10+ Best Ideas Of Mother’s Day Gift For Farmer

Ideas of Mother's Day Gift for Farmer Mama

Mother’s day is definitely an opportunity to show your love to your farmer mom through extremely meaningful and surprising gifts!

Surely you also have your own ideas, right? If not or you are still wondering, then check out this article which summarizes 10+ perfect ideas of Mother’s Day gift for farmer mama!

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10+ best ideas of Mother’s Day gift for Farmer

1. Farmer Gloves

What is a more thoughtful Mother’s day gift for farm Moms than a pair of gloves?

Farming is surely hard work. Your mother’s hands are in constant exposure to dirt and chemicals (like fertilizers) or are used to hold tough farming tools. Over time, it may leave calluses on the palms of her hands.

Wearing gloves while farming is a great idea to protect her from being damaged in the long run. Men might not care much but trust us, any woman would always be more concerned for the skin of their hands. Besides, it also makes the work more pleasant.

Your Mom probably has already had one pair of gloves so why not get a good quality one? Like the Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves.

Leather gloves are of course more durable and always offer more grip than other materials. These are made from water-resistant leather, with a handy elastic wrist, and are perfect for a wide range of tasks on farms.

2. Farmer Hats

Same deal with gloves, hats must be of the top essentials in farming clothing. We all know leaving our skin under the sun for too long can potentially lead to skin cancer. So wearing a hat covers our face from direct sun rays. Also, during wintertime, it keeps both your head and ears warm.

But what hat can you go for, especially as farming gifts for her, your farmer Mom?

When you think of a farmer’s hat, you probably only thought of an old cowboy hat that is made of straw. Well, a farmer hat can still be stylish, try the Toppers Bucket Sun Hat. 

This is a farmer hat made with good sun protection fabric that can block 98% of UV rays. The material is also light in weight, breathable, and waterproof.

Another great feature is that it can be adjustable with different head sizes thanks to the back band and bow-tie straps. With a wide variety of designs and colors, these can absolutely be one of the perfect Mother’s day gift ideas.

3. Farmer Mom Mug

If you can’t think of something she really needs or are up for more of a souvenir to give appreciation to farmers, which they always deserve, how about a decorated mug?

We find this Chicken Whisperer Coffee Mug super cute to be a special gift for farm girls or this Funny Cow Mug for moms who are raising cattle. Both of the two are made of good quality ceramic and are dishwasher/ microwave safe.

4. A High-quality Pair of Farm Boots

Who can imagine working on a farm or doing all the animal chores without a reliable pair of farm boots?

The Muckster Mid Ankle Muck Boot has very good reviews on being slipped on/ off easily. They are rubber outsole boots that are perfect on lawns and gardens because these soles are non-slippery and hard to be worn out.

The boots are said to keep your farmer Mom’s feet warm during winter time but are still breathable on hot days.

What better occasion than Mother’s day to give your mom this valuable farmer gift?

5. Farmer Legging

When farming or gardening, your Mom needs clothes that not only can provide good protection from the sun, the cold, or chemicals but also are comfortable to wear. No one wants to stack on layers of thick clothes while handling farming duty, do they?

So why not buy your mom Adidas Leggings? They are 92% cotton, which makes them very comfortable to wear and friendly to the environment (compared to plastic).

Other highlights are that they are highly stretchy and durable, and can also be washed by machine.

Who said we can’t be fun and fashionable on a farm? Not only on farms but these Adidas leggings can also be worn anywhere. Pick one in a color of her choice and wait to brighten up your mom’s day!

6. Chore Coat

A chore coat is perfect for any weather. Your Mom can do house chores in this coat but at the same time still look good if anything not-too-formal pops up, like a meeting. Sounds like a good gift for her already, doesn’t it?

The Dickies Chore Coat can be a good pick, as it is 100% cotton and added with DWR (durable water repellent), making it excellent in wet conditions.

The coat comes with flap pockets that are very secure and interior pockets for more storage, too.

7. Apron

Many people just don’t like to change into new farming clothes every time going on a farm. Of course, putting an apron on is much easier.

An apron can well protect your Mom’s clothes and is easy to be washed. Plus a nice big pocket in front, no wonder why an apron is essential anywhere that has handy work.

8. Necklace

If you love handmade gifts and are thinking of sending your Mom one, why not try this wonderful Farm Life Necklace?

Jewelry can store memories and messages. Indeed, this necklace is not only a creative but also a meaningful way to appreciate your dearest mother.

They have 2 options in length (24” and 36”) and a keychain version you can go for. Apart from the necklace, you will also receive a message card and a square box with a gold tie on the outside. Such a presentation has made a strong reason for us to recommend it to you.

9. Farmer’s Wife Sign

Sometimes all you need is not anything materialistic or tangible but a simple, heartfelt message. Don’t just send your mom a text message, get a wooden sign with warm words written on it. That is surely a more sincere, special way to tell her.

This rustic farmer’s wife sign made with natural cedarwood will be a nice decoration for your mom’s kitchen. She can either hang it on the wall, on the door, or simply sit it on a shelf.

10. My Favorite Farmer call me Mom shirt or I’m Mom and Farmer, nothing scares me

Farming is a humble job but deserves the best appreciation. If you are looking for another cool message and another cool way to show it? How about a T-shirt?

We have found these two that can be your excellent gifts.

11. Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall

Unlike an apron, a coverall or Bib overall can provide complete coverage, even over boots and they look pretty good, too.

There have been quite a few great reviews from buyers on the Dickies Denim Bib Overall in terms of quality, appearance, and usability. The denim is made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed. People also love that it is very comfortable and fits nicely with many sizes.

We bet your mom would love this gift. Plus, a denim overall just never goes out of fashion, does it?

12. A Meaningful Farm Book

Book is no doubt the best gift idea of all. In case you don’t think there is a good book about farming out there, we have a recommendation for you: Welcome to the Farm: How-to Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead, a book from Shaye Elliot.

This is not simply a guidebook on farming, but rather a lifestyle of do-it-yourself, or back-to-basics. It is true!

Farming is not just a job or a duty.  There is always beauty every step of the way. We bet this would be such a lovely way to say thanks to your farmer mom on her special day!

13. A Durable Farm Bucket

Sounds not too special to give your mom a bucket for Mother’s day. But we think the Stainless Pail from Pro Select won’t let you down.

Unlike other buckets in your household, which only are used indoors, farming buckets need to be highly durable. That is why stainless buckets are always better.

This Pro Select Stainless Pail won’t likely crack or break and has many sizes to suit your own needs. Such a practical gift, isn’t it?

Time to cherish her day!

We hope our above list of mother’s day gifts for farmer moms has been helpful to you. Share with us if you have any other cool ideas. Hope you have the best Mother’s day with your beloved farmer mom!

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