Top 6 Best Farm Jacks Reviews (2021 Updated)

best farm jack reviews

A farm jack is a lifesaver for farmers and home improvement enthusiasts. It’s used for lowering, lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects at any height level with ease.

Therefore, you should never forget to bring the best farm jack with you when leaving home and store another one in your garage for emergency cases, like fixing a flat car tire on the run.

This article will introduce you to the 6 best-rated farm jacks that you can use for your agricultural or construction work.

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Top 6 Best Farm Jacks on the Market 2021

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Hi-Lift XT485 48"Best Farm Jack For Pulling StumpsSee latest Price
Torin TRA8485 48"Best Off-Road Farm JackSee latest Price
Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48"Best Farm Jack For JeepSee latest Price
Arcan ALFJ48 Heavy-Duty Farm JackThe CheapestSee latest Price
Vestil HDFJ-48 Heavy Duty Ratchet Farm JackBest PriceSee latest Price
BIG RED TR6502B Torin 60" Utility Farm JackBest For Lifting RangeSee latest Price

In-depth 6 Top Rated Farm Jack Reviews

1. Hi-Lift XT485 48″ – Best Farm Jack For Pulling Stumps


  • Load capacity: 7,000lb
  • Size: 48 inches

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Hi-Lift XT484 is the best farm jack for the most demanding lifting jobs on farms, construction sites, or on your property. You can use it to pull old tree stumps out of your farm or lift a 2-ton car to check wheels with little effort.

The very sturdy construction of this Hi-Lift farm jack contributes to its heavyweight. This 48-inch jack consists of hard-wearing steel with four stamped steel components that can lift, lower, push, or pull heavy objects of all height levels.

Moreover, it comes with a shear bolt to prevent it from exceeding its maximum weight capacity.

Why do I call this jack my best tree stump removal?

Because it has a rated load capacity of 5,000 pounds and a tested load capacity of 7,000 pounds, making it one of the most potent options on the market. However, it’s still very lightweight and compact (only 32 pounds), so you can carry it with you on the go for emergency cases.

Pros Cons
  • Come from a reliable brand in the industry
  • High load capacity (7,000 pounds)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Might be easy to rust if being used in wet weather

2. Torin TRA8485 48″ – Best Off-Road Farm Jack


  • Load capacity: 6,000lb
  • Size: 48 inches

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It’s bothersome to get caught in the middle of your off-road riding. This utility Torin farm jack will save you from all possible accidents on the go, like spinning wheels or popped car tires. Coming from Torin – a reliable mechanical tool provider, this farm jack ensures to serve all your farm or off-road emergency demands.

Torin TRA8485 is a versatile equipment for lifting, pulling, spreading, or clamping applications. Even though it’s a typical 48-inch jack, you can modify its height from 5.12 inches to 40 inches for many purposes.

This Torin farm jack can lift heavy objects of up to 3 tons, thanks to its 6,000-pound load capacity. But the most noticeable point of this mechanical tool is that you can lift things vertically or horizontally.

Since this farm jack has a powder-coat finish and zinc-plated hardware, it can withstand all harsh weather conditions with no rust or damage. It also meets ASME B30 standards for its extreme safety for users.

When purchasing this item, you will get a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. So if you have any issues while using the Torin Big Red, you can directly contact the technical support of Torin for assistance.

Pros Cons
  • Adjustable height from 5.12 to 40 inches
  • Load capacity of 6,000 pounds
  • Multi-directional lifting
  • Meet ASME B30 standards
  • Quite hard to release the mechanism

3. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ – Best Farm Jack For Jeep


  • Load capacity: 7,000lb
  • Size: 48 inches

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In farm jack production, all-cast jacks are the most expensive but powerful ones. All components of a best-rated all-cast jack like Hi-Lift HL485 are made of high-class cast iron. Hence, it can handle all heavy-lifting tasks with a rated load capacity of 4,660 pounds and a tested load capacity of 7,000 pounds.

For your safety, Hi-Lift HL485, Hi-Lift XT485, and all farm jacks of this 100-year-old mechanical brand come with a shear bolt to prevent the jack from lifting any object greater than 7,000 pounds.

