Top 15 Most Useful 3-Point Tractor Attachments

most useful 3 point tractor attachments

After making a list of all the tasks you need to do around your place, it’s time to pick the best implements. Choosing the right attachment for your tractor will help save your time and effort.

Here is our list of the most useful 3 point tractor attachments in no particular order of importance.

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15 Most Useful 3-point Tractor Attachments

1. 3-point Post Hole Digger

best post hole digger for tractor reviews

Digging holes may sound simple but it requires a lot of labor, especially when you need deep holes for fence building, signs installation, or plantation. That’s when a post-hole digger comes in handy.

This piece of equipment can assist your tractor in digging vertical holes from 800 to 1,300 mm deep. You can also have different hole widths (6, 9, or 12 inches) by altering its drill, which is usually sold separately.

It will be so helpful if you are planting mango, coconut, teak, pomegranate, or lemon. It can work with all types of soil and is compatible with any standard or compact tractors.

2. 3-point Rotary Cutter

3-pt rotary cutter

After a long while, your farm might be inundated with thick brush, grass, or weed. A rotary cutter is used to cut overgrown grass or pasture, which is an essential part of farm management.

It is designed to make strong cuts through grass or tree saplings that are 1 inch thick, with 1-9 inches in height. But it will leave a little rough finishing surface.

3. Finish Mower

best Finish Mowers Reviews

A finish mower, also known as a grooming mower, is a tractor attachment that helps create a professional, manicured-looking lawn like golf courses or sports fields.

This tool comes in many sizes and can fit many types of tractors with their standard 3-point attachment.

Running on rubber tires, the mower can cut your grass evenly without ruining the territory. If kept and maintained properly, it can last for many years.

4. Box Blade

box blade

A box blade is probably the top common implement that everyone owning a tractor should have. It is a metal box that has 3 sides, with scraping blades across the front and the rear panel. Like many other 3-point attachments, this tool can be easily attached to any tractor.

Once you get a hang of it, it can release a lot of burden for your farm duty.

The main uses of a box blade include leveling, grading, and backfilling land. You can also add scarifiers, which are angled metal teeth that can help break up hard surfaces before shaping.

5. Rotary Tiller

best rotary tiller for tractor reviews

A rotary tiller will be very useful for someone who works on large vegetable farms. It is a PTO attachment that has a rotating shaft. On the shaft lines, a set of tines can dig into the soil and make a well-tilled seedbed ready for planting.

It comes with adjustable digging depth, which is more convenient for various types of plants. Generally, it can till 6 inches at maximum. But, larger models can offer greater depths.

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6. 3-point Yard Rake (Landscape Rake)

3pt landscape rake

A landscape rake is made to clean up the soil. The small gaps between curve-shaped tines allow this tool to go into the dirt, pull up chunks like roots, rock & gravel, and leave an even surface.

The rake can also be rotated to the left and right thanks to its 360-degree pivot.

7. 3-point Chain Harrow

3pt chain harrow

A chain harrow is attached to the tractor for pasture land and paddock maintenance. It helps spread out dung, exposing it to sunlight to kill parasites and at the same time distribute nutrition to the rest of the field.

It is also used to maintain surfaces for sports events, like leveling the ground or removing footmarks. On the farm, it assists the seed germination process by bringing the soil clumps onto the surface, which will then be broken down by the weather.

8. 3-point Fertilizer Spreader and Seeder

Rotary spreaders

This tractor attachment is used for a variety of spreading duties, such as seed, fertilizer, sand, etc. It is much bigger than a handheld hopper, which drops the seed manually from your hand cranking.

Its function is quite basic. There’s a spinning disk that throws materials from the hopper above onto the ground.

#9. Harrow Disc

best tractor disc harrow reviews

A harrow disc tills the soil before crops are planted. Besides, it can cut off weeds or break down crop residue.

The 2 sets of steel discs vary in size, shape, and spacings to match the conditions of different types of soil. They are placed crossing each other, like an “X” letter. This helps the disc optimize the outcome when it tills the soil.

10. Cultipacker


A cultipacker does a very good job in firming up your soil before planting, especially for freshly tilled soil. It reduces the fluffiness of new soil and thus improves seed germination. As for small seeds like clover or alfalfa, it is crucial to not plant them too deep into the soil.

Other great benefits of this attachment are breaking up clods, leveling the ground, and keeping the soil moisture.

11. 3-point Flail mower

best flail mower for compact tractor reviews

To cut heavier grass and scrub in agriculture, a lawnmower isn’t strong enough to handle. Instead, we use a flail mower.

Like other 3-point attachments, the flail mower is powered by the tractor’s PTO and can cut through thick grass or even brambles.

What makes this implement better than a lawnmower or brushcutter is that it can shred thick shrubs in a large area. Flail mowers can also be used vertically, making them perfect for trimming tasks.

12. Middle Buster

Middle Buster

A middle buster is an extremely useful implement when it comes to planting vegetables. Farmers use it widely to dig a furrow, which can be as deep as 12 inches.

This attachment can also help harvest, especially with root vegetables like potatoes. Simply attach it to the tractor, run it through the crop and all the roots will be brought up to the surface which is ready to be gathered.

13. Grader Blade

Grader Blade

A grader blade has a wide range of applications, making it one of the most useful tractor attachments. It can fix the driveway, clean the fence line, or shift gravel for shed pads. In forestry, people use grader blades for making trails or creating fire breaks.

It is also used to repair the shoulders or open fire access on roads.

14. 3-point Corn & Bean Planter

3-point Corn & Bean Planter

Exactly like how it is called, a corn & bean planter is a device attached to a tractor to help sow corn and beans onto the field. The corn planter can dig holes, drop the seed in, and then cover it with soil.

Large planters can carry tons of corn and bean seeds to sow on over 100 acres. This saves farmers a lot of effort.

Some models are equipped with sensors to control the distance between each seed for optimal growth.

15. 3-point Wood Chipper

best wood chipper for small farm reviews

A 3pt wood chipper is a very common tractor implement that breaks down wood using its sharp and strong blades.

This attachment can chop down big, solid logs of wood, either fresh or dry, and turn them into smaller wood chips. A wood chipper is especially valuable when it comes to cleaning and making use of debris from trees.

Related Questions To 3-point Tractor Attachments

1. Are Tractor Attachments Interchangeable?

Yes. Interchangeability is a great feature of those attachments. Once the 3-point hitch is attached to the tractor, each different implement will turn it into different “machines”.

2. Is The Dimension A Matter Of Choice?

Yes, it is. Based on the specific task you are doing, it’s important to choose the right size for the attachment to ensure the expected outcomes.

Otherwise, the attachment might be too small to fit the item you want to move. Or, it might be too large to fit where you want it to move.

3. How Important Is The Weight Of The Tractor Implement?

Weight is another crucial factor you need to pay attention to when purchasing a tractor implement.

As an attachment will add more weight to the tractor, it will reduce the overall weight capacity. For small machines, this is much more important. So, it’s recommended to opt for a lighter-duty attachment for better performance.

Final Words 

In the end, the best implements are the ones that suit your own needs the most. Above is our 3-point tractor implements list that we think you should consider first. We hope it has helped you make up your mind!

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