7 Best Goat Hoof Trimmer Reviews (2022 Updated)

best goat hoof trimmer reviews

Trimming is an important aspect of maintaining the animals on a farm or pasture which has to be performed on a frequent basis. If you’ve got a lot of sheep or goats running about, it could take a long time to trim each of them. In that case, having the best goat hoof trimmer would help a lot.

Just like wool, the sheep and goat hooves cannot be managed themselves. If you left them uncut for a while, they would be a horrible mess. Below is a list of 7 best goat hoof trimmers we have tested. Let’s see which one is right for you.

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Top Best Goat Hoof Trimmers on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Zenport Q140DX Multipurpose Q Series4.9See latest Price
Hoof Boss Complete Goat Hoof Care Trimmer Set4.8See latest Price
Premier ExoTrim Serrated Hoof Trimmer
4.8See latest Price
ARS HP-140DX Multi-Purpose Shears4.8See latest Price
NEOGEN IEAL 320812 B&B Eze-Trim Foot Rot Shears4.7See latest Price
Zenport Z116 Hoof and Floral Trimming Shear4.7See latest Price
DEEALL Goat and Horse Hoof Trimmer Floral Trimming Shear4.7See latest Price

In-depth 7 Top rated Goat Hoof Trimmers Reviews

#1 Zenport Q140DX Multipurpose Q Series – Top Choice

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One of the best goat hoof trimming tools available, this product is made of high carbon heat-treated steel blades. The blade has a strong chrome coating that offers corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The grip is made of ergonomic PVC and steel core for solid, non-slip and for surviving through any rough trimming.

The maximum length of this trimmer is 7 inches but with a very lightweight of just 5 oz, it is very comfortable to use. The color of the ivory handle is complemented by the polished blades that create the beautiful look for this trimmer.

The hoof trimmer has robust, high-performance steel blades with a rounded tip to prevent damage for both users and animals, especially when cleaning the inside of hooves.

The trimmers can even be used in your garden to prune your hedges or rose bushes. You may also use it to remove chicken bones when splitting the chicken.

  • Solid heat-treated steel blades
  • Hard chrome coating for rust resistance and quick cleaning
  • Ergonomics PVC and steel core handle for a tight grip
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile with many different applications
  • Rounded protective tip
  • Blades are quite thick for a more elegant finishing
  • Some complaint that it’s quite small

#2 Hoof Boss – Best Electric Goat Hoof Trimmer

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The Hoof Boss is an all-in-one hoof care package designed for trimming, smoothing and completing the hooves as rapidly and conveniently as possible. It is the best electric goat hoof trimmer available.

First of all, it’s run by a 100V engine and 8-tooth chain discs that allow cutting through tough hooves very aggressively. It also comes with a variety of sanders for smoothing and finishing the hooves after grinding, achieving complete care.

Cutting hooves with this electric goat hoof trimmer is quick, as the strength of the motor can make it cut through almost everything. Users and reviewers love it and think it does a wonderful job, particularly when the hooves are smoothed down afterward.

It’s going to take some practice, but it’s going to leave you with a perfectly-done, flawless job on even the craziest of hooves.

I think the only complaint is the price, it is quite expensive. It’s also quite noisy, which could be disturbing and can scare the goats and the sheep. As it needs an electrical outlet, it can only be used somewhere near the plugging.

  • Powerful, motorized
  • Comes with 8-tooth chain discs
  • Sander discs
  • Powers through tough hooves
  • Quite pricey
  • Not able to use any places without electrical outlets.
  • Quite noisy when operating.

#3 Premier ExoTrim Serrated Hoof Trimmer

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The trimmer is 8.5″ in length, with 2″ blades made of Japanese carbon steel – one of which is serrated while the other is flat. The serrated blade is intended to “grip” heavy hooves and keep the blade from slipping.

They also have slightly rounded tips that make it easier and safer to remove manure and other grime from hooves. Many users say that this trimmer cut very well; the blades are sharp, and the powerful spring makes it possible to get a quick cutting motion, without having a lot of strength and leverage on it.

It is quite durable as well. My only critique is the plastic handle; it’s very smooth, which makes having a decent grip a little harder than it needs to be, particularly when wet.

  • Serrated blade
  • Rounded tips
  • Sharp, hold the edge well
  • Don’t need a lot of strength to use
  • Plastic handle is smooth and hard to grip

#4 ARS HP-140DX Multi-Purpose Shears

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This is a solid choice if you want a flexible pair of goat shear that does more than just trim hooves and nails. They have 2″ straight blades made of high carbon steel, which are very sharp, holding the edges well and are easy to resharpen.

They also have chrome coating to help prevent them from rusting and oxidation throughout their lifetime. The shears are entirely made of metal, including the handles, which have a good fit cover to ensure that they stay well.

