Top 7 Best Farm Chainsaw Reviews (2022 Updated)

best farm chainsaw reviews

Chainsaws are popular farm equipment that can be used for various purposes. However, not everyone knows that it is also a dangerous tool that can lead to fatalities. According to the CDC, there have been 36,000 accidents every year caused by using chainsaws.

Therefore, you should use it with caution. Choosing the best farm chainsaw equipped with safety features can minimize hurt and fatal risks. To ease your difficulty finding a high-quality chainsaw, I have included some best models that might be suitable for your next projects.

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Top 7 Best Farm Chainsaw on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Husqvarna 455 Rancher Best Gas Farm ChainsawSee latest Price
CRAFTSMAN 42cc (2020 Model) Gas Farm ChainsawBest PriceSee latest Price
Poulan Pro Pr5020 2-Cycle Gas ChainsawBest Professional Farm ChainsawSee latest Price
WORX WG322 20V Powershare 10" Auto-TensionBest Chainsaw For Hobby FarmSee latest Price
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Farm Chainsaw KitBest for Small FarmSee latest Price
WORX WG320 20V JawSaw Electric Farm ChainsawGreat for Cutting Overhead BranchesSee latest Price
New Huing Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit 20VBest Handy ChainsawSee latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated Farm Chainsaw Reviews

Below are the best-selling farm chainsaws with safety. I have tried the Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw a few times, but it seems hard to start. Some of my friends also experience the same issue. So, I have excluded it from this list.

#1 Husqvarna 455 Rancher – Best Gas Chainsaw

Check Latest Price

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is the best farm chainsaw for landowners and homeowners looking for a robust chainsaw for all cutting conditions. This chainsaw offers perfection in performance, durability, and usability with 2 bar length options – 18-inch and 20-inch.

This gas-powered chainsaw can handle all complex jobs thanks to its powerful 55.5cc engine. At a maximum power speed of 9,00RPM, you can use this Husqvarna chainsaw for a wide variety of tasks – cutting firewood, topping fence posts, felling small trees, and so on.

Another reason that differentiates the Husqvarna 455 from its counterparts is that it offers an excellent ergonomic design. The anti-vibration system helps you hold the machine with ease.

Therefore, you will avoid any kickbacks, pushback, or pull-in while cutting large trees – which are also the 3 most common hazards when using chainsaws. You can also make instant chain adjustments with a simple side-mounted chain tensioning system.

The fuel tank can only store 14.88 fl. Oz. Thus, you have to fill your gas tank every 30 minutes. But overall, its high quality of this Rancher makes it the best Husqvarna chainsaw for farm work.

Pros Cons
  • Ergonomic design for extra performance and safety
  • Powerful 2-cycle engine
  • Quick air filter release
  • Small gas tank
  • Expensive

#2 CRAFTSMAN 42cc (2020 Model) Gas Farm Chainsaw – Best Price

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A runner-up in this best farm chainsaw list is the Craftsman 42cc. This chainsaw model also offers the best price for its long-term performance. You can choose a bar and chain’ length of 16 inches, 18 inches, or 20 inches, depending on your work requirements.

Lacking experience in using chainsaws can lead to unwanted accidents and death. The Incredi-Pull start system enables you to start the machine quickly, while the 15-pound weight and anti-vibration technology helps you stay balanced and comfortable.

Please remember that you need to have a basic knowledge of gas engines to use this chainsaw.

Besides, its 2-cycle gas engine provides adequate power for the chain and the bar to handle any size load you need to finish. This machine can knob trees with a diameter of 16 inches.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Can handle wood pieces with a diameter of 16 inches
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not environment-friendly
  • A little bit heavy at 25 pounds

#3 Poulan Pro Pr5020 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw – Best Professional Farm Chainsaw

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If you often have to do heavy-duty job loads, I’d recommend Poulan Pro PR5020 as the best professional chainsaw for your safety and performance.  This rear handle chainsaw can cut 32-inch trees or tackle any challenging jobs on the ground thanks to its 20-inch bar and chain.

This gas chainsaw is powered by a 2-cycle engine that requires an oil and gas mixture. With the help of its 50cc powerful motor, you can cut bulky firewood or even lumber milling with ease.

