Agratronix Hay Moisture Tester Reviews

agratronix hay moisture tester reviews

A moisture tester is a must-have item in growing and harvesting hay. Without it, maintaining and storing hay might not be done properly. Check out the Agratronix hay moisture tester reviews with the top-rated hay moisture testers verified by customers alongside intense product research and analysis for more information.

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About The Agratronix Brand

AgraTronix, based in Northeast Ohio, has been the pioneer in electronic moisture testers and electric fencing systems for over the last 40 years. They are famous for the quality, reliability, customer service and advanced technology.

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AgraTronix moisture testing and electric fencing products have set the standard by which all others are compared. They have two main product categories: the Electronic Moisture Testers and Electric Fencing Equipment & Alarm. AgraTronix products are world-renowned for highly reliable and accurate moisture results and are simple to use.

In-depth 3 Best Agratronix Hay Moisture Testers Reviews

#1. AgraTronix Best Baler Tester: Agratronix HT-Pro 20” Portable

Product Specs

  • Moisture range: 8%-45%, depending on hay tested
  • Calibration clip included
  • Temperature range: 32°-225°F (0°-107°C)
  • Accurate with stored, baled alfalfa, timothy and clover hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • Illuminated LCD display with moisture limit indication
  • 9V battery required

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Agratronix HT-Pro is a top choice for portable hay moisture tester. It is the only portable tester to include an easy-to-use calibration clip of 20 inches that takes only 20 seconds to calibrate. This means you can calibrate your tester at your convenience – before each season, each cutting, or whenever you feel like checking. The calibration clip also removes the hassle of taking back the tester to the factory for calibration.

This Agratronix tester runs with 9-volt batteries and it has an illuminated backlit LCD display meter for low light operation. The Agratronix tester one-piece construction enables convenient, hands-free use. This means that you can now insert the probe into the bale and determine its moisture level and the unit can be used on all hay varieties and applications.

With a moisture detection range of 8%-45% and a temperature range of 32°-225°F (0°-107°C), this meter is perfect for regular hay testing. Overall, this is a valuable addition to your farm.

Pros Cons
  • 20-inch hay probe length
  • Illuminated backlit LCD display meter for night use
  • Wide range of moisture detection and temperature
  • Portability – powered with batteries
  • Reasonably priced for everyday use
  • A little bit laggy when sticking multiple spots in a roll of hay
  • Weak included battery, need replacement quite often
  • Not designed for windrow hay
  • Carrying case not included

#2. AgraTronix best Baler-mounted Tester: Agratronix BHT-2

Product Specs

  • Moisture range: 8%- 40%, depending on baler type use
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • Bale types: small, square and round
  • Greater overall accuracy with multi-sensor technology for measuring all the bale angles: left, right and middle
  • Constant readings update every 3 seconds
  • Easy viewing at all time: day and night with big illuminated LCD display and keypad
  • Adjustable moisture offset
  • Adjustable high/low limit of moisture reading
  • Firmware/calibration curves upgradeable via standard USB

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Every farm needs a good baler-mounted hay moisture tester to get a more productive working process. If that is what you are looking for, then your farm needs the AgraTronix BHT-2. This tester is suitable for small square, large square and round bales. It has great performance in all conditions and helps to increase the hay bales or round bale quality.

The BHT-2 tester gives a direct and constant readout for moisture percentage while baling hay. It comes with 2 sensor pads, including 2 35′ sensor cables, which allow us to take readings on both left and right sides as well as throughout the bale. It all helps to increase measurement accuracy.

The Agratronix BHT-2 tester operates with a moisture detection range from 8% to 40% and gives a constantly updated result every 3 seconds. Also, this model has the feature of adjusting the high/low limit of moisture reading. With flexibility and reasonable price, this tester helps farmers check the hay conditions throughout the long day. It is the most suitable tester for various hay conditions that may happen on your farm.

Pros Cons
  • Multi-sensor technology for greater accuracy
  • Direct and constant update the testing result every 3 seconds
  • Illuminated LCD display using at all hours
  • Adjustable high/low limit of moisture reading
  • Easy installation and operation
  • High price tag
  • Short monitor cable and no cable extension available

#3. AgraTronix best Window Hay Moisture Tester: Agratronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester

Product Specs

  • Range of moisture: 13-70%, depending on hay tested
  • Test results displayed in 30-60 seconds
  • ± 2% to 4% accuracy
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • One 9 volt battery not included

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The AgraTronix windrow hay tester is designed to quickly check the loose hay or forage in a windrow before baling. This is a very important tool for farmers who want to check the correct moisture level at which the hay is baled and decide the time to begin baling without wasting time and expense of using their baling or chopping equipment. This tester is also easy to operate with a 9V battery requirement.

This tester provides the precise moisture level with the highest accuracy by simply adding loose hay or forage to a five-gallon bucket and pressing the tester for measurement. It can give us results in 30-60 seconds with an accuracy range of 2-4%. This hay moisture tester is optimized for moisture levels between 13% and 70%.

Pros Cons
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Ability to test a large amount of loose hay
  • High rate of accuracy
  • Portability – powered with batteries
  • No protection case included
  • This unit does not calibrate

Bottom Line

A hay producer knows that excess moisture can lead to mold growth and spontaneous combustion, but not enough moisture is terrible for your product as well. Therefore, the electronic moisture meter is exactly what you need. Hopefully, the Agratronix hay moisture tester reviews bring you a good look at Agratronix, a name you know you can trust.

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