Top 3 Best 3-Point Sprayer 2022: Reviews & Buyer Guide

best 3 point sprayer reviews

A 3 point sprayer serves as a very useful tool for people working in horticulture and agriculture. It helps them save time in distributing various chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and even fungicides. Their applications can vary from pastures, crop fields, and acre-plus lawns to golf courses, athletic fields.

Hence, let’s stop hesitating and read this article to find out the best 3 point sprayer.

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Top 3 Best 3-Point Sprayer on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Fimco 40-Gallon 3 Point Hitch Mounted Sprayer4.9See latest Price
NorthStar 3-Pt. Boomless Broadcast and Spot Sprayer4.8See latest Price
SMV Industries 60 Gallon 3 Point Roll Sprayer4.8See latest Price

3 Top-rated 3-point Sprayers Reviews

#1 Fimco 40-Gallon 3 Point Hitch Mounted Sprayer

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This 3 point hitch sprayer is ideal for small to mid-size farm tractors.

The tank capacity is 40 gallons. This corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank is small enough for maneuverability, yet big enough for simple farming jobs. The flow rate is 2.1 GPM, 12V pump.

It delivers 25 feet of horizontal spray and 35 feet of vertical spray. The 25-feet hose allows you to reach tight areas. This is compatible with category 1 hitch. The power cord is 15 feet. This Fimco sprayer weighs 80 lb.

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Pros: Cons:
  • Function well
  • Work on all kinds of equipment as the 3 hitches are separate from the sprayer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nozzle performance
  • Long hose of 25 feet
  • Low tank capacity
  • Need to clean properly or double rinsing is required
  • Tips on the boom are a little bit small
  • There is nothing on the frame to prevent the tank from sliding sideways.

#2 NorthStar 3-Pt. Boomless Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

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This 3 point PTO sprayer is designed to work for multiple spray options: broadcast spraying of 14-foot areas, droplet pattern spraying, and spot spraying.

Then, this is such a product for the money as it benefits both large coverage and isolated areas, even in remote locations. Yes, thanks to the large tank capacity (55 gallons), it increases productivity with fewer refills and you are able to bring more chemicals at a time.

The 12V 2.2 GPM open flow NorthStar NSQ Series on-demand pump together with the chemically resistant Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragms ensure faster spraying and longer life. What is more, the industrial-grade NSQ pump is amazingly designed to cool down, hence it can work diligently continuously without a sweat.

Another feature that also impressed me is the Honeywell micro switch with battery clamps, which is to increase durability and efficiency.

The opening is about 5-inch large, which eases the filling task. This sprayer is compatible with category 1 hitch.

Pros: Cons:
  • Impressive 100% duty cycle
  • High-quality pump
  • Large capacity (55 gallons)
  • Multiple spray options
  • No cool-downs is required
  • Cannot spray out of 14 feet
  • Pressure lines are kinked, which blocks the chemical flow.
  • The hose is only 15 feet.

#3 SMV Industries 3-Point Roll Sprayer

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The tank capacity of 60 gallons is its strength. With fewer refills, it does increase productivity.

It is built on a powder-coated steel frame with a folding 5 Nozzle Boom. This model can spray covering an area of 16 feet, which is much larger than the previous ones.

The roller pump of this product is well-known for its durability and reliance on spraying and fluid transferring. It provides a wide range of flow rates existing in both lower and higher pressure applications.

The white polyethylene tank has a 5-inch screwed and tethered lid for easy access and is drainable. It features 25 feet EPDM hose. The Deluxe D handle spray wand has an adjustable tip.

Pros: Cons:
  • Big capacity
  • Large spray coverage
  • Long hose of 25 feet
  • Have double break-away arms
  • The pump is not included

What to consider when choosing a 3-point sprayer?

Sprayers with 3 points come in handy in several horticultural and agricultural applications. These sprayers can spray wide areas including golf courses, farming fields, pastures, sports fields, and acre-plus lawns.

Below are some characteristics that you should put into consideration when you are about to purchase a 3-point sprayer.

High-quality tank

Sprayers are usually mounted on the rear of trucks or tractors. As a result, the distribution of their tank weight is an important element for you to consider. If it is low-profile and skewed towards the back of your tractor, spraying up hills may be challenging.

You’ll also want to make sure your sprayers are built to last. Particularly, they should be rustproof, algae-proof, and have robust construction. As a result, you may expect long-term durability and should be able to use your sprayer for many years.

Pressure Control

This is an extremely crucial aspect to look for in a sprayer. If the amount of liquid blasted from a sprayer is excessive, your plants may be damaged. On the contrary, if it is too low, the liquid may not reach your plantations at all. Therefore, you need to find a middle ground between the two.

In addition, if you can manage the boom pressure while still being seated, it will save you a lot of time getting off your tractor. So, it is a cool feature for a sprayer to have.

Easy to install

Complicated installation and operations are becoming a major red flag for your potential sprayer. You do not want to waste your precious time learning the way to operate the item after you’ve spent a lot of time and effort assembling it on your vehicle.

As a result, anytime you are considering purchasing a sprayer, be sure it has reasonable usage and installation process.