Many workers favored this Poulan Pro equipment because it is more energy-saving than other gas-powered items. Its OxyPower engine offers you a professional-grade experience while reducing 70% gas emissions and 20% fuel consumption.

Pros Cons
  • 20-inch chain and bar to handle demanding tasks
  • More energy-efficient and environment-friendly than other gas-powered chainsaws
  • Provide clean and smooth cuts
  • The bolts get loosen over time
  • The handle is not durable

#4 WORX WG322 20V Powershare 10″ Auto-Tension – Best Chainsaw For Hobby Farm

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WORX WG322 is a compact chainsaw for tackling small tasks around your yard. You can use this cordless equipment to cut down small limbs, thin trees, or shape shrubs using its 10-inch blade.

Since this WORX chainsaw uses a 20V battery, it can handle tiny spaces or areas that are hard to reach. Weighing only 6.19 pounds, with the dimensions of 25×7.5×9.5 inches, you can take this workmate on your car or to any worksite where power jacks aren’t available.

While this chainsaw can’t beat high-powered models, it delivers a smooth, efficient performance.

It can cut any log or branch with a chain speed of 12.5ft/s in a single cut. But the notable hidden truth of this farm equipment is that you can use its WORX PowerShare batteries for all 20-Volt and 40-Volt tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products of WORX.

Pros Cons
  • Battery-powered, no gas or cord needed
  • Lightweight, compact
  • Offer smooth and consistent cuts with a chain speed of 12.5ft/s
  • WORX PowerShare batteries for multiple WORX devices
  • Poor choice for professional use

#5 DEWALT 20V MAX XR Farm Chainsaw Kit – Best for Small Farm

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Dewalt MAX XR is the best chainsaw for small farm projects with a solid, compact body and stunning performance. With a bar length of 12 inches, I guess this power tool can offer up to 90 cuts of 4×4 treated wood on a single battery charge (20V *5Ah).

One thing for sure is that Dewalt has paid attention to every detail in this chainsaw model. Its excellent design helps boost your performance while protecting you from injuries during prolonged working hours.

The handgrip is coated with rubber, providing a sturdy yet smooth experience. This handle also minimizes vibrations, especially when you are using protective gloves.

A tool-free tensioning system is a neat addition to this compact machine. Maybe you have seen it in most modern chainsaws, but Dewalt made it better!

The MAX XR replaces an awkward knob with a retractable one. You can work continuously with low downtime.

Pros Cons
  • Can handle a maximum of 90 cuts per charge
  • User-friendly design
  • Affordable price
  • Batteries can be used for other Dewalt products
  • Chain oil leaks when idle

#6 WORX WG320 20V JawSaw Electric Farm Chainsaw – Great for Cutting Overhead Branches

Check Latest Price

Are you looking for a new chainsaw for your light jobs? WORX WG320 should be the first item in your workmate shortlist.

It is a great electric-powered tool for small jobs in large gardens or small farms. It can offer you a set of jaws that can cut tree branches of up to 4 inches in diameter.

This JawSaw is easy to carry around or at 7.1 pounds in weight. It is easy to handle even for people with low upper body strength. Since it is lightweight, you can lift it overhead to trim tree branches.

What’s more notable is that it is the only chainsaw designed to cut directly on the ground, with a high guarantee for safety.

Each WORX PowerShare battery charge takes around 12 hours and only lasts for 1 to 2 hours. If you have other WORX products, you will have extra 2 or 3 MaxLithium batteries to use without a long waiting time.

Pros Cons
  • Handle objects with a maximum diameter of 4 inches
  • Can use extra batteries of other WORX products
  • Quiet
  • Can’t be used for heavy-duty jobs due to battery limitations
  • The saw chain often comes off after changing the saw’s angle

#7 New Huing Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit 20V – Best Handy Chainsaw

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This mini cordless chainsaw can be a special gift on Father’s Day or any farmer/DIYer’s birthday. Lightweight, handy, battery-powered, one-handed operation, this New Huing mini chainsaw will be loved at one’s first glance.

