Top 8 Best Base Layer For Cold Weather Reviews (2022 Updated)

best base layer for cold weather reviews

While stylish insulated jackets are the first gear for farmers in winter, they are hardly your most potent defense against the cold. If you are serious about staying warm when working outside, you should make sure to get the best base layer for cold weather as the foundation for other pieces of gear, like leather work boots, mid-layers, insulated vests, work gloves, etc.

Let’s explore my 8 top-rated base layers to complete your appropriate layering before the winter comes.

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Top 8 Best Base Layer For Cold Weather 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
LAPASA Men's M31Best Lightweight Base LayerSee latest Price
Under Armour Men's Base Crew 2.0Best for DurabilitySee latest Price
MERIWOOL Men’s Base LayerPrevent Annoying Sweat & OdorsSee latest Price
Icebreaker Men’s Merino Wool Base LayerNo Chafing For Continuous Leg MovementsSee latest Price
HEROBIKER Women's Thermal Underwear SetBest BudgetSee latest Price
Under Armour Women's Base Crew 2.0Best for WomenSee latest Price
MERIWOOL Women’s Base LayerAutomatically Adapted to Body TemperatureSee latest Price
Kari Traa Women's Rose Base Layer BottomsFeminine DesignSee latest Price

In-depth 8 Top Rated Base Layer For Cold Weather Reviews

1. LAPASA Men’s M31 – Best Lightweight Base Layer

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LAPASA M31 is my best base layer clothing for cold weather in day-to-day farm activities outdoors like feeding livestock, cutting wood, plowing snow, loading grains, etc.

This undergarment set is designed with the user’s health in mind. It is made of 100% Australian merino wool that meets the STANDARD 100 Oeko-Tex – one of the world’s most well-known ratings for textiles tested for harmful substances. This label means that every detail of this base layer is safe for human health.

Since farm jobs are hyper-active and require continuous body movements, you need a lightweight base layer to avoid the bulky feeling. This LAPASA base weighs only 200gr/m2 and has a four-way stretch rib-knit hem and snug fit, allowing you to perform a wide range of motion in daily farm jobs.

Plus, it is made from thousands of 18.5-micron merino wool fibers to slide your skin smoothly with no itching like traditional wool clothes.

Pros Cons
  • Made of 100% natural Australian Merino wool for excellent insulation, breathability, safety, and comfort
  • Four-way stretch for maximizing your body movements
  • Easily removable tag
  • Lightweight
  • No separated top/bottom options
  • Too thin and fragile

2. Under Armour Men’s Base Crew 2.0 – Best for Durability

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By keeping your vital organs warm enough with the Under Armour base layer, you will regulate your good blood circulation. Thus, your arms and legs will always stay warm under frost winter mornings.

This Under Armour T-shirt is sufficient for small land or farm owners because it is more budget-friendly than the above LAPASA merino shirt. It is made of synthetic fabric, with 93% polyester and 7% elastane for extended stretchability, durability, and dryness.

Since Under Armour is a worldwide well-known brand in the sportswear industry, you can also use this T-shirt for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, etc.

This long john is marked as Base 2.0 – which is applicable for cold weather conditions with moderate activity levels. If you live in extremely cold or arctic areas, you should look for a better-insulated base layer of Under Armour that is Base 3.0 or Base 4.0.

Pros Cons
  • Versatile for farm work and outdoor activities
  • Affordable price tag
  • Made of synthetic fabric for extreme durability, dryness, and sun protection
  • Scent Control technology
  • Only available in one color (pitch gray)
  • Not for severe cold weather

3. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer – Prevent Annoying Sweat & Odors

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Although the undergarment is the inner layer and is mainly used for farm work, you might want it to be more stylish. This MERIWOOL base layer offers you 9 color and pattern choices. You can mix this T-shirt with jeans to wear on a relaxed fall afternoon.

This base layer is also made of natural merino wool like the LAPASA one but slightly heavier with a unit weight of 250gr/m2. Still, it is comfortable enough for me with no itches like traditional wool shirts.

As stated by the manufacturer, you can safely clean this long-sleeved shirt in the washing machine using cold weather and dry it in the dryer with a low heat setting.

While performing physically active jobs like snow shoveling or harvesting crops, this T-shirt prevents sweat build-ups or annoying odors on your skin. The natural properties of Merino wool will instantly absorb moisture better than any other fabric. Thus, you will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Pros Cons
  • Various color choices
  • Can be used as a base or mid-layer
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe
  • 30-day return
  • Slightly heavier than the LAPASA M31

4. Icebreaker Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer – No Chafing For Continuous Leg Movements

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If you already have a top base T-shirt, you might want to get these Icebreaker Thermal Pants for full-body protection against the upcoming frigid winter. These pants are available in 3 neutral color options – Black, Estate Blue, and Midnight Navy.

This men’s legging from Icebreaker is a perfect combination of natural and synthetic fabrics. It is made of 85% Merino wool and contains less synthetic material than traditional outdoor standards.

