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fiat orange tractor

Nowadays, one of the most essential agricultural machines to farmers is tractors. They are a helpful companion on the field as they are capable of various tasks. This article will name the 13 most well-known orange tractor brands among numerous brands of tractors on the market these days.

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13 Famous Orange Tractor Brands in the World

Here are the top 13 most famous orange tractor manufacturers amongst many tractor brands all over the world.

1. Kubota

  • Founded: 1980
  • Headquarter: Japan

Kubota orange tractor

Kubota Corporation is a famous manufacturer of heavy equipment and tractors. The company was founded by Gonshiro Kubota in 1980 and its headquarter is in Osaka, Japan.

This company’s product range is really wide. Besides agricultural equipment and tractors, they also produce other kinds of machinery such as vending machines, pipes, pumps and water purificators, sewage treatment devices, and air conditioners.

In the 1990s, the company was also famous for designing and producing 3D graphics chips. Kubota appears on the first part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, it is an integral part of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX 100.

2. John Deere

  • Founded: 1837
  • Headquarter: USA

John Deere orange tractor

John Deere is actually a Deere & Company’s brand name. The company was established by John Deere in 1837 and its headquarter is in Moline, Illinois, USA.

The company manufactures various products. Apart from agriculture, there are also forestry and construction machinery, lawn care equipment, and other tools for heavy equipment.

Their different lines of tractors include the D, E series; JDLink; Specialized Tractors, and Super Heavy Tractors.

You can easily recognize this company’s products thanks to its leaping deer logo with the two words “JOHN DEERE” underneath.

Deere & Company ranked 84th on the list of the biggest corporations in the United States called “2020 Fortune 500”.

3. Kioti

  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarter: USA

Kioti orange tractor

Kioti is a brand name of the Daedong tractors in the European and North American markets. In 1986, the very first tractor with the brand “Kioti” was introduced to the U.S.

In 1993, a subsidiary was formed with the name Daedong-USA, Inc., and Kioti had its headquarter in Wilson, North Carolina. Later in 2004, Kioti opened a new headquarters in Wendell, North Carolina, comprising service, departments, and fulfillment centers.

The company specializes in manufacturing tractors, UTVs, implements, and attachments. Kioti Tractor now provides its products through an extensive dealer network in North America with approximately 350 dealers or even more.

4. Daedong

  • Founded: 1947
  • Headquarter: Korea

Daedong tractor

Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd. is a conglomerate that manufactures agricultural machinery such as tractors and combined harvesters.

The company was established in 1947 and its headquarter is in Seoul, South Korea.

Daedong exports tractors to many different markets worldwide with the “Kioti” brand, including North American and European markets. Some of the tractors have primary names such as Farm Tanakaya, Landpower, and Landix.

When the company began to produce tractors in 1968, it received technological support from Kubota and Ford one year later.

5. Nuffield

  • Founded: 1938
  • Headquarter: England

Nuffield tractor

Nuffield Organisation was a company specializing in producing vehicles in the U.K. The company was founded by William Morris in 1938. Nuffield’s headquarter was in Cowley, Oxfordshire, England.

During World War II, Nuffield took part in manufacturing military production, which involved producing many kinds of tanks. After the war, in 1948, the company introduced the famous Nuffield Universal tractor.

Nuffield merged with Austin Motor Company in 1952. Later in 1968, the company merged with Leyland Motors, and the company’s name was changed from Nuffield to Leyland Tractors.

6. Fiat

  • Founded: 1919
  • Headquarter: Italy

fiat orange tractor

Fiat Tractor Company was a Fiat Group’s subsidiary company that specialized in manufacturing construction and agricultural machinery. The company was founded in 1919 in Dubai, Italy.

Fiat started producing tractors in 1919 with the Fiat 702 model. Since then, they have released many types of well-known tractors such as the Fiat 700, Fiat 700C, and Fiat 500.

From the 1960s, its production soared with licensing agreements to assemble machines in other countries such as Turkey and Romania. In 1990 they became the largest producer in Europe after having produced about 500000 tractors.

7. Hesston

  • Founded: 1947
  • Headquarter: USA

Hesston orange tractor

Hesston was founded by Lyle Yost in 1947 and its headquarter is located in Hesston, Kansas, USA. The company mainly produced farming equipment such as self-propelled swathers and the StakHand straw harvesters.

