20+ Ideas of the Best Gift for Chicken Lovers & Chicken Farmers

Are you looking for the best gifts for chicken lovers or chicken farmers? Don’t leave this site, you probably won’t want to miss some of our exciting ideas right below. Scroll down to find out!

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20+ Ideas of the Best Gifts for Chicken Lovers

1. Chicken bedding set

Any chicken lover would love to have at least one chicken bedding set. They vary greatly in design so feel free to go with all kinds of creativity and style.

A huge chicken printed on a blanket, with chicken pillows or even an all-yellow-and-white bedding set can be fun and decorative, too.

Anatomy of a Chicken Bedding Set

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2. Chicken hooded blanket

A chicken hooded blanket might be an absolutely surprising Christmas gift for chicken farmers. Your farmer can use it exactly like a normal blanket or “wear” it and wrap it around his body. This will be perfect for a fun party with friends or a lazy night on a couch.

Colorful Hen and Rooster Chicken Hooded Blanket

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3. Chicken T-shirt, Hoodie

Chicken hoodies and T-shirt are easy to buy, easy to wear, and most importantly, are unlimitedly creative. You can have chicken pictures or interesting messages printed on the shirt and turn it into an excellent gift for any chicken fancier.

Different Breeds of Chickens 3D Full Print Hoodie

4. Chicken boots

Who said boots can only have one solid color with no decoration on them? You can have boots or shoes with chickens printed all over.

Besides, for these products, you don’t have to compromise the quality at all for the look. Send these to your chicken-obsessed friend and we bet it will make their day!

5. Chicken socks

You can’t stop laughing looking at these pairs of chicken socks, let alone your friend. They are long socks decorated with animated chickens. Or you can have the chicken-leg socks underneath if you want to take the humor to the extreme.

Get these funny chicken gifts as soon as possible before the chicken lovers buy these for themselves.

6. Chicken necklace

If you are thinking of jewelry as a chicken-themed gift, this gorgeous necklace with a sophisticated-designed hen is the winner.

Wait! Your friend is a huge fan of chicken wings? Give her a whole fried wing on a necklace! Isn’t it a cool gift for chicken wing lovers?

7. Egg Skelter

Any chicken farmer will have a lot of eggs in their kitchen, so keeping track of them might be a tricky task. An egg skelter is an effective tool in this case.

Unlike an egg box, which can only store eggs, a skelter has all eggs lining in order from the oldest to the newest. It is spiral, so it won’t take much space in the kitchen. What a practical gift!

8. Chicken mug

From a blanket, T-shirt, boots, and shoes, to now a chicken coffee mug. Chicken printed objects can always put a smile on your farmer friend. They are also pretty easy to make and customize.

You can either buy it online, at stores, or DIY it by having a clean white mug printed. Who doesn’t love a DIY gift?

9. Chicken measuring spoon set

Any chicken farmer who loves to bake will be so thrilled to receive these chicken measuring spoons. The full set has 4 spoons that any baker needs and a chicken holder. This quirky chicken gift is unbearably cute, adding attractive charm to her kitchen.

10. Wine bottle holder

This wine bottle holder is artistic and beautifully made. It features a chicken laying up-side-down, in a perfect shape to hold a bottle right on its legs and mouth. It looks good on its own and next to other sculptures, nicely decorating your kitchen.

11. Chicken calendar

More ideas to bring more excitement to day-to-day, normal objects around the house. Like a chicken calendar, another special gift for pet chicken lovers! Either a calendar with real chicken pictures or one with artful drawings will be a delightful decoration of any farmer’s house.

12. Tin sign/Wooden sign

The tin sign is a classic, vintage piece of decoration any farmer should have. Wooden signs are the same deal, adding more excitement to both your kitchen, farm, or even inside the chicken coop. They just look good anywhere, don’t they?

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13. Windchime

A wind chime with its beautiful melodies is so relaxing and therapeutic. It just suits the scene of a farm perfectly.

A chicken wind chime can do 2 amazing things through only one gift. First, bring a peaceful, harmonious melody to your friend’s garden (or kitchen with this kitchen utensil & chicken wind chime). Second, appreciate his chicken-loving side.

14. Rooster doorbell

You may question who uses a doorbell these days. But other than its actual function, a doorbell is a charming decoration for a house’s front door.

This metal rooster doorbell, for instance, will bring a rusted, vintage look to a farmer’s house, not to mention they also honor poultrymen, right in their front door!

15. Garden stakes

Isn’t it exciting looking at these chicken garden stakes in the garden? The roosters are all carefully made and uniquely different. Your farmer can also use these stakes for small vines to climb on.

16. Metal Sculpture

How about a stunning, impressive ornament for your farmer friend’s living room? Consider this metal rooster sculpture. It is exquisitely made and painted by hand, resembling the perfect posture of a standing-up rooster.

The metal adds a gorgeous, shining effect to the color. This piece of art will suit any modern home decor and is still able to express the farming theme.

17. Chicken coop

A chicken coop isn’t a small gift, literally, but if your friend is in need, then why not? Have a local carpenter do it or just roll up your sleeves to start this DIY project.

If you do build it, go on to decorate it more than just a normal-looking wooden chicken coop. Painting it, adding a sign to it, or even coming up with your new layout.

We are sure this can be the most-wanted personalized chicken gift for your beloved friend.

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18. Poultry waterer

Another realistic and helpful gift to be used on the chicken farm, this poultry waterer is our next suggestion.

If your friend already has one, maybe it’s time to upgrade it. With a 7-liter capacity, it reduces the refilling times for your farmer. This item is also made of resistant polystyrene that is highly durable with outdoor usage.

19. Solar light for chicken coop

Maybe a small gadget that helps saving energy is what you are thinking about. This solar light for the chicken coop saves the year-to-year cost of electricity, especially during cold days, or the hatching period when chickens need more light to keep them warm.

20. Mealworms

Mealworms are usually farmed by farmers to provide an extra nutritious and tasty protein source for their chickens. If your friend is too busy to farm these, sending him/her some mealworm is a good idea.

This gift idea for chicken lovers isn’t for any special occasions. It’s rather a casual, caring gift once in a while to help your friend out during busy days.

21. Incubator

Another practical gift for chicken owners – an incubator. This tool with automatic temperature controlling creates a suitable environment for the egg to hatch. Not just the chicken eggs, it can hatch other poultry eggs, including quail incubators, duck incubators, and more.

22. The Chicken Encyclopedia

For a chicken farmer friend who would love to read and learn from books, we highly recommend the book: The Chicken Encyclopedia: An Illustrated Reference.

Everything about raising chicken is covered in this book. Besides, its informative and entertaining style of presenting is also another great top-up.

23. Pecking Order DVD

The movie, Pecking Order, is reviewed to be so entertaining and relevant widely in the poultry community. After a long day of working on the farm, it is the perfect time to lay on the couch and watch a funny movie. Yes, your chicken-farmer friend deserves it!

24. Chicken playing cards

You wouldn’t expect this gift, so imagine how the person receiving this gift would be. Card games are, out of question, what everyone needs in their house.

Now you can even have a cool deck of cards with stunning chicken illustrations on each of the 52 cards. This is no doubt a unique gift that is easy to brighten up the day of any chicken fanatics.

Final Words

Above are our suggestions for what to get someone who loves chickens. We hope that you can now pick the best gift to surprise your beloved chicken-loving friend!

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