When getting this legging, you can experience both the coziness and breathability of natural Merino wool and the extreme stretchability and durability of sportswear.

These slim-fit pants feature an elastic waistband, making them a groovy pick for layering in winter. You can choose them as the inner layer and jeans as the outer layer.

Its flatlock seams help reduce chafing and avoid irritation on your skin. Thus, you can also use these pants for other sports that require continuous leg movements, like cycling.

Pros Cons
  • Slim-fit form with
  • Elastic waistband and flatlock seams for extra comfort
  • Contain synthetic fabric for extended longevity
  • Not true to size

5. HEROBIKER Women’s Thermal Underwear Set – Best Budget

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This HEROBIKER Underwear Set is the best budget base layer for women. This long underwear set provides next-to-skin comfort as the base layer for your farm clothes.

Still, it is thick enough to use as the outer layer for any indoor or outdoor activities, like shopping, climbing, snowboarding, yoga, fitness training, etc. You can even use it as the inner layer for your professional office outfit.

This has a remarkable lightweight and breathable construction with 92% ultra-soft polyester and 8% spandex, meaning that you don’t have to scarify your comfort for warmth.

This synthetic material combination is also much more affordable than natural wool workwear. Thus, you can give yourself several sets for utmost protection every day.

Although this underwear set is dryer-safe, you should wash it in cold water and let it dry naturally to extend its lifespan.

Pros Cons
  • Many fashionable color choices for women
  • The most affordable base layer
  • Made of synthetic material
  • The top is too short

6. Under Armour Women’s Base Crew 2.0

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This base layer is another Base 2.0 pick from Under Armour but for female farmers and workers.

Like the men’s version, this long-sleeved shirt includes everything you need for a moderate activity level in cool and cold weather. Some mutual characteristics between these two items are the UA Scent Control technology, lightweight, flexibility, four-way stretch construction.

So, what differentiates this T-shirt from the men’s version?

It is made of 100% cotton. Compared to synthetic material, cotton is suitable for certain outdoor conditions, like hunting in the forest on a warm sunny day or mountain biking in California.

However, since cotton retains moisture as its natural characteristic, it might make your skin sticky or cause strong body odors. Using a cotton base layer like this Under Armour shirt even results in emergencies like hypothermia.

Therefore, this Under Armour shirt is still an excellent pickup for certain moderate weather conditions. You might want to explore an alternative that is better in insulation and moisture-wicking.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable to use for warm or cool days
  • Lightweight and high flexibility
  • Made of 100% cotton; Can’t keep you warm better than synthetic or Merino wool fabric

7. MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer – Automatically Adapted to Body Temperature

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This MERIWOOL base layer is similar to the above men’s version but available in more color variations. I bet that you will give a big “YES” to this thermal shirt. Because for female workers, performance should always go along with fashion.

This base layer is also manufactured of Merino wool from Australian sheep. Unlike any fabrics like cotton or synthetic, his textile is automatically adapted to your body temperature. Thus, you will never feel too hot or cold in any circumstance.

Another reason that I love this MERIWOOL product is that you have 30 days to try the product. If you don’t feel happy with it or want to exchange your item for a more suitable sizing and color choice, you can get it back to the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, each shirt comes with a 1-year limited warranty, covering manufacturing and material defects.

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of colors to serve women’ fashion tastes
  • Excellent customer care policies
  • Adaptive textile
  • Not suitable for women with a long torso

8. Kari Traa Women’s Rose Base Layer Bottoms – Feminine Design

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Why limit your winter workwear to dull solid colors when you can play with patterns? This feminine Rose Base bottom from Kari Traa has funny colors of the Scandinavian winter. You can use it as a base layer for farm maintenance tasks or as an outer layer for winter sports like skiing, hiking, or snowboarding.

Made of natural Merino wool, these thermal pants keep your bottom body warm when going with leather work boots and a good pair of insulated socks. The side panels are thinner to better wick away sweat and moisture from your skin.

Besides, its firm but soft elastic waistband keeps the pants in one place but doesn’t cause any sores on your belly.

What don’t I like about this item? The fabric is see-through and hard to be worn alone. If you just want a bottom to wear inside your work pants, this is a good one. But if you want it to be both an inner and outer layer, you will have to find thicker pants.

Pros Cons
  • Classic and feminine design
  • Thinner side panels for moisture-wicking efficiency
  • Durable elastic waistband
  • The fabric is see-through; can’t be worn alone

Final Words

There is no perfect choice for everyone in every circumstance. In other words, the best base layer for cold weather for you is the one that meets your fashion style and work preferences.

LAPASA M31 is my all-time classic choice for both farm work and outdoor activities. This set is a valuable pick with both the top and the bottom for full-body protection. It is also the only item on the list that meets the STANDARD 100 Oeko-Tex rating, the golden standard for users’ comfort and safety.

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