Top 9 Blue Tractor Brands in the World

blue Eicher tractor

Tractors are one of the most expensive machines that you, farmers, need to purchase nowadays. They play a vital role in farmers’ life as they can handle multiple tasks on the field.

There are countless models of tractors on the market these days with different sizes, power, and colors. In this article, I will review the 9 most famous blue tractor brands in the world.

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Top 9 Most Famous Blue Tractor Brands

Generally speaking, there are a variety of tractor brands that produce high-quality blue tractors. However, in this list, I will include the top 9 most famous brands.

1. Ford Tractors

ford tractors

Ford is definitely one of the most famous car brands in the world and also a giant in the field of farming tractors since the early 1900s.

Ford was established by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. Its main headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan – a suburb of Detroit. Since Its establishment, Ford had collected many huge achievements in the sphere of automotive.

However, the economic recession in the 1920s tremendously affected Ford’s tractor production and development. Ford had no other choice but to shift production to Great Brittain and collaborate with Henry Ferguson.

In the early 30s, “Gunmetal Gray” was the color used for new tractors.

10 years later, it became red and white and finally switched to the famous blue and white combination that first appeared in 1961 on the 6000 Series models.

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2. Fordson

Fordson tractor

Fordson was a brand of trucks and tractors. It was used for a series of mass-produced multi-purpose tractors produced by Son Inc and Henry Ford from 1917 through 1920.

Ford Motor Ltd in the UK and Ford Motor in the USA also used that name starting in 1920 and ended in 1928, and later in 1929 to 1964 by the UK’s Ford Motor Ltd. The latter company, which was Ford of England, also manufactured vans and trucks under the name Fordson.

After 1964, the brand “Fordson” was scrapped and all tractors from Ford were simply labeled as Fords in both the US and UK.

Later in 1991, Fiat bought Ford’s tractor division with an agreement that the name Ford must disappear from the tractors by 2001.

In 1999, Fiat removed all Ford badges from all the blue tractors and renamed them “New Holland”.

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3. New Holland

New Holland tractor

New Holland is a worldwide brand of many kinds of farming machinery manufactured by CNH Industrial. The original company was established in 1895 in New Holland, a city in the state of Pennsylvania.

Just after their first tractor’s debut, New Holland has become many farmers’ favorite brand of tractors.

New Holland Agricultural offered excellent quality, advanced, and suitable tractors for their customers at reasonable prices. New Holland Tractor had won a lot of awards in the Agriculture sector.

At the moment, New Holland is a leading manufacturer which provides advanced agricultural machinery. They are growing rapidly to be a famous brand in the tractor-producing industry. Now, they constantly provide excellent quality tractors for their customers at an affordable price range.

4. Eicher

Eicher tractor

Eicher was a brand specializing in agricultural engines, machinery, and tractors. The two brothers Josef Eicher and Albert Eicher establish the company in 1936 in Forstern’s Upper Bavaria town, Germany.

The Eicher brothers were born and raised up in a rural area of Germany. Their personal ideas of agriculture affected their company’s development and production.

The first tractor from them was introduced in the 1930s. This event was the first milestone for the remarkable development of their company.

Later in 1959, a new Eicher Corporation Ltd. was set up in India. Eicher’s production of Indian-built tractors was begun one year later.

In 1973, Massey Ferguson bought Eicher, and later he sold all his company’s interests to Dromson – the current owner of the company.

Now they produce tractors specialized for vineyards.

5. Fendt

Fendt blue tractor

Fendt is an agricultural machinery and tractors brand from German. This brand was set up by Xaver Fendt in 1930. Later in 1997, the AGCO Corporation purchased it and it became a part of this corporation.

Fendt is a premium one in the AGCO Group’s member companies. It is also a pioneer in the industry of agriculture equipment with a budget for development in 2013 of nearly €62 million.

This brand has a wide product range including forage and combines harvesters, tractors, tedders, rakes, mowers, and balers.

What’s more, this company accounts for the largest share of the European tractor market. Also, it is part of the VDMA, Agricultural Engineering Department.

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6. Ebro

ebro tractor

Ebro was a brand of agricultural tractors as well as light and midsize buses and trucks. Its headquarters are in Barcelona, Ávila, and Madrid.

This company was originally founded in 1920 as Ford Iberica. In 1954, Ford sold its interest and the name was adjusted to Motor Iberica.

The Ebro name debuted in the 1920s with the production of a Spanish version for the famous Ford Model T, until Spain’s Civil War ceased the production.

In 1987, Nissan Motors took full control of Motor Iberica. Since then, the company’s name had been changed to Nissan Motor Iberica.

After this event, a “badge slide” from the Ebro to Nissan happened. This was rather obvious as the Ebro-branded Nissan Patrols had been sold in several European countries.

7. Hanomag

Hanomag tractor

This was a producer of many automotive such as tractors, steam locomotives, and military vehicles. Since 1989, Hanomag has become Komatsu’s subsidiary.

What brought fame to this company was its steam locomotive supply in Romania, Bulgaria, and Finland before World War I.

In 1924, Hanomag introduced to the market its first farm tractor and they earned many achievements ever since.

In 1939, they became the market leader and once again in the early 1950s.

In 1960, a billet factory was built to produce tractors in Argentina. Also, there were the company’s license agreements with industrialists in Spain.

8. Lanz Bulldog

Lanz Bulldog tractor

The Lanz Bulldog is one of Germany’s most popular tractors, with more than 220,000 models built over its long-lasting production life. This particular brand was produced under the hard work of Heinrich Lanz AG in Germany.

The production took place in 1921 and many Bulldog versions were manufactured by 1960.

Later in 1956, Lanz was purchased by John Deere and he started using “John Deere-Lanz” as the name of the products.

Bulldogs were also manufactured at Getafe, Madrid, Spain under the supervisor of Lanz Iberica S.A. In total, there were 17,100 tractors produced between 1956 and 1963.

9. BCS two-wheel Tractors

BCS two-wheel Tractors

This walking tractor originally was the production of Engineer Luigi Castoldi. These days, his company, BCS S.p.A, continues to fulfill the mission of increasing customers’ productivity while minimizing physical effort.

These simple yet versatile two-wheeled tractors have been developed to perform a variety of tasks, from all types of lawn mowing, bed preparation, to snow removal.

BCS is the biggest manufacturer in the two-wheel tractors and spare parts industry in Europe. The factory located in Italy keeps on expanding to meet the high demand for these particular tractors produced to provide customers with reliable service for years.

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Final words

I really hope that you will have more knowledge of these blue tractor brands. All the brands that I mentioned above are huge brands with millions of users around the world.

If you have any further matters about this topic, or you think that there are other brands that should appear on this list, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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