Top 7 American Made Tractors (USA Brands)

John Deere tractor

When we talk about the agriculture industry, tractors play a pretty big role and is one of the first things we think about.

Tractors are used in almost every part of the world, not only for farming business but also for construction work.

And there are numerous tractor brands around the world. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 7 best American-made tractor brands that you should know about.

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American Made Tractors

Farmers depend on tractors and there is a huge demand for tractors in all sizes, designs, and prices.

Some of the best tractors made in the USA include John Deere, New Holland/Case IH, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Tuff-Bilt, Ventrac, and Tilmore.

Let’s take a closer look a the current top tractors made in the USA.

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1. John Deere

John Deere brand

John Deere tractor

John Deere was established in 1837 and produces agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery.

The company started the tractor sector in 1912 with the first model – John Deere Model D – introduced in 1923.

Continuing with the success, the 7R, 8R, and 9R models were put on the market.

In the second half of the 1940s, they introduced new models of tractors in different sizes to customers.

In 1956, Heinrich Lanz AG became a part of the company.

When Heinrich Lanz AG joined the company in 1956, John Deere introduced new models every decade, becoming the largest agricultural machinery company in the world.

At last count in 2018, the company employed more than 65,000 people all over the world, half located in the US and Canada.

As the top producer of tractors, John Deere currently offers customers a wide choice as shown below:

Type Model series Horsepower
Compact 1, 2, 3, 4 series 22.4-65.9 HP
Utility 5, 6 series 45-250 HP
Specialty Low Clearance, High Clearance and Narrow 75-155 HP
Row Crop 6 series, 7R series, 8R/8RT series 140-400 HP
4WD 9R/9RT/9RX 370-620 HP

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2. Massey Ferguson

Massey FergusonMassey Ferguson tractor

The second tractor manufacturer on the list is Massey Ferguson – a global agricultural machinery manufacturer.

The company was originally founded in an atelier (workshop) producing small machines in 1847 by Daniel Massey in Ontario, Canada.

Massey Manufacturing was merged with A. Harrison Son & Co.Ltd., and became the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the UK in 1891.

In 1953, Massey Ferguson was established by Massey-Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company of the UK and then purchased by AGCO Corporation in 1995.

With a long history of more than 170 years as a successful and innovative producer, Massey Ferguson deserves a spot in the tractor manufacturer industry.

There is a variety of tractors with horsepower ranging from 19.5 HP to 405 HP and are perfect for small-or-large scale businesses.

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3. Ventrac

VentracVentrac tractor

Established not long ago with the idea of making life simpler, the Steiner family has always brought about the highest quality products.

For 25 years, Ventrac was a family business that built agricultural equipment and compact tractors.

The Ventrac brand was officially introduced in 1996 with its first 4000 series articulated tractor in 1998 and the company still operates and maintains traditions set forth by Martin Steiner, the founder of Ventrac.

It is undeniable that the history of the family has had a great contribution to the success and the reputation of Ventrac nowadays. Currently, Ventrac has three unique model series of tractors.

Model series No. of models Horsepower
SSV series 1 18.5 HP
3400 series 2 20-22 HP
4500 series 4 25-32.5 HP

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4. New Holland (part of CNH global)

New Holland (part of CNH global)

New Holland (part of CNH global) tractor

Founded in 1895, New Holland joined CNH Industrial in 1999 when the company was divided into two brands: New Holland Construction and New Holland Agriculture.

With 18 manufacturing properties in the world, the company has become a global supplier of agricultural products in more than 170 countries from America to Europe and Asia.

Tractors provided by New Holland can be divided into 5 small groups based on their engine power:

a. Under 40 HP
b. 40-99 HP
c. 100-174 HP
d. 175-299 HP
e. 300+ HP.

More details can be referred to on the company’s officiel website.

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5. Tuff-Bilt


Tuff-Bilt tractor

In 1974, Bud Thomas from Cumming GA built a tractor that he named Thomas-Bilt. In 1975, the company was obtained by Bobby Wallace and the tractor name was changed to Tuff-Bilt.

After 16 years of a frozen business since the last change in 1989, Rowland Matthews decided to continue with the design of the Tuff-Bilt.

He spent all of his time upgrading and changing the Tuff-Bilt tractor, and eventually, the first 12 tractors were available in 2007.

In 2015, Tuff-Bilt Tractors Manufacturing, Inc. was finally founded and moved to Nebraska in 2016. Since then, the company has defined its own position in the market.

The design of the Tuff-Bilt tractor has been said to be unique, and with the expansion of the company, it has become an ideal choice for landscape companies and small or large farm owners alike.

The 3 choices of tractors that are available at Tuff-Bilt are as follows:

Model Engine Power
K18-44-EFI 19 HP – Gasoline
H-21-44 19 HP – Air Cooled Diesel
K18-60-EFI 19HP – EFI Engine Gasoline

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6. Power Trac

Power Trac Tractor

Power Trac, an American family business, was founded in Virginia in 1984.

The very first product of Power Trac was heavy-duty equipment for mining in 1977 and the first tractor produced was for the facility’s sake.

The special part of Power Trac machines is their versatility. The idea was not initially interesting to most of the customers. However, those products proved their ability after years.

Power Trac has chosen to make direct transactions with customers since 1998 instead of selling through dealers.

This enables their customers to make an economical choice with the true price and receive direct advice from the producer. Nowadays, Power Trac has expanded its market worldwide.

Power Trac tractors provided to customers are divided into 2 main groups: Homeowner (18-22 HP) and Compact Articulated (25-65 HP) with different features and engine power to satisfy the users’ demands.

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7. Tilmor


Tilmor tractor

Building up the business from a family organic farm, Tilmor has thoroughly understood the problems of farmers that have encountered financial difficulty.

Having more than 50 years of manufacturing agricultural equipment, the family produces their own tools and machines for farming at an affordable price.

Sharing their tractors with other farmers having the same problems, Tilmor created their market segment – small farmers and producers.

Another motivation for Tilmor is that they would like to encourage farmers like them to produce high quality, fresh vegetables, and grains.

To Tilmor, people’s health is important, so organic farming really needs to be maintained.

At Tilmor, farmers have the choice of the 520 series tractor that is run on air-cooled gas (Engine power: 21 HP) or on 3 cyl liquid-cooled diesel (Engine power: 22 HP).

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The American-made tractors that we covered above help farmers and producers of all sizes and all are built with quality and tradition in mind.

What is your favorite American-made tractor? Let us know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Top 7 American Made Tractors (USA Brands)

  1. Suzanne says:

    Not sure where you are getting your info from . . . Both John Deere AND New Holland make several of their tractors overseas. Some of them they don’t even MAKE, they just paint them (green or blue). LS makes at least ONE of the New Holland Tractors. The HP models over 200 are made in the US (not productive to ship into the US). In fact, the info is SO top secret they won’t even TELL you online WHERE each is made. You have to CALL a 1-800 number with your specific model or ID number and they will look it up for you.

  2. Mark says:

    Why was Kubota excluded???
    They make some great tractors that are US made from the ground up.

    Many of the JD and MF are made off shore and with outsourced engines.

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