Top 4 Best Copper Bolus For Goats Reviews (2022 Updated)

best copper plus for goats reviews

Copper is an essential mineral for goats. It plays a vital part in their nervous development, bone growth, and overall physical health. Choosing the best copper bolus for goats is the simplest way to avoid a copper deficiency in your herd.

As a rule of thumb, you should give your goats 1 gram of copper per 20 pounds of goat. This article will list down the top-rated copper bolus that you can consider adding to your goats’ daily diet.

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Top 4 Best Copper Bolus For Goats 2022

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
UltraCruz - sc-3635674.9See latest Price
UltraCruz - sc-364925 Copper Bolus for Kid Goats4.8See latest Price
UltraCruz - sc-363568 Goat Copper Bolus Supplement4.8See latest Price
UltraCruz - sc-363825 Copper Bolus for Adult Goats4.8See latest Price

In-depth 4 Top Rated Copper Bolus For Goat Reviews

#1 UltraCruz – sc-363567 – Best Goat Copper Bolus for Kids

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According to a report in 2017 by the Department of Primary Industries in New South Wales (Australia), kid goats show dramatic effects when experiencing a copper deficiency.

They can’t suckle, stand, or keep up with their mothers, which badly affects their learning progress and development. UltraCruz sc-363567 is the best copper bolus for kid goats to maintain their healthy physical growth.

This copper supplement is designed for goats under 3 months of age, with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. A single capsule contains 2 grams of copper, just appropriate for a goat under 50 pounds. So, you can use one box of UltraCruz for 25 goat counts and don’t need to calculate the extract amount for each goat.

Since these copper capsules are slow-release, they will be slowly absorbed into the goats’ bloodstream in a long period of 8 to 12 months. Please remember not to let them chew the capsules since copper can be expelled with poops, resulting in a waste of medication.

However, this copper bolus can only be used for goats. If you have various types of cattle on your farm, you should find a specific copper supplement for each of them, which can be a big add-up to your budget.

#2 UltraCruz – sc-364925 Copper Bolus for Kid Goats

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If your herd has 25 to 100 baby goats, the UltraCruz sc-364925 is a more affordable solution than the above sc-363567. This copper for goats can serve up to 100 goats at a time with a unit cost of 65% cheaper.

This copper supplement offers the same characteristics as the sc-363567. For baby goats weighing under 50 pounds, you feed them once every 8 to 12 months since each bolus contains the exact amount of copper they need for their development (2 grams).

#3 UltraCruz – sc-363568 Goat Copper Bolus Supplement – Best for adult goats

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It