Note: 3-point hitch systems of tractors are different in size. Therefore, it is a must to have a sprayer with a universal attachment system that can fit all brands and is simple to connect.

Easy to use

Every customer wants a sprayer simple to use. So, when you’re seeking sprayers, uncomplicated usage is a trait that you should take into consideration.

If a sprayer does not meet this requirement, we are confident that you will ultimately get tired of using the item.

Easy to move

When it’s time to unhitch your 3-point sprayer and bring it inside your shed for the winter, you’ll appreciate the incorporated fork points which make the process a breeze.

Resistant to algae

It’s important to have a sprayer tank that prevents algae growth. Algae may grow under the conditions that your item is in the sun and its tank has see-through sidewalls.

In order to prevent algae to grow, remember to choose a tank with a non-white solid color.

Drainage system

If there is no drainage system, you will not be able to empty your sprayer. As a result, using the item is rather difficult.

The liquid inside the tank must be completely drained. To avoid mixing 2 kinds of chemicals, a sump at the sprayer tank’s base will let you remove all liquid.

Agitation system

A new feature of 3-point sprayers is the agitation system, which is optional. The agitation system constantly returns the liquid to the tank’s bottom, swirling and mixing the water and chemicals. It will eliminate any unsatisfactory spraying outcome.

Chemical flush

When you’re working on plantations, you will be likely to apply medications or chemicals to ensure the plants’ health. Each plant now requires a unique set of chemicals and medications. As a result, if you add medicines from past use, it could be harmful to the plants.

The chemical flush is also a new feature on 3-point hitch sprayers. It’s a distinct freshwater tank, which you may use to clean chemicals out of your plumbing lines and booms. So, when you utilize a new chemical, your sprayer line is clean and ready to use.

Boom attachments

It’s convenient to have a sprayer, which can handle various boom attachments such as steel boom, poly boom, versatile boom, boomless nozzles kit, receiver hitch, etc.

Each of them varies in size and purpose. Therefore, you should consider which boom attachments will meet your needs when shopping for a 3-point sprayer by taking into account where you’re going to spray.

How to connect a 3-point sprayer to a tractor?

Below are five simple steps to connect your 3-point sprayer to your tractor:

  1. Align your tractor and your sprayer: This action is to ensure that the tractor’s lift arms are the same level as the sprayer’s mounting points.
  2. Connect the lift arms: Once you line them up, put the lift pins through your tractor arms and lock them in place with lock pins.
  3. Connect the top link: Connect the top link with the sprayer’s third mounting point and secure it with the lock pin.
  4. Connect the pump: Hook the pump carefully to the tractor PTO shaft and secure the torque chain in order to prevent the pump from moving along with the tractor PTO shaft.
  5. Test the connection: Lift the sprayer off the ground with the help of hydraulics to ensure that it’s correctly secured. Remember to test your sprayer to determine whether the pump is properly pumping water.

For a more detailed demonstration, watch this video:

How to winterize the sprayer?

If you winterize your sprayer, it will be ready to use as soon as the spring arrives. Therefore, it’s an essential process. Below is the guide to winterizing your sprayer:

  1. Drain Your Tank: Start your pump and open all of your spray ends after using clean water to fill your tank. You should do this step in either a field or anywhere else where the chemical will have no effect.
  2. Blow out your plumbing lines: Use compressed air to blow out the pump lines to completely eliminate water from the sprayer system.
  3. Flush your sprayer with anti-freeze: Pour a tiny amount of anti-freeze into the tank and turn on the pump until this colored liquid begins to emerge from the sprayer’s ends. Make sure there’s no pressure inside your hose lines when storing your sprayer.
  4. Store your sprayer: Turn off the sprayer ends so that any remaining anti-freeze liquid doesn’t leak out. Now it’s time to store your sprayer. It’s recommended you put the sprayer on a couple of pallets if a boom attachment is lower than your sprayer.

Safety tips to notice

There are some safety tips you should notice:

  • When connecting and disconnecting the sprayer, wear tight-fitting clothing.
  • When spraying, double-check that all PTO shields and guards are in position.
  • Before connecting/disconnecting the PTO pump, disconnect PTO, turn off the tractor and remove the keys.
  • To modify parts such as the PTO, throttle, don’t reach behind the tractor.
  • Even if you’re shielded, never walk across a rotating PTO shaft.

FAQs about 3-point Sprayer

1. What is a three-point sprayer?

A 3-point sprayer attaches to a 3-point hitch of a tractor in order to spray wide areas including golf courses, pastures, and farming fields, etc.

2. Who makes NorthStar sprayers?

Clayton Engineering, a privately owned company in Australia with an over 45-year track record of service and support, is the manufacturer of NorthStar sprayers.

3. Where are Fimco sprayers made?

FIMCO Industries, the manufacturer of Fimco sprayers, places its headquarters in North Sioux City, South Dakota, USA.


If you don’t need a sprayer with a big tank or don’t mind interruptions in the line of duty, the best 3 point sprayer for you will be the #1 Fimco 40-Gallon 3 Point Hitch Mounted Sprayer. It is a good value for the money. Furthermore, it possesses all necessary features to ensure smooth pumping, durability and superior resistance to harsh environments and corrosive chemicals. What else do you expect from a 3 point hitch sprayer?

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