Reviews of Top 3 Best Finish Mowers On The Market 2022

best Finish Mowers Reviews

Common machines such as push mowers or riding mowers are unable to cut a large lawn. So, what to do now? My advice for you is to get the best finish mower on the market. This type of device can trim all the grasses fastly and effortlessly, which is ideal for mowing any large garden.

After testing plenty of good products on the market, I have found out the top 3 most functional finish mowers. And in this article, I will share my experience using them with you!

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Top 3 Best Finish Mowers 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
King Kutter Rear Discharge Finish Mower - RFM-60Best PTO Finish Mower For TractorsSee latest Price
Swisher FC14560BS 14.5 HP 60-Inch Electric Finish Cut MowerBest For StartingSee latest Price
Swisher FC10544CL Classic 44" 10.5 HP Finish Cut Trail MowerBest Pull Behind Finish MowerSee latest Price

In-depth 3 Best Rated Finish Mowers Reviews

Right under below are the 3 mowers that please me most. Each device has its own best point. So read all of my reviews, and you will find out the best finish mower to buy!

#1: King Kutter RFM-60 – Best PTO Finish Mower For Tractors

King Kutter Rear Discharge Finish Mower - 60in

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  • Cutting Width: 60 inches
  • Cutting Height: 1 – 4.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 20 inches
  • Tractor HP requirements: 20 HP
  • Weight: 660 LBS

On my list of the top 3 products, this King Kutter RPM-60 is the best finish mower for a tractor, and also the best PTO finish mower.

In fact, I have started my experience using finish mowers with this King Kutter RFM-60. At the very beginning, my only need was to find a really powerful cutter. And luckily, this RFM-60 model has met my needs.

Having a tractor that runs at 20 Horse Power, this device has pleased me really much, as it provides a smooth and good looking cut on my large garden. To be honest, my lawn is quite uneven. So for a beautiful result like that, I have nothing to say but compliment the machine.

Pros: Cons:
  • Strong tractor
  • Anti-scalp roller
  • Low cutting height
  • 60 inches of cutting width
  • Heavyweight

#2: Swisher FC14560BS – Best For Starting

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  • Cutting Width: 60 inches
  • Cutting Height: 2 – 5.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 20 inches
  • Tractor HP requirements: 14.5 HP
  • Weight: 371 LBS

Starting a mower is such a difficult task. Therefore, I have moved on to find another product that has an easy-open feature. And at the end, this Swisher FC14560BS has attracted me.

You may wonder what makes this device simple to fire up, right? Just have a look at its yellow key starter. By turning this 12-volt electric key, you can bring the machine into work quickly and effortlessly.

On the other hand, when you need to shut down the machine, the key will also help! In fact, I have lost control one time because the machine was running too fast. And thanks to the key, I could stop the machine and restart my work. No injury has been made!

Pros Cons
  • Easy to fire the mower up
  • Large fuel tank
  • Anti-scalp rollers
  • Powerful operating
  • No rubber washers included

#3: Swisher FC10544CL – Best Pull Behind Finish Mower

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  • Cutting Width: 44 inches
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 – 4.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 20 inches
  • Tractor HP requirements: 10.5 HP
  • Weight: 350 LBS

Since the FC14560BS has made me satisfied a lot, I decided to try another product that is also made by the Swisher company. And you know what? I have fallen in love with the Swisher FC10544CL! For me, this is the best pulled-behind finish mower.

Compared to 2 other products on my list, this FC10544CL is the easiest to control device. Having a steel structure and large tires, the mower can run stably and provide a good flotation.

Normally, I have to do the mowing job really carefully, or else I will cut my trees and shrubs by accident. But now, I can comfortably do my job without worrying about anything. That is all thanks to the bumper rollers equipped to the machine. These bumper rollers can prevent itself from damaging all the trees and shrubs, while still trimming all the grasses efficiently and smoothly. Isn’t it great?

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy construction
  • Large tires
  • Bumper rollers
  • G6 mulching blades
  • No battery included

Things to consider when choosing a finish mower

1. Power

This feature directly involves the cutting power of the machine. However, a finish mower actually gets the strength of cutting from 2 things: the tractor, and its engine. Therefore, if the tractor is not strong enough, the mower’s strength will also be affected.

If you are searching for a finish mower with no external assistance, the gas-powered machines might be your potential choice. This type of mower can be pulled by almost any type of vehicle. The only minus point is that it can be a bit costly and need proper maintenance to work correctly.

If you don’t mind the external assistance, then you can consider a PTO (Power Take-Off) finish mower. This type gets energy transferred from a tractor, so it is usually more powerful and mobile. There are mechanical and electrical PTO for you to choose, but the electronic PTOs are generally more convenient.

2. Blades

Most finish mowers have from 3 to 5 blades. Some mowers can have more blades which are larger and more expensive. For me, the number of blades is not a factor for consideration of selecting a finish mower unless you have a very large yard needed to mow.

finish mower blades

The thing to consider here is the material and the scalping protection of the blades. For example, steel blades are lighter, stronger, and can be sharpened easily. The scalping protection feature can keep the blades elevated from the ground, which prevents getting damaged during the mowing process.

3. Width

This is also an important factor to look at. Indeed, if a finish mower comes with a wide cutting width, you can finish your task quickly.

