can purchase the digger only, or get a digger combo with an auger ranging from 6-inch, 9-inch, to 12-inch, depending on the hole diameter.

Although this 3-point digger costs more than cheaper models, it delivers consistent performance for years with low maintenance effort. This digger has a rugged steel construction. Thus, it is compatible with compact, sub-compact, and CAT 0 tractors.

The boom has a superior strength of 2-7/8-inch tubing. It also provides 4 adjustment holes and a manual canister.

Getting this post-hole digger also means that you own a complete hardware kit to fix common issues with your digger. You can replace the edges when they are worn off without repurchasing the whole device.

Another noticeable highlight of the Pole-Start 400 digger is that it provides extra comfort for the operator. The PTO driveline with safety shields letting you work with rotating shafts for hours with no hand or back pains.

Pros Cons
  • Work with compact, sub-compact, CAT 0 tractors
  • PTO driveline with shields for extra safety
  • Full hardware kit
  • 1-year warranty
  • Must work with a powerful tractor

My Top Pick 

Owning a post hole digger means the chance to make holes anywhere in your property without wasting too much labor effort.

In my opinion, ECO LLC 52cc is the best post hole digger overall for all landscaping projects. However, if you want to use a hole digger for your tractor, please check the Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 for extra depth with an auger combo.

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