Users found that this product cuts hooves very well while still being able to work on other tasks. It does an excellent job of keeping their edges and can be resharpened quickly and well. The design is also useful for handling clippers, cutting at angles and tight spots.

  • Carbon steel blade holds up very well
  • 2” blades are the perfect size for most jobs
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Chrome coating for corrosion-resistance
  • Cutting bolts quite stick and sometimes jam

#5 NEOGEN IEAL 320812 B&B Eze-Trim

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The Neogen IEAL 320812 is a mixture of consistency with low price, making it the perfect hoof trimmer for sheep and goats on a budget. It has a decent length of 11” and a weight of 6.5 ounces and a blade length of 7.5”, this helps to fit for a vast size of hands.

The trimmer has Teflon-coated blades to prevent it from rusting. The blades are the perfect size for the hoof trimmer. It has a locking feature that guarantees protection when not in operation.

It has an ergonomic rubber-coated handle that ensures a tight grip even after operating for a long time and having sweaty palms. You dangle it around with the wrist-strap as you take a break from trimming to continue later.

  • Affordable price
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Teflon coated anti-rust blades
  • Ergonomic rubber-coated with a tight grip
  • Wrist-strap that makes it easy to wear around
  • Sharp and maintain sharpness for a long time
  • The edge is not serrated

#6 Zenport Z116 Hoof and Floral Trimming Shear – Best Goat Hoof Trimmer Under $20

Zenport Z116 Hoof and Floral Trimming Shear with Twin-Blade

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Zenport is a well-known brand and popular with many goat owners because it has a tradition of making high-quality goods. It’s not changed when it comes to this hoof trimmer, this is by far the best trimmer under $20 you can find.

The handles are made of solid, robust PVC. The blades are made of high-quality metal, which is coated with a non-stick material to keep it from being stuck. This functionality can benefit you a lot by reducing the power you need to push into the trimming process.

It will take a lot of weight from your hands and wrists and encourage you to carry out this operation for a longer period of time and on a greater number of goats. The trimmer is not only used by farmers but also by gardeners and florists.

  • Affordable price
  • Non-stick coating to prevent rust and jam
  • Non-slip firm hold PVC handle
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Automatic spring loading for quick and easy opening
  • Sturdy thin blades for finer finishing
  • Some complaint about getting dull quickly

#7 DEEALL Goat and Horse Hoof Trimmer – Best Goat Hoof Trimmer Under $10

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This is another choice of low-cost trimmers, with serrated blades. The blades are made of JIS SK5 Carbon steel, which is rugged, strong and keeps the edge very well. One blade is flat, the other is firmly serrated, which helps to grip the hoof and keeps it from sliding when trimming.

The 8″ length gives you just the right amount of strength and balance, allowing you to cut quickly with less squeezing. The handles also have a “frosted rubber” coating that prevents slipping and provides a comfortable grip.

Functioned for hoof trimming, flower gardening, and shrubs shearing, this is the best goat hoof trimmer under $10 given all it can do.

  • Very low price
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Sharp and easy to sharpen
  • Serrated blades
  • Grippy rubber coating
  • Quite bad locking mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions for trimming goat hooves 

1. How often should you trim a goat’s hooves?

On average, you should trim your goat’s hooves every 2-4 weeks. If you find that the hooves are curling (whether inward or outward), it’s the trimming time. Also, it’s good to know that each goat’s hooves will be different depending on the breed, diet, exercise, and living environments.

2. How do you trim a goat’s hooves?

Here are 5 steps you should follow to prevent infection when trimming your goat’s hooves.

  • Place your goat on a milking stand
  • Grab a hoof that you’re working on, and bend it at the knee
  • Trim the front part first, then move around
  • Move to the backside of the goat to cut back hooves
  • Trim each hoof slowly and carefully

3. What age do you trim goat hooves?

Normally, you should start trimming when the goat is 4 weeks old. If you leave it for longer, the goat’s hooves might overgrow, causing it a bit harder to cut.

4. What happens if you don’t trim goat hooves?

If you don’t trim your goat’s hooves, it might not walk properly due to the overgrown feet. Only when the hooves are trimmed evenly, otherwise your goat will struggle to walk too.

5. How much does it cost to trim goat hooves?

For a professional goat’s hooves trimming service, it can cost you around $40-$50 per goat. However, trimming a goat’s hooves is quite simple and easy. Investing in a good trimmer and do the job yourself is much cheaper.

In a nutshell, the best goat hoof trimmer to pick is …

For me, it is quite easy to pick the best goat hoof trimmer, that’s the one on top of the list – the Zenport Q140DX. It is from a well-known manufacturer that has a long tradition of making quality trimming products.

This trimmer is made of solid heat-treated steel blades, with a hard chrome coating for rust resistance and quick cleaning. It also has an ergonomics handle with a tight grip. It’s also a multipurpose trimmer. For a price of just $20 in comparison with all it can do, I highly recommend this product.

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