Top 7 Best Snow Plow Reviews (2022 Updated)

best snow plow reviews

A snow plow is mounted in the front-end of your trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs to remove thick snow build-ups on your property. Provided that you get the best snow plow, you can keep your driveways or sideways snow-free on frigid winter mornings without relying on a manual snow shovel or snow plow service.

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Top 7 Best Snow Plows on the Market 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Motoalliance Denali Atv Snow Plow KitBest OverallSee latest Price
MotoAlliance DENALI UTVBest Heavy-duty Snow Plow KitSee latest Price
KFI UTV Pro-Poly Blade Snow PlowBest for ¾ ton pickupSee latest Price
Massimo Motor Universal Snow PlowFits most UTVS/ATVsSee latest Price
COTRIC Adjustable ATV Snow Plow Universal KitBest AffordabilitySee latest Price
Black Boar 66016 Snow Plow ATV KitBest for FlexibilitySee latest Price
Meyer 26500 HomePlowGood residential snow plowSee latest Price

In-deph 7 Top Rated Snow Plow Reviews

1. Motoalliance Denali Atv Snow Plow Kit – Best Overall

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The Denali Snow Plow is an ideal pick for those looking to fasten a snow blow onto their ATV vehicles. It is a perfect fit for ATV trucks of Polaris and Sportsman (2011-2018 Series).

This snow blow features a 60-inch straight blade, which is specially used to remove snow discharge from your driveway after a hard snowfall. Not only more affordable than a V-shaped blade, but this blade is also composed of 11-gauge steel with a grade finish for extended usage with no rust and wear-off.

Moreover, it includes everything you need in a standard plow blade, including 2 replaceable wear bars, push tubes, adjustable skid feet,  installation hardware, and a user manual.

However, the winch (to raise and lower the blade) is not included in the product package. Therefore, you should purchase it from recommended brands like VIPER Elite, Max, or Midnight Series.

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with many ATV truck models
  • Made of high-quality steel material
  • Affordable
  • No blade winch in the product package

2. MotoAlliance DENALI UTV – Best Heavy-duty Snow Plow Kit

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This Denali snow plow is my second pick from MotoAlliance, with a more extended blade width of 72 inches. It can be used for UTV and side-to-side (SxS) farm vehicles like Polaris Ranger, John Deere Gator, Jeep Wrangler, Brutus, Cub Cadet, Kubota RTV, etc.

Designed in the USA, this heavy-duty snow plow is made to handle the most rigid materials like sand, wet snow, and ice.

First, it features a 72-inch blade made of 11-gauge hardened steel.

Second, the 65-degree attack angle ensures a robust and smooth scoop movement, allowing you to move a full scoop of snow to a specific area with ease.

Third, the Center-Mounted design protects your UTV or SxS from sudden impacts by balancing the force to the sturdiest part of your vehicle. You can keep the plow all year long on your UTV’s frame thanks to the rugged mount plate.

There are not too many complaints on this snow plow except one minor thing – It’s hard to get the right blade height because the shoe brackets are welded at different heights.

Pros Cons
  • 65-degree attack angle for easy snow removal
  • Center-Mounted design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Hard to get the exact blade height due to different shoe brackets’ height

3. KFI UTV Pro-Poly Blade Snow Plow – Best for ¾ ton pickup

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In U.S cities with the heaviest snowfall, like Rochester, New York (28.2 inches in January), or Buffalo (27.4 inches in December), you should plow more regularly whenever the snow reaches 1 inch.

This KFT Snow Plow can fit ¾ ton pickup trucks like Polaris Ranger 1000 XP or Polaris Ranger 570 Crew since it comes with a mounting plate for Polaris Ranger vehicles.

This top-rated snow plow is proudly made in America and follows American standards. It features a sturdy 3/16-inch and ¼-inch Grade 50 steel rib and frame with an ultimate tensile strength of 450MPa and 65,300 PSI, allowing it to handle big scoops of snow for an extended period without damaging your UTV.

Unlike the first two MotoAlliance items, this plow’s blade is made of Pro-Poly, an inexpensive high-strength polyethylene with excellent bond strength. This polyethylene blade ensures an enhanced snow removal efficiency like a steel one with no rust, no corrode, no repainting thanks to its moldboard.

Not only having a high-grade construction, but this UTV snow removal is also easy to install and use. You can attach it to your vehicle in a blink with its two standard 5/8-inch hitch pins along with the plow. This plow can lift snow 30 inches out of the ground and up to 25 degrees on either the left or right side.

Since this snow plow uses a straight blade, you can only use it for home and residential areas. If you want to, you’d better find another item with a wide V-shaped blade.

Pros Cons
  • Pro-Poly blade with low maintenance effort and improved snow removal efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy assembly and use
  • The straight blade can’t be used for commercial purposes

4. Massimo Motor Universal Snow Plow – Fits most UTVS/ATVs

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If you have a tight schedule, you’d better get a snowplow for your residential area than booking snow removal services. This Massimo Universal Snow Plow is designed to be used on most UTVs and ATVs and to promise to keep your driveway or sideway free of snow whenever you want.

This snow plow boasts a 12-gauge steel blade that can push an extensive area of 60 inches wide in every pass. Besides, it has 5 directional adjustments, giving you more freedom in clearing snow. There is also a built-in stabilizer to reduce the heavyweight of wet snow and ice friction.

However, it can only lift snow to 1.5 inches from the ground, far less than the above KFI UTV Pro-Poly (maximum 30 inches).

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with ATVs/UTVs from ODES, HiSun, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Ranger
  • Stabilizer for less friction
  • Adjustable direction
  • Can only lift snow up to 1.5 inches out of the ground

5. COTRIC Adjustable ATV Snow Plow Universal Kit – Best Affordability

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If you have to clear snow after a snowstorm for your small property with no driveway, you should choose a large-blade snow plow instead of a snowblower or an electric shovel. This snow removing attachment is much more potent than the two remaining tools, thus getting this tiring job done less time and health risks.

This COTRIC Adjustable Snow Plow fits with almost all popular ATV brands on the market, including Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Crossland, and so on.

Since this 48-inch snow blow is specially designed for small landowners, it’s much more affordable and won’t break your bank account.

Still, it includes everything you need for quick and efficient snow removal, including a heavy-duty steel blade, push tube, and a universal mount kit to attach the plow onto the front of your ATV. You can control the blade angle movements in 5 directions to completely clear all snow.

There are two small notices you should know about this snowplow. First, it does not fit the Can-Am Outlander models. Second, if your ATV has a welded skid plate, you should drill a hole to attach the plow onto your vehicle.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for removing snow on small properties
  • 5 blade directions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t fit Can-Am Outlander pickups
  • Need drilling for installation for ATVs with welded-on skid plates

6. Black Boar 66016 Snow Plow ATV Kit – Best for Flexibility

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Black Boar 66016 is the most flexible snow plow on my top list since it offers a 48-inch straight blade that can move in 9 positions with a maximum blade’s angle of 30 degrees. You can also change the height of the blade more precisely with the help of the adjustable skidpad.

Although, this plow is made of high-quality material for lessening your time and effort. The steel blade is 2mm thick to enhance the plow’s potency when working on thick snow build-ups or wet snow.

Besides, it also has a black powder coating to prevent rust and possible damages. Thus, you can use the plow for a long time instead of wasting your budget on a new one.

This plow can work with all ATVs that have round or square tubular frames. When not in use, you can quickly unmount the plow out of the mounting bracket via two quick pins.

Pros Cons
  • 9 directional positions, maximum movement angle of 30 degrees
  • 2mm thick steel blade with powder coating
  • Adjustable skidpad
  • Compatible with ATVs with round/square tubular frames
  • The images on the instruction should be bigger

7. Meyer 26500 HomePlow – Good residential snow plow

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While it has a high price tag, Meyer 26500 is the cream of the crop among my 7 options for clearing long driveways fast and efficiently. It is also the best snow plow for ½ ton pickup or SUVs, like the GMC Sierra 1500, the Ram 1500, the Nissan Titan, etc.

This Meyer snowplow features an impressive working width of 90 inches (approximately 7.6 feet), covering an area of 7 feet 6 inches. You can use this 7.6-feet blade with a 1-ton pickup truck like Dodge Ram 3500. This kit also features integrated wheels to ease its assembly and storage.

And unlike the 6 remaining models, the 26500 offers full hydraulic control for unlimited blade movements (up, down, left, right, straight) from your truck’s cab. The up and down plow motions are hardwired, while the left and right motions are full-powered hydraulic.

As part of the Meyer family, the 26500 inherits the Quick-Link mounting system, making it easy to mount or unmount from your vehicle. Additionally, the Dura Slick paint on the blade makes the snow roll smoothly when plowing.

This well-known home plow of Meyer looks the most like a traditional commercial snowplow. But don’t let this lure you. The manufacturer states that it can only suit home and residential purposes – like driveways or small parking lots.

If you try to use it as a money-making unit, it can cause wear and tear on your vehicle or other annoying issues.

Pros Cons
  • Come fully assembled for ½ ton pickup trucks or SUVs
  • Quick-Link mounting system for easy unmounting/mounting
  • Full hydraulic control for flexible blade movements
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for commercial use

My Top Pick

When choosing a snow plow, you should consider some key criteria, like pickup truck’s weight, plow material, plow types and options, and hydraulic options. The more detailed you know about your property area and work demands, the more chance you will find your appropriate snow plow for this upcoming winter.

MotoAlliance DENALI ATV Snow Plow is my all-time best snow plow for residential snow removing jobs. This plow has an affordable price tag and includes all the basic features you need to keep your driveways and sideways free of snow.

If you need to plow snow on a small or mid-sized lot, a skid steer might be more compact and flexible than a pickup.

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