Top 10 Best Barn Coat Reviews (2022 Updated)

best barn coat reviews

Starting as work apparel for farmers and outdoors people, barn coats have become popular as a notable fashion item to keep warm yet still be fashionable in harsh cold weather conditions.

If you are looking for the best barn coat for this fall and winter, let’s explore the following top-rated barn coat items that are suitable for men and women.

Before getting started, please notice that each barn coat on my list is advisable for a specific type of weather and occasion.

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Top 10 Best Barn Coat To Wear 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Carhartt Men's Full Swing Chore Coat4.9See latest Price
Carhartt Women's Full Swing Caldwell Jacket4.8See latest Price
Carhartt boys Chore Coat Barn Jacket4.8See latest Price
Orvis Men's Corduroy Collar Cotton Barn Jacket4.8See latest Price
Orvis Women's Fleece Lined Shirt Jacket4.7See latest Price
Wrangler Men's Barn Coat4.7See latest Price
Wrangler Men's Western Style Lined Denim Jacket4.7See latest Price
Wrangler Women's Denim Jacket4.6See latest Price
Woolrich Men's The Drifter Jacket4.6See latest Price
Goodthreads Men's Barncoat4.5See latest Price

Review On 10 Top Rated Barn Coats For Men & Women

#1 Carhartt Men’s Full Swing Chore Coat – Best Quality Barn Coat

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The best quality barn coat is from Carhart – a well-known worldwide brand with more than 130 years in producing outdoor coats and gears.

The Carhartt Full Swing Chore Coat is for workers looking for fashionable yet durable workwear. It is a medium-warmth coat, perfect for days with a temperature from 30 to 40 degrees.

The reason that makes this best barn coat easy to wear is that it comes with original Carhartt Full Swing technology. This technology aims to give workers like you a full range of motion by creating gusset-style stretch panels in elbows and shoulders.

Therefore, you are more confident and comfortable to confront any tasks thanks to this heavy-duty workwear.

This chore coat comprises 100% cotton with poly-fleece lining, providing enough warmth and breathability for your body skin. Thus, there will be no sweat after 10 minutes of working in this coat.

Since the Full Swing Chore Coat is designed for hard-working workers, it requires less maintenance than fashionable items. The outside of the coat is what you expected from a typical Carhart jacket.

#2 Carhartt Women’s Full Swing Caldwell Jacket

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This Carhartt barn coat is also from the Full Swing series but for hard-working women. This coat for women’s daily chores in cool weather gives women maximum productivity thanks to its high-quality material and build construction.

This barn coat consists of 99% cotton and 1% spandex to give you maximum breathability and durability. Moreover, there is a stretch panel on the back area to move freely without any limitation.

The jacket body is a sweet mixture of stretch sherpa and stretch fleece. This fabric combination helps you retain warmth while wicking away moisture.

Besides, this Carhartt jacket also features many pockets, including two in the lower-front, one on the chest, and two interior pockets. These pockets allow you to store your personal belongings like mobile phones, wallets, credit cards.

This jacket comes with various color choices in casual outfits or worksites. Please notice that this jacket is made in American, so it is one size larger than European jackets.

#3 Carhartt boys Chore Coat Barn Jacket – Best Winter Barn Coat

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If you want to search for another barn coat but for your kids, Carhartt Chore Coat Barn Jacket is the best winter barn coat that I have ever bought for my son. This small barn coat reworks one of the oldest items in the Carhartt line-up for young active boys.

Thanks to the extra stretch across the shoulders and the original Full Swing technology, your boys can have a great time outdoors, even on cold, windy days. The button cuffs are adjustable to fit with boys of all weights and heights.

This barn coat is armed with high-quality linings so that kids can enjoy their playtime or help their parents doing outdoor chores with no annoyance.

The warm body lining has the appearance of Carhartt’s traditional blanket lining with a soft surface of fleece. The sleeve lining is made of quilted taffeta for extra warmth.

#4 Orvis Men’s Corduroy Collar Cotton Barn Jacket – Best Insulated Barn Coat

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For more than a century, Orvis has brought to the market a wide variety of work apparel. A waterproof jacket like the Orvis Corduroy Barn Jacket is one of them. It is an ideal choice to hit the road on cool days of autumn or a weekend outdoor trip with your friends.

The first notable thing about this Orvis barn coat is the Corduroy collar – which was first designed for work garments during the British and French Industrial Revolutions.