In 1977, Fiat bought shares in Hesston and started importing Fiat tractors using the brand name Hesston. In 1991, the skid-steer loader and the hay tools portion of the business were acquired by AGCO, and tractor production was discontinued.

Around 2010, AGCO has transformed Hesston into a sub-brand, with hay tools and swathers branded as Malfunction Hesston and Hesston by AGCO.

8. Massey Ferguson

  • Founded: 1953
  • Headquarter: Canada (before 1997), USA (after 1997)

Massey Ferguson orange tractor

This is a multi-national company that was founded in 1953 as the mergence of the Canadian farming equipment producer Massey-Harris and the UK’s Ferguson Company.

At first, until 1988, the company was located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. In 1997, the company decided to choose Buffalo, New York to build its new headquarter before it was bought by AGCO.

Massey Ferguson has developed a variety of agricultural machinery and a large market share worldwide, especially in Europe. It is currently manufacturing many tractors such as the 8700s, 8600, 7700s, 6700s, 5700s, and 5400 series.

9. Renault

  • Founded: 1918
  • Headquarter: France

Renault tractor

Renault Agriculture was founded by Louis Renault in 1918 and its headquarter was in France.

After World War I, the company started manufacturing tractors and it introduced the first model (GP) in 1919 with the experience of producing light tanks in the war. In 2000, Renault acquired a 20% stake from Sonalika International.

In 2002, the German company CLAAS bought a 51% stake from Renault and bought the rest later in 2008. Its tractors are now labeled as CLAAS all over the world.

10. Ebro

  • Founded: 1920
  • Headquarter: Spain

Ebro orange tractor

Ebro was a company specializing in medium and light buses and trucks as well as tractors. Besides a famous orange tractor company, it is also well-known as a blue tractor manufacturer.

The company was founded in 1920 and its headquarters were in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.

Besides the name Ebro, the company was also known as Ford Iberica and Motor Iberica. In 1987, Nissan completely took over Motor Iberica. Since then, its name has become Nissan Motor Iberica.

After this event, a “badge slip” from Ebro to Nissan occurred. This was quite evident since the Ebro-labeled Nissan Patrols had appeared on several European countries’ markets.

11. Fendt

  • Founded: 1930
  • Headquarter: Germany

Fendt orange tractor

Fendt is one of the most famous German tractor brands. In 1930, it was founded by Xaver Fendt.

Fendt has been one of the member companies of the AGCO Group since 1997. This company has a wide range of products including forage harvesters and combine harvesters, tractors, cultivators, rakes, cutters, and balers.

Furthermore, Fendt has the largest market share of the tractor market in Europe. Its products have often appeared on television and win many awards.

12. Steyr

  • Founded: 1864
  • Headquarter: Austria

steyr tractor

Steyr Tractor, which is short for Steyr Landmaschinentechnik AG, is a tractor producer established in 1864. It is located in St. Valentin, Austria.

The company was a part of Steyr-Daimler-Puch Group from 1934 to 1990. In 1996, it was acquired by Case Corporation.

Later on, New Holland and Case IH merged in 1999, which formed CNH Global. In 2012, it joined Fiat Industrial to become CNH Industrial. Nowadays, Steyr exists as a brand of that company.

13. Bobcat

  • Founded: 1947
  • Headquarter: USA, Czech Republic

bobcat orange tractor

Bobcat was founded in 1947 and was part of the South Korean Doosan Group. Its headquarter in America is in North Dakota, and another one is in Dobříš, Czech Republic.

Bobcat’s products include steer loaders, edge tractors, compact excavators, compact tractors, and other small-scaled hydraulic equipment.

In 2007, Doosan Group purchased Clark Equipment, which was Bobcat’s original name, with the price of 4.9 million USD. After that, the company has registered a worldwide trademark for the name “Bobcat”.


We truly hope that this article will help you learn more about these orange tractor brands. All the 13 brands mentioned above are famous and they have tons of users worldwide.

If you have other issues about this topic, or you have in mind other companies should be mentioned in this article, please feel free to write a comment.

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