Top 5 Best Block Heaters For Tractor Reviews (2022 Updated)

best block heater for tractor reviews

If you live in a cold area, you might have struggled with starting problems with your tractors. A block heater is essential for your tractor to keep the engine warm and ready to use whenever you need it.

Have you found your favorite block heater for tractors? Let’s explore the 5 best-rated heaters that farmers worldwide are using for their farm machines.

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Top 5 Best Block Heaters For Tractor 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
4330274M91 OEM AgcoBest overallSee latest Price
Zerostart 3100003 Engine Block Immersion HeaterCompatible with many tractor brandsSee latest Price
BMI Engine Block HeaterAmerican MadeSee latest Price
Kat's 1160 Magnum Handi-Heat Magnetic HeaterUniversal fit for many vehiclesSee latest Price
ABN Silicone Engine Block Heater PadThe Cheapest OptionSee latest Price

In-depth 5 Top Rated Block Heater For Tractor Reviews

1. 4330274M91 OEM Agco – Best overall

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This AGCO Engine block heater not only warms up air around your tractor but also protects the engine from cracking and damages when the outer temperature is below 10oF.

The main reason why this block heater for tractors is a reliable choice for tractor owners is that it is designed by experienced technicians. This item consists of only high-quality OEM parts. Thus, it has a precise fit and quality to maintain a stable working performance for your heavy-duty machine on frosting days.

You can install this heater quickly in a few minutes without professional help. Just drain the machine’s coolant and remove the frost plug to mount this freeze-plug heater onto your machine. Then, plug the heater with a power supply with a voltage of 115V to begin the warming process.

This block heater fits many tractor models of Massey Ferguson, like GC1705, GC1715, GC2300. Besides, it’s also compatible with many compact tractors, front-cut mowers, and hydro-tractors of this brand.

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with many tractors and farm machines of Massey Ferguson
  • Consist of high-quality OEM parts
  • Expensive

2. Zerostart 3100003 Engine Block Immersion Heater – Compatible with many tractor brands

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When the weather is below 32oF, you should prepare an electric heater to get the most of your hard-working machine in harsh cold weather besides filling it with winter-grade fuel.

If you have tractors of many brands that need to warm up for working outdoors, this block-mounted heater from ZeroStart won’t disappoint you! This heater is compatible with tractors from well-known brands like Jaguar, Eagle, Jeep, Rover, Kubota, Massey, Perkins, Renault, Yanmar, etc.

This tractor heater is CSA-approved, meaning that it has passed the standard requirements for electronic equipment in the North American area. Therefore, you can use it for your tractor without worrying about electricity shocks for you or possible damages to the engine.

Besides, this tractor warmer comes with a 1-inch NPT thread brass adapter, with solid resistance to corrosives like water, heat, minerals, salt water, chemicals, soil. Thus, you can use this heater for years without wasting extra budget to replace it.

However, since this adapter uses NPT (National Pipe Thread) – a popular fitting for calibration systems in America and Canada, you can hardly reuse it on another tractor even if you use Teflon tape to secure it. Once installed on a tractor, switching this heater among many tractors and farm equipment can lead to leakage or galling.

Pros Cons
  • Can be installed on tractors from many well-known brands
  • 1-inch NPT thread brass adapter for excellent durability
  • CSA-approved
  • Can’t be switched among many pieces of equipment

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3. BMI Engine Block Heater – American Made

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Are you still struggling with your Kubota diesel tractor on snowy days? This BMI engine block heater. This item is compatible with almost all M, B, & L-Series Kubota tractors that run on 3-, 4-, or 5-cylinder diesel engines.

What I loved most about this block-mounted heater is that it is made in the USA, meaning that all of its components have been carefully engineered and tested to satisfy the most demanding American farmers.

Since this freeze plug heater has a port with a diameter of 3/4 -inch, you will need to insert a bushing to secure the heater if your engine’s plug is 1 inch. You should also use high-temperature Loctite to protect the bushing from melting.

Pros Cons
  • Made in the USA with excellent craftsmanship
  • Compatible with many Kubota tractors with 3-, 4-, 5-cylinder engines
  • Need to insert the bushing into the freeze plugs and high-temperature Loctite to protect the bushing

4. Kat’s 1160 Magnum Handi-Heat Magnetic Heater – Universal fit for many vehicles

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A noticeable advantage of a magnetic block heater like KAT’S 1160X is that you can warm up almost everything on your property.

Besides tractors, you can use this heater to warm up your cars, SUVs, vans, light and heavy trucks, or seasonal farm equipment like snow blowers or chainsaws. You can also use this portable device to defrost your livestock feed bowls or water pipes around your house.

However, this block heater is only helpful if you put it near the engine’s coolant. When the coolant is warmed up, it will transfer the heat to all components inside the tractor.

If you want to attach the heater directly to the engine, don’t put it too close to a fuel line or a wire because it can be melted.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Versatile; can be used to warm up many devices on your property
  • Should be placed away from a fuel line or a wire to avoid melting

5. ABN Silicone Engine Block Heater Pad – The Cheapest Option

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Among many types of block heaters for tractor diesel engines, a high-quality silicone heater pad like this 4×5-inch item from ABN is much more convenient for hard-working farmers. You don’t have to put it on the ground. It is always glued in place and ready to use whenever you need it.

This 100-watt tractor block heater can instantly transmit a maximum temperature of 194oF to keep the engine oil as a thin fluid on cold mornings. Therefore, you can lessen wear and tear while extending your engine’s durability even in brutal Minnesota winters.

Since this heating pad is designed to work outside under harsh weather conditions, it has a sturdy silicone protection cover that can withstand acid, oil, and moisture. The power cord is permanently attached to the pad.

A minor pitfall of this heating pad is that if you have many pieces of equipment that need to be heated up, this tiny pad is not transferable. Once glued onto your equipment or a metal surface, it will stay there forever.

If you love this heater type and want to use it for various pieces of equipment, you will have to buy many pads to stick on each of them, which can eat up a remarkable amount of your farm operation cost.

Pros Cons
  • Instant heat transmission
  • Easy installation
  • Can’t be used to warm up many pieces of equipment at a time

My Top Pick

While a high-quality block heater for tractors is affordable and tiny, it can make your early winter mornings less annoying and protect your expensive tractor or farm machines from damages, wear and tear.

AGCO Engine block heater is my most favorite heater among these 5 items. Although this heater is relatively pricey, it’s well-built and works well with my machine.

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