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How Fast Can a Tractor Go? – 10 FASTEST Tractors

how fast can a tractor go

Tractors have evolved in design over time, as has technology and the world. They previously utilized steam engines, but today they run on diesel, which has improved the overall speed. There is no historical evidence of how swiftly early tractors traveled, but we’ll find out how fast contemporary ones can go. Generally speaking, most modern […]

How to Test a Voltage Regulator On a Tractor: 5-STEP Guide

how to test a voltage regulator on a tractor

By providing a stable voltage, an alternator voltage regulator (otherwise known as a tractor’s voltage regulator) will prolong the life of your tractor’s battery and other electrical components. Unfortunately, the voltage regulator in a tractor can fail at any time, which may impact the rest of the electrical system. As a result, before committing to […]

What Does ROPS Mean On a Tractor? – Ag Safety

ROPS tractor

What does ROPS mean on a tractor? Agricultural tractor ROPS stands for “rollover protection structures”, and are vital for ensuring safety while operating a tractor. ROPS can fold down or completely detach from the machine to offer protection in the event of a rollover. According to data collected by the United States government, more than […]

What Does PTO Stand For on a Tractor? – How it Works

what does PTO stand for on a tractor

PTOs are standard equipment on a wide range of commercial and agricultural vehicles. Agriculture machinery such as wood chippers, harvesters, and hay balers are just a few of the many applications for PTOs in the hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical realms, but what does PTO stand for on a tractor? ‘PTO’ means “Power Take-Off.” A power […]

How To Drive A Tractor – GUIDE for First-Time Users

how to drive a tractor for first time users

Tractors make the tasks of farming much easier and more efficient and vary in size and engine power so that you can find the right one for your farming needs.  Common tractor tasks include: hauling (with a bucket), snow removal (with an attached plow or blower), lifting (big logs, small dead trees, other heavy things), […]