Top 7 Best Tractor Seat Reviews (2022 Updated)

best tractor seat reviews

To many farmers, a tractor seat sometimes is considered as their companion as they are likely to spend a lot of time working in their tractor. Hence, finding the best tractor seat should be their top priority. It will not only help them enjoy their working time but also prevent them from potential diseases caused by sitting for long hours, such as backache or hemorrhoids.

Our article is written to serve as a guideline to introduce them to a variety of choices in the market and assist them in finding the best tractor seat.

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Top 7 Best Tractor Seats 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
RAPartsinc LVA10029 One New Yellow4.9See latest Price
TRAC SEATS Black Brand Waffle Style Universal Tractor Suspension SEAT4.8See latest Price
Blue TRAC SEATS Brand Waffle Style Universal Tractor Suspension SEAT4.8See latest Price
Concentric Black Waffle Style Universal Tractor Suspension Seat4.8See latest Price
Concentric Universal Seat with Arm Rests4.7See latest Price
Seat Compact Tractor Polyurethane with Flip Brackets4.7See latest Price

In-depth 7 Top-rated Tractor Seat Reviews

#1 RAPartsinc LVA10029 Yellow, High-Back Tractor Seat

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The Product Dimensions are 25 x 20 x 16 inches and it weighs about 16 pounds. It is made from plastic so it is quite durable but not really comfortable if you spend a day sitting still.

The seat is made to fit a multitude of different types of seat mounting applications. Hence, there are many bolt holes to allow it to fit many different models.

Pros: Cons:
  • Good looking
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • No armrests
  • Might change the seat bolt as the holes of this seat don’t line up
  • Nuts in the seat do not last long.

#2 TRAC SEATS Black Universal – Best Adjustable Tractor Seat

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What this brand is confident about their products is that their seats have more universal mounting holes than their competitors and their products have gone through numerous careful tests to guarantee the quality and durability.

The dimension of this tractor suspension seat is 19.7 x 23.62 x 20.86 inches and it weighs about 33 pounds. It is made from sturdy heavy-duty steel; hence it can stand up to the roughest terrains whether it is a farm, mountain, or construction site.

It can accommodate people from 110 to 265 pounds and below. With 5 position angle tilt, it allows you to slide forward or backward easily. These seats are designed according to manufacturer specs to make sure it has proper width, height, and suspension.

Together with the suspension system and a nicely padded seat, the seat will provide you comfort and quality.

This seat can be a great match for FORD/NEW HOLLAND Tractor Models, 2N, 8N, 9N, NAA, JUBILEE. It is advisory that purchasers compare the seat mounting bolt patterns to make sure it fits your tractor.

Pros: Cons:
  • Adjustable for weight
  • Angle and slide adjustment
  • Easy to install
  • Durable as made of heavy-duty steel
  • 5-year warranty
  • Little lower back support
  • Weak backrest
  • Weight limit of 265 pounds

#3 TRAC SEATS Blue Universal – Waffle Style Suspension Seat

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This is another tractor suspension seat produced by TracSeats manufacturer. Hence, they do share most of the special features.

The two main differences include the color and the application. It is compatible with the following: Ford/New Holland Tractor Models. 3900 3930 3910 5000 5100 5600 5610 5900 5910. However, if this tractor seat doesn’t fit your vehicle, you can drill some extra holes to mount it up. As it is written “a universal model”, it is not a misnomer.

Again, its special suspension system can take care of your back and lumbar area, and inherently prevent back pain or bruises.

Pros: Cons:
  • Easy to install
  • Angle and slide adjustment
  • Weight adjustment
  • Fits many tractor models
  • Weak armrest as they bend very easily
  • Weight limit up to 265 pounds

#4 Concentric Black Universal – Waffe Style Mechanical Suspension Seat

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If you are clueless about what tractor seat to buy, you can opt for this adjustable tractor seat without much consideration as the spring, weight suspension, base angle, and slides can be adjusted easily to fit you and your tractor.

This seat has a heavily built molded steel frame and a comfortable self-draining 2Pc cushion. The molded cushion is covered with vinyl which allows comfortability, flexibility, and durability.

As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the spring until you are comfortable with the seat. This seat is perfect for users between 110 and 265 lbs. There are multiple hole mounting patterns for customers to choose from.

It fits most Ford & New Holland farm utility tractor models: 2N 8N 9N Naa Jubilee 600 601 800 801 2000 3000 4000 5000 7000 2600 3600 3900 4100 4600 5600 6600 7600 2610 2910 3610 3910 4110 4610 5610 5910 6610 7610 plus many more. It is available in three colors, including blue, black, and yellow.

However, we would still suggest you check your current seat mounting application for compatibility. All in all, some say this can be a lifesaver for old people with back issues who have to sit all day long in a tractor.