This mini chainsaw is appropriate for light-duty gardening tasks. Featuring an upgraded copper motor and a 21-Voltage rechargeable battery, it can cut a 3-inch log in just 4 seconds.

You can store this farm tool in your working bag thanks to its compact design. Furthermore, you can safely use it with one hand soft anti-slip handle. This firm grip provides maximum comfort for your hands even when working for a long time.

If you have already had some heavy-duty chainsaws, this mini model would be a great addition to your collection. Farm work involves both hard and easy jobs. Using an appropriate tool for each job ensures your safety and comfort.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for light jobs
  • Upgraded copper motor for extreme efficiency
  • One-handed operation
  • The chain gets loose after several uses

How to Choose the Best Farm Chainsaw?

Power Source

A chainsaw can be powered in one of three ways: gasoline, electricity, or battery. The power source that a chainsaw uses has huge implications for its performance, design, and longevity. So, it’s important to do a lot of research about this before you buy.

  • Gasoline

Gasoline chainsaws are probably the most iconic out of the three. They are bulky, heavy, loud, and they shoot out a continuous plume of smoke as they work. In return, gas-powered chainsaws are the strongest type that a person can purchase on the market. They’re able to cut through wood of any size and type.

Typically, such a chainsaw will run on a two-stroke gas engine. Like any other engine, they have to be regularly lubricated. To kick start the engine, you need to prime the gas tank and pull on a starter cord.

It is basically a de facto piece of equipment for professional landscapers and lumberjacks. Residential users may find use out of this type of chainsaw, too. However, most homeowners will do fine with an electric or a battery-powered chainsaw.

  • Corded electric

An electric chainsaw is operated using a long power cord plugged into either a generator or the main power grid. Compared to its close sibling being a battery-powered chainsaw, an electric one has a lot more cutting power. The power cord delivers more stable power to the motor, allowing it to run at a higher amperage.

Of course, the downside of using this type is that you’re confined to the length of the cord. You must always be close to an electric outlet. If not, you will need the support of an extension cord.

It’s also because of the cord that the application of a corded electric saw is rather limited. This kind of chainsaw is popular among people with small, one-acre property, which makes it easier to run extension cords around. If your property is larger than that, you may need to bring with you a portable generator.

  • Battery-Powered (Cordless)

Cordless chainsaws run on an in-built battery (usually Lithium-ion). This is the lightest, most portable kind of chainsaw out of the big three. Such a chainsaw is going to be very useful if you need portability more than you need cutting power.

Battery life is going to be different from brand to brand and model to model. Nevertheless, the maximum is around a day’s worth of work. After that, you will have to pause and plug the chainsaw into a power source for the battery to recharge. Most chainsaw batteries need several hours to be replenished.

These are great for light-duty, quick-cutting tasks. However, since their cutting power is rather limited, don’t expect the chainsaw to be able to handle heavy cutting jobs.

Bar Size

The size of the bar can tell you the maximum diameter of the object that the chainsaw can cut. Say, if you have a chainsaw with an 18-inch bar, it will be able to cut through a tree with a trunk measuring 18 inches in diameter.

Bar size can range from as short as 12 inches to as long as 72 inches. Larger ones are only ever used by professionals since they’re more difficult to use.


Other than the bar size, also consider the handle design. A chainsaw can either have a top handle or a rear handle.

A chainsaw with a top handle will usually be more compact and more maneuverable. In return, they’re a little bit more difficult to master, so this kind of chainsaw is more favored by professionals.

On the other hand, a rear handle chainsaw is easier to use and provides better handling. They also have their cons: they need to be gripped by both hands and can tire you out quicker than a top handle chainsaw. Of course, they’re less compact than chainsaws with top handles, as well.


Weightier chainsaws tend to be more powerful, but they’re less comfortable to use. Their greater weight will cause fatigue to set in quicker and you’ll have to pause and rest before continuing your work.

In choosing the size, your physique and experience should also be taken into account. Professionals with years of experience and good strength can work better with a heavier, more powerful chainsaw.

On the other hand, if you just picked up a chainsaw for the first time, it’s better to stick to smaller, lighter models. At least until you gain more experience.