Due to its high weight capacity, you can use this high lift farm jack to fix your Jeep. So, which Hi-Lift jack sizes do you need for your Jeep?

It depends on how high you decide to lift. For example, if you often do 2-3-inch lifts on your Jeep, you can use this 48-inch jack. If you get bigger tires or do higher lifts for repairing, you should pick up a jack with a height of 60 inches.

Pros Cons
  • All-cast construction for extreme performance and durability
  • Lift range from 5 ¼ to 34 ½ inches
  • Can be used to lift Jeeps
  • Expensive

4. Arcan ALFJ48 Heavy-Duty Farm Jack – The Cheapest


  • Load capacity: 7,000lb
  • Size: 48 inches

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Arcan ALFJ48 is an ideal choice when it comes to pulling, spreading, clamping, or lifting farm tractors and other four-wheeled vehicles. This farm jack can lift vehicles with a maximum weight of 3 tons (or 6,600 pounds).

This jack is made from high-grade steel construction with powder-coating for supreme performance and durability in all kinds of weather. It has a lifting arm to adjust the height from 4.9 inches to 40.1 inches.

Its ratcheting mechanism helps you lock the jack in a predefined height with no slipping.

There are some minor drawbacks to this farm jack. First, the lock slips quickly, so you will have to waste more time to keep it at the right height. Second, the base might be slippery, especially if you’re working on dirt or a muddy surface.

Pros Cons
  • Steel construction
  • Anti-rust powder coating
  • Anti-slip ratcheting design
  • The lock often slips
  • Slippery base when working on wet surfaces

5. Vestil HDFJ-48 Heavy Duty Ratchet Farm Jack – Best Price


  • Load capacity: 7,000lb
  • Size: 48 inches

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While hydraulic jacks are easy to use and space-saving, they have some disadvantages. First, they can overheat quickly or lift objects slowly. Second, the hydraulic oil in jacks can cause water and soil pollution.

A hydraulic-free farm jack with full lever operation like Vestil HDFJ-48 is a heavy-duty choice that requires less maintenance than hydraulic ones.

This farm jack has a massive load capacity of 7,000 pounds and is made of cast iron. Hence, you can use it for lifting tractors, four-wheeled drive vehicles, and tensioning wire fences on your farm.

You can also use it to remove heavy objects like bulky old tree stumps, posts, poles on your property. It has a reinforced lift arm that boosts its strength, torsion control, chassis, and durability.

This Vestil farm jack has a height of 48.25 inches and can lift objects to a maximum height of 43.5 inches.

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy cast-iron construction
  • Massive load capacity of 7,000 pounds
  • No specific complaints

6. BIG RED TR6502B Torin 60″ Utility Farm Jack – Best For Lifting Range


  • Load capacity: 6,000lb
  • Size: 60 inches

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If your vehicle has big tires or needs to lift objects higher, this Big Red farm jack with a maximum load capacity of 60 inches won’t disappoint you. It can lift heavy objects of 6,000 pounds from 5.12 inches to 51.77 inches with little effort.

Depending on your work requirements, you can choose to do it horizontally or vertically.

Unlike cheap jacks with a small slippery base, this utility farm jack has a broad base to stand stably even on rainy days or muddy terrains. Therefore, it can act as your handy life-saving tool for off-road riding on rough terrains.

Not only heavy-duty, but this farm jack also meets the ASME.B30.1 safety standards for protecting users from possible injuries. The rubberized grip on the handle helps you control your lifting force easily and comfortably.

Additionally, its fast-lifting mechanism ensures a safe and quick lifting result.

Pros Cons
  • Horizontal/vertical lifting options
  • 6000lb load capacity
  • Broad base for added stability
  • Meet ASME.B30.1 safety standards
  • Not as heavy-duty as advertised
  • Slightly pricey

My Top Pick

High lift farm jacks are simple but versatile tools for farming and recovery operations. All the above farm jacks that I have compiled in this article are high quality and receive many positive reviews from previous buyers.

The best farm jack that I have used for more than 5 years is the Hi-Lift XT485. It’s a compact but sturdy farm jack that can assist you in fixing whatever farm vehicle you throw at it. However, this jack is easy to rust, so you should store it in a dry place when not in use.

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