A wide cutting width may cost you more. So, if your yard is small, you may choose a smaller cutting width mower.

4. Horsepower

When choosing a finish mower, you have to make sure that mower can work well with your tractor. This means you should consider the horsepower of both the tractor and the mower. For example, if the mower has a horsepower of 45, it can’t be pulled by a 30 HP tractor.

Besides, this feature relates to cutting power. The more horsepower the mower has, the more cutting power it can produce.

5. Speed

This factor shows how fast the finish mower moves around the yard. If your yard is large, you can benefit more from a high-speed mower.

Different finish mowers can have different maximum speeds. If you try to cut faster than that maximum speed, your lawn might not be left as beautiful as you wish.

Although high-speed cutting can save your time, it is said that a finish mower tends to last longer if being pulled at a lower speed.

6. Acreage

As the finish mower is pulled behind a tractor, it usually needs larger acreage than your normal yard.

Although knowing which acreage of yard suitable for a finish mower is important, sadly many manufactures do not include this measurement in their product advertising (as this can lead to different results).

7. Cost and warranty

The price of a finish mower is abundant depending on its type. Normally, a new finish mower can cost you about $2,000 to $3,000 which is not a small amount of money. So, you should consider it carefully before buying it.

Also, the warranty comes with it should be at least one year. However, it will be ideal if the warranty is 5-year or 10-year. As you know, if anything happens within the warranty period, you don’t have to pay extravagant money for repairs.

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Why and when you buy a finish mower?

Why buy?

A finish mower provides great benefits with its special features.

For me, the best benefit of a finish mower is great productivity within lesser time. And, I don’t have to do much labor work when just sitting on a tractor, maneuver it and eventually have a nicely-cut lawn.

A bush mower or a riding mower is handy for small yards but wasteful of time and labor for larger ones. Finish mowers are greatly efficient due to their following capabilities:

  • The cutting width is from 60 to 260 inches
  • Mowing height can range from 0.5 to 6 inches
  • Cutting modes are fine and coarse
  • There are 3 to 5 blades in a small machine
  • For the industry-grade machine, there are about 100 blades per head
  • The average cutting speed is from 15,000 to 18,000 feet per minute

Mowing 18,000 feet of lawn in a minute is definitely amazing, right? Feel like it is polishing your lawn in a breeze.

use Finish Mower for wide land

When to buy?

To know when you need one, there is a list of questions for you to check. If your answers are mostly “Yes”, then a finish mower might be your choice.

1. How big is your lawn? Is it larger than 0.5 acre?

If your lawn is smaller than 0.5 acre, getting a push mower will be better (although you might do a bit of cardio).

If you have lots of estate ground, or your lawn is larger than 0.5 acres, then a finish mower will be ideal.

Other fields definitely need a finish mower such as estates, school grounds, golf courses, sports fields, parks, sod farms, and so on. These are vast lawn which is impossible for a bush or riding mower.

2. Is your lawn flat and having no obstacle?

Remember a finish mower can work well on quite even surface with no tall bushes or trees. Otherwise, it will be hard to get things done.

3. Do you have a riding mower, ATV, or tractor?

A finish mower can be pulled behind these machines. Remember to check the right size for the machine.

How to keep finish mowers for longer use?

Here are some tips to keep your finish mower for longer use.

1. Maintenance before each use

  • Check tractor tire air pressure.
  • Check blades and spindles to ensure nothing is strapped.
  • Check blade bolts for tightness.
  • Inspect wheels for damage and replace them if necessary.
  • Lubricate before each use.
  • During operation, listen to abnormal sounds which might indicate loose parts, damaged bearings, or other damage.

2. Maintenance after each use

  • Clean all debris from the finish mower especially the underside of the deck.
  • When cleaning the underside of the deck, securely block the machine into position.

FAQs about Finish Mowers

1. What is a finish mower?

A finish mower is a type of mower that is attached to a tractor to create a nice cut for your lawn when the tractor moves around. Usually, it is used for large and even yards/lawns.

Unlike other types of mower, a finish mower can complete the cutting in a very short period of time with precise and clean trim.

2. What is the difference between a brush mower and a finish mower?

The difference is in their general usage. The former is often used to cut tall grass, dense shrubs, or small trees. Meanwhile, the latter is for an already landscaped lawn. A finish mower cannot cut brush or dense vegetation.

3. How tall and low of grass can a finish mower cut?

Finish mowers have adjustable rear gage that will allow you to cut grass from a range of height. Normally, the range is from 0.5 inches to 6 inches.

If you want to cut grass which is taller than 6”, a brush mower will be more suitable.

4. How often should you sharpen lawn mower blades?

If mowing a lawn needs about 45 minutes to finish, the mower blades should be sharpened every 26 to 33 mowing sessions.

Otherwise, you should sharpen the blades every 20 to 25 minutes for most rotary mowers. This will ensure you are not causing undue damage to your lawn every time you mow it.

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Have you found a suitable product to buy? If not yet, I recommend you get the Swisher FC10544CL. With durable construction and many cool features, surely this model will be the best finish mower for the money you pay for. Also, it is easy to use. Thus, you do not need to be an expert to do the mowing work.

And now, I will end my writing here. Many thanks to you for having read!

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