A barn coat with a Corduroy collar brings extra warmth around the neck while adding a bit of style to your day-to-day outfit. Furthermore, since Corduroy is a skin-friendly material, it gets no discomfort to your sensitive neck skin.

Why is this item the best insulated barn coat on the market?

The inside layer is made of 100% cotton canvas with quilt lining for extra warmth and resilience. The lining and fill are made of 100% polyester, lightweight, water-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Thanks to this sturdy filling, you can ride in the rain, not worrying about getting wet. However, a polyester cover is not as easy to clean as a nylon cover.

#5 Orvis Women’s Fleece Lined Shirt Jacket

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Orvis shirt jacket is thinner than a lightweight jacket yet thicker than a button-down oxford shirt. Thus, you can use it in both warm and cool weather. This jacket gives women an old-schooled yet classic for worksites or weekend camping.

The flannel fabric in this shirt jacket is the softest flannel you will ever find. Thick and brushed on both two sides for maximum softness and comfort, the pure cotton flannel in this jacket provides you extra warmth on cool days.

Thanks to the fleece-lined, you can wear this Orvis shirt jacket all year long. However, if you choose to wear it on winter or rainy, cold days, you should mix it with other layers like a sweater and a windbreaker or waterproof jacket as the outer shell.

A fleece-lined shirt jacket as the primary layer alone does provide enough heat for you.

#6. Wrangler Men’s Barn Coat

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Featured heatseeker lining and water-repelled finish, the classic Wrangler Barn Coat ensures to keep you warm and dry on cold and rainy days.

Fleece or Sherpa lining, this barn coat is made of heatseeker lining – a unique fabric that reflects that heat back to your skin. This lining avoids heat loss even when you step outside and require no warm-up activities like walking or running.

Its decorative sewing is another strong plus that makes this barn coat less like boring workwear. This coat features clever triple stitched seams on shoulders and chest for added durability and style.

This barn coat is much thicker and heavier than expected. So, it can only be suitable for cold and wet weather conditions. Additionally, it is a better fit for thin guys. You should choose one size up if you are a bit overweight.

#7 Wrangler Men’s Western Style Lined Denim Jacket

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Wrangler is the most trusted brand in affordable blue jeans and denim products. Complete your retro cowboy look with this Wrangler Lined Denim Jacket. Masculine and outdoorsy, this jacket is your versatile fashion item on cool autumn days.

This Wrangler barn coat features plush lining – the common for various types of clothes like lining jackets, shirts, spring suits, and so on. This textile combines the softness of Sherpa fleece and the warmness of wool blanket lining.

Moreover, since plush is manufactured from synthetic fabrics like polyester, it is dry quickly, lightweight, machine washable, and more durable than natural ones.

This Wrangler jacket has received many positive reviews from farmers and manual workers for its high-quality construction. It is made from super stretch denim with maximum recovery, which can hold shape all day.

Besides, it provides quick access to personal items with 2 front pockets and 2 side pockets.

There is a small pitfall of this coat that you should be aware of. Since there is no wax or polyester finish, this coat is not ideal to use on mild, rainy, or snowy days. Once it gets wet, it will become super heavy and uncomfortable.

#8 Wrangler Women’s Denim Jacket

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If you need a timeless wardrobe staple that doesn’t break the bank, Wrangler Authentic Denim Jacket is your great pick to go. Well-made, with various color choices, you don’t have to spend a lot to look stylish thanks to this retro-inspired jacket!

This jacket contains 99% cotton and 1% spandex, so it offers more stretch and movement than a 100% cotton one. Almost all buyers said that this jacket is true to size. Thus, it is super comfy and fits perfectly for you.

This jacket is best for cool spring and autumn days – the great time of the year when you can have fun with clothes layering. You can mix this denim jacket with nearly all items in your wardrobe – a floral dress for your first date, or extra layer of warmth on a late night out, and so on.

There are two drawbacks to this Wrangler denim jacket. First, it is heavyweight like a pair of jeans. Second, since this jacket consists of spandex, you should hand wash it to maintain its original shape like your workout clothes.

#9 Woolrich Men’s The Drifter Jacket

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If you have a limited budget, Woolrich The Drifter is the cheapest option with quality on this top list. This vintage jacket provides a wide range of motion for all outdoor jobs at a reasonable price tag.

The body goes with a nice Sherpa lining. Sherpa is a synthetic fabric that is soft like real sheep wool but less bulky and dry quickly. Woolrich drifter jacket with Sherpa lining helps keep out the wind on cold winter days. The sleeves aren’t lined, but it still provides enough warmth for you.

This Woolrich barn coat is a tight fit, so it works for athletic to average/fit guys only. Besides, there are only two pockets on the chest. I wished Woolrich would make 2 extra pockets to keep my arms warm in early snowy mornings.

The manufacturer should also replace the button-down closure with a zipper for better heat and moisture resistance, especially when riding on a motorbike.

#10 Goodthreads Men’s Barncoat

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Goodthreads Barncoat is a reasonable alternative for those who aren’t ready to invest in expensive workwear. This coat ensures to bring you maximum comfort for all-day yard work in cool temperatures.

This coat is a medium fit like blazers of J. Crew and Banana Republic. But if you have larger shoulders, it can be tight when performing some outdoor duties that require arm movement like chopping wood.

Another noticeable point that I love in this barn coat is that it offers neutral color shades that can go with many items in your wardrobe, like Black, Khaki, Olive.

While the stonewashed cotton surface can be faded over time, some buyers love this old look. If you are a big fan of faded jeans, it could be a nice combination.

FAQs about Barn Coat

1. What’s a barn coat?

A barn coat is a loose-fitting coat with a buttoned front and mid-hip length. In the conventional sense, barn jackets were designed for people doing severe outdoor labor such as farmers and hunters who need to be kept warm.

These days, they may still be used that way and other outdoor chores such as feeding animals or mucking out stables in the early morning or late at night when the weather is cold.

2. Why barn coats are coming back?

There are many reasons for the comeback of barn jackets. The first and foremost is that they have a lot of good functions to offer to their users. They are durable, waterproof, able to resist cold. They are super handy with large pockets for storing small stuff.

What is more, barn jackets are becoming a genuine fashion trend. They are adopted by urbanites and suburbanites seeking a hardscrabble appearance at a reasonable price.

Barn jackets can be mixed with other clothing items to give various looks and appearances, hence, gradually becoming a common item in every closet.

3. Are barn coats warm?

A barn jacket is an ideal option for cold-weather attire thanks to its perfect features for keeping our bodies warm.

They are made to perform, thus, you can expect them to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. Their design and materials can help you stay toasty even when it gets uncomfortable freezing outside.

4. Are barn coats in style?

Nowadays, barn coats have become stylish jackets that are ideal for people fancying a rugged but sophisticated style. Albeit fashionable, they can guarantee the durable layer outside and keep you warm during cold weather.

Barn coats have a wind-blocking collar that can be cranked up, and their length usually reaches the middle of your hip. The majority have huge front pockets that complement the style and give you a bold appearance.

Barn boats usually have buttons instead of zippers. Most of the barn coats are brown, but you can find flannel barn coats. However, flannel coats cannot provide the same waterproof layer and durability as the traditional ones.

5. What do you wear with a barn coat?

Barn coats are easy to mix and match. Mix a barn coat with different items to give you different vibes.

For example, a barn coat and khaki corduroy pants give you a great and ready look for any casual events. A finishing touch with a pair of leather derby shoes, especially in black is highly recommended.

Or, a barn coat with a dark-colored suit. Just finish off your ensemble with a black cap and a pair of suede desert boots in the same color as the suit. You will be amazed at how simple yet stylish this outfit is!

Or, a barn coat outside a flannel shirt, pairing with black cargo pants. Finish it with black suede desert boots and this outfit can’t be cooler and trendier!

6. Is Carhartt made in the USA?

Yes, a lot of Carhartt’s clothing items are manufactured in the United States. They have production sites in Tennessee and Kentucky, employ 2,000 people in total in the United States, and buy the majority of their materials and supplies from local American businesses.

They do, however, have some goods that are produced in Mexico.

My Top Pick

When the summer fades and the weather becomes cooler and windy, a barn coat is essential outerwear for farmers and workers while doing outdoor jobs. The best barn coat should be a jacket that you love to put on and never want to take off.

All of these items are excellent in design and quality. But my top favorite one is the Carhartt Men Full Swing Chore Coat. This coat has a solid, durable construction compared to its counterparts. With this stylish Carhartt coat, you can be confident to handle all heavy-duty jobs with a full range of motion.

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