Pros: Cons:
  • Flexible frame constructions to conform to various angles in mounting
  • The smooth spring suspension avoids bumps
  • The perfect build of the curvature of the sides prevents users from sliding sideways in the seat.
  • Premium vinyl is resistant to UV and weather so that it can be used for vehicles without windows.
  • A challenge for a small built body to produce enough pressure to monitor the lawnmower sensor.
  • Take some installation such as making some new holes so that it could fit in your tractor.
  • The backrest is not adjustable, so it might be difficult for taller people to find a right-back position.

#5 Concentric Universal Seat with Armrests

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If your working areas are industrial land, a construction site, or a farm and you are running a backhoe, nothing is better than this.

This seat is made of heavy-duty black vinyl leatherette covering; hence it is believed to bring you extra comfort and durability. It is equipped with a fold-over backrest and a universal mounting that has different bolt patterns and can be adjusted with slide track mounting (5 ½” to 13″ width and up to 11.25″ depth).

The seat measurements are approximately 18.5″ tall, 19″ wide (23″ overall width to the outside of armrests), 21.5″ front to rear.

This seat is a suitable choice for a variety of brands of equipment, such as mini excavator, excavator, dozer, forklift, skid loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, farm tractors, industrial, construction, and turf & grounds equipment.

To ensure that you are purchasing a correct item, please check in advance whether your existing model mounting application is compatible with this seat mounting information.

Pros: Cons:
  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable
  • Fold-up armrests
  • High back
  • Flip-down seat
  • No seat switch
  • No suspension (can buy separately)

#6 A.S.A.P Compact Seat

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If you are of small body type, this is quite a deal.

This seat is claimed to fit a lot of brands, such as Yanmar, Ford, Massey Ferguson, International Kubota, New Holland, Mitsubishi, White, Hinomoto, Case IH, Satoh, John Deere, or Iseki.

However, it seems that a lot of hole drilling and bracket reversing is required. It has a back polyurethane over steel frame construction and central drain hole. There is air ventilation to keep your back cool and dry throughout the day.

The package comes together with mounting hardware and flips brackets for you. The product dimensions are 17.5” long, 15” wide, and 12.5” high.

Pros: Cons:
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Good price
  • Central drain hole to prevent water from damaging the seat
  • No armrests
  • Quite narrow

#7 GRAMMER MSG95 – Best Air Suspension Seat

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If you want a fancy looking air suspension seat, the Grammer MSG95 is definitely the one.

This air suspension seat is built in an air compressor with 2 wire lead 3.2″ (80 mm) of infinite assisted height adjustment. Backwards and forwards adjustment is also available.

You don’t have to worry about your weight with this seat as it can hold users weighing up to 385 lbs. You can order the seat with additional components including kit, swivel, operator presence switch, and seat belt.

The seat is specially built to absorb the vibrations of weighty tractors or tractors with an axle or cabin suspension. The backrest angle can be adjusted with a setting range from -10° to +34°, swivel up to 20°, extra-wide seat cushion width of 21.6″ (550 mm). Durable fabric satisfies ANSI requirements and ISO specifications.

It can fit Ford, New Holland, Kubota, Massey, and White.

Pros: Cons:
  • Wider seat bottom cushion for extra comfort
  • Adjustable black vinyl armrests, upper backrest extension & operator presence switch
  • Slide and height adjustment
  • Can accommodate up to 385 lbs
  • Some applications may require drilling & bracket fabrication to mount seat

Parts of a tractor seat 

There are many things that come in a tractor seat but visually there are 4 parts: the armrest, the cushion, the seat belt, and the seat cover. Other parts like rails, frames, etc. help to connect these all things together.

1. Armrests

Not all tractor seat models have the armrest. Some people choose a seat without armrests as they think their hands are too busy to have a rest, and, as a result, this part is not really necessary.

However, armrests are not just for resting your arms. It acts like a fence that protects the driver from falling out of the tractor seat in an accident.

2. Cushions

Cushions help to protect the driver’s body. So, choose a cushion that supports the body part which you want to protect, or how firm you’d like it to be, and whether you need a breathable one or not.

3. Seat belts

Like those of a car, the seat belts of a tractor seat helps to protect you from accidents. Most tractor models in the past did not equip with seat belts but the modern ones do, to increase safety when driving.

4. Seat covers

This helps to keep the seat always in a good looking condition which retains the value of the tractor. The cover can protect the tractor seat from strains and fading by the UV beam. If you choose an expensive tractor seat, don’t hesitate to invest more on the seat cover.

5. Seat parts

Other parts of a tractor seat are slide rails, seat frame, bracket, support rod, seat shock absorber, bolt bushing, arm bracket, and so on. These parts are easily replaced with new ones if damaged or broken.

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Air suspension and mechanical suspension seat 

In general, there are two seat suspension systems: air suspension and mechanical suspension. Each system has its unique benefits which are mentioned below to help you choose the one that meets your requirements.

Air suspension seat

This type of suspension is often more expensive than the mechanical system but many people agree that it is a worthy investment.

Air suspension seats employ a pneumatic system to decrease shocks and vibrations. Hence, you can adjust it faster to get the best possible fit with your body size and shape.

The adjustments can be done easily and precisely by varying air pressure. The pneumatic system can keep the pressure stable no matter how the setting is, all thanks to the spring included.

Another advantage of air suspension seats is that it is likely to support more weight. Yet, the biggest benefit is they are probably more comfortable. If you have to drive for a significantly long distance, this seems to benefit more.

Mechanical suspension seats

In this type, the coil springs and the shock absorbers connect with the articulating joints to provide cushions when across rough terrain.

This suspension system can also be adjusted according to your needs.

The most advantage of mechanical suspension systems is simplicity. It is much easier to identify the problem and fix it.

Compared to air suspension, this type is cheaper and more cost-effective. So, it will be a better choice for a large commercial fleet than for just several vehicles.

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Considerations when buying a tractor seat 

As you might invest a considerable amount of money on this tractor seat, take a look at the following things prior to your purchase.

1. Material

Normally, an old tractor seat will be replaced with a new one when the old one has worn out. If the seat cover is made of low-quality material or suffers constant friction and excessive moisture, it will be cut or worn over time which makes it unusable.

So, don’t let the cut spoil the whole seat! You can choose products made of durable materials such as steel or other metals. And, the seat cover can be made of faux leather, vinyl, or other similar materials instead of textiles. These types of fabrics not only last against friction but also reduce levels of moisture.

2. Design

Driving for long hours on the tractor can make you sweat. To prevent the moisture from ruining the seat cover, you can choose a seat that has proper air ventilation.

Most air ventilated seats use breathable fabrics, mesh panels, or drain holes to avoid overheating and sweating for the drivers, especially those who have to spend 8 hours or more in their tractors every day.

3. Size and cushioning

The seat must be wide enough to fit your bottom perfectly, though having space for spare is more preferred. The cushion, as mentioned so far, can support your body parts, add pressure to reduce shocks on rough roads.

Hence, you should choose a tractor seat that supports your whole weight and large enough to sit comfortably without any fatigue after coming home from a long working day.

Plus, if you are taller than the average human height, take a tractor seat whose backrest is adjustable to avoid neck pain.

4. One option for all

If you are looking for something that matches all series, models, and tractor brands, you can think about a universal tractor seat. If it is hard to do so, then you can find the one that is easily mounted on your tractor.

But, for your information, most seats are suitable just for certain brands and models. So, you have to check the description carefully to make sure it can fit your vehicle.

Whether the seat is mounted firmly depends on the number of mounting holes – the more holes, the better it is.

If a seat model doesn’t perfectly fit your tractor, you can drill more holes to make it fit. However, this is not always a good solution as it might break sooner. And, it often makes the mounting process get difficult and longer.

How to repair a tractor seat?

This part is to show you the way of using foam formulation to repair a damaged tractor seat.

1. Identify where to repair

Carefully examine your tractor seat to identify the damage. For example, the seam and inner filling or your tractor seat are extensively damaged. If the foam is injected into the damaged area, the gap at the seam can be closed and the comfort is increased.

2. Measure the damaged area and mix foam

After measuring the damaged area, you should mix the foam based on the usage instruction. You should be careful in this step and weigh it accurately.

After the material is dispensed, stir quickly and deliberately for about 15 seconds. Remember to scrape the sides and bottom of the container when mixing as well.

3. Apply foam

Use a plastic syringe to draw the liquid foam. Then, inject it at multiple spots along the seam. To hold the cushion together, you can use a painter’s tape after injecting foam into the damaged area.

4. Reinstall the seat

Remove the tape after 4 hours. Then, examine the seat cushion whether it is repaired. Reinstall the seat on the tractor, and you are done.

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FAQs about tractor seat

1. Should you remove the plastic from the tractor seat?

For me, the answer is “yes, you should”.

The plastic cover can make the seat slippery, and keep your back feeling colder in winter or when temperatures drop. In summer or hot weather, it can make you sweatier as it might cover the air ventilation system of the seat.

However, some people still choose to keep this plastic cover. According to them, this cover can protect the seat and keep the warranty valid. But, if you do so, you will not be able to feel the fabric or enjoy the comfort you should have got from its design.

2. Are all tractor seats universal?

Well, frankly speaking, not all tractor seats fit perfectly with all tractor models despite the fact that it is written “universal” on the description. But, each of them fit a number of tractor models of various brands.

So, you should check carefully to find whether that seat fits your vehicle naturally or you might have to drill more holes for better mounting.

On top of that, remember to use the right tools to prevent it from damaging your new seat.


If you wonder which tractor seat I am a big fan of, it is the fourth one – Concentric Black Universal Waffe style Suspension Seat.

Based on numerous positive reviews from its buyers, they have everything that a tractor expects: very well-built, high quality, and good price. On top of that, this tractor seat has no problem with different terrains and smooths out bumps, hence provides extra comfort.

Some people even have found running their tractor great joy since they purchased this item. It is said that this seat can fit many different models, some modifications are needed though. Given that, this disadvantage does not outweigh the premium features of this product.

In a nutshell, this tractor suspension seat deserves to be nominated as the best tractor seat to me.

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