Fuel Consumption

This section is unique to gas-powered chainsaws. When you buy one, make sure to read reviews or ask the manufacturer how fuel-efficient it is. The more fuel-efficient the chainsaw is, the less you’ll have to spend on gas.

High-end gas-powered chainsaws tend to come with more efficient engines and have many technologies to clamp down on fuel consumption without losing performance. This is the reason why you should always go for the best. While the initial cost may be high, the greater fuel efficiency will save you more money in the long run.

Efficiency is decided by the air injection system inside of the chainsaw. It’s how the engine removes sawdust and debris from the chainsaw. A chainsaw with a good air injection system will have better fuel economy than one that doesn’t.


As the chainsaw works, it’s going to produce a lot of vibration. There are mechanisms inside of the saw to help dampen this vibration. They make working with the chainsaw a lot less exhausting and dangerous.

For this reason, you should always look for chainsaws with vibration dampening tech. Additionally, a comfortable handle is also high on the list, too. A well-built handle can help you control the vibration.

Safety Features

Chainsaws are dangerous. Even professionals with years of experience could be injured in a freak accident. Because of this, pick up chainsaws with safety features. They could very well save your life.

If you don’t know what to look for, a good chainsaw should always have a good chain brake, anti-kickback system, and chain guards.

Outside of the safety mechanisms built into the chainsaw, you should also take some proactive safety measures. Wear safety clothing, don your gloves, use safety goggles, and pick up a pair of earmuffs. They surely aren’t comfortable, but if something were to happen, you’ll be glad that you wore them.

Extra Features

Chainsaws aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to get the most out of the money spent. Look for models that offer extra features on top of the basic ones.

Some models come with features that can improve the user experience and make wielding the chainsaw more convenient. For example, a simple-start mechanism or a tool-less chain adjustment design.

Others will have features that streamline the maintenance process. We’ve seen a few models with an observation window built into the oil reservoir. It makes keeping track of the oil level a quicker, simpler task. Many gas-powered chainsaws on the market have automatic chain oiling systems, too.


Last but not least, ensure that the chainsaw has a good warranty. These are work machines with a higher likelihood of being damaged while you’re working with them. The warranty can rescue you from many tricky spots if anything were to happen to your chainsaw.

FAQs about Farm Chainsaw

1. Is Husqvarna better than Stihl?

Following many farm chainsaw reviews, Husqvarna’s offerings are higher rated than the Stihl ones. The previous machines feature more increased safety for most users, and they are well-equipped with anti-vibration technology. That means there is no complication in processing the engines.

However, while the Husqvarna chainsaws are pretty effective in cutting, the Stihl engines are more powerful.

2. Which farm chainsaw is better: Gas, Battery, or Electric?

Gas, battery, and electric chainsaw, which one of them is better depends primarily on your needs.

For instance, an electric chainsaw is considerably easy to use, and it can cut small trees efficiently. However, you might prefer a gas machine when it comes to large and prominent kinds of wood. With its incredible power and long-time use, you can even cut down a forest.

Other than that, a battery chainsaw is much more lightweight as well as easier to carry around.

3. What bar size should you choose?

Typically, the bar size should range from 16 to 18 inches. It can both handle light-duty and medium-duty work, such as removing small branches or trees. The measure also helps even if you do not have much experience using those chainsaws or are not strong enough.

However, if you have to handle heavy-duty tasks, the suggested size is more than 22 inches. Besides, learn by heart the essential rule in choosing the length: it must be two inches longer than the wood’s diameter. A shorter chainsaw can neither work efficiently nor assist you.

4. Is a pole saw worth it?

Of course, any machine has its helpful function to save human beings energy and time. Concerning the pole saws, they are worth investing in once you need to cut and prune branches in high places like the tree trunks regularly.

Instead of employing a professional at a high price every month, you only need a magical and cheap pole saw.

My Top Pick

By picking up the best farm chainsaw, you will ensure your safety in the workplace while maintaining high work efficiency. No matter which model you buy, you need to read the user manual carefully and wear your protective gear while using chainsaws or any other farm equipment.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher is the best chainsaw for farm use of all sizes and levels. You can pick either the 18-inch or the 20-inch version of it, depending on your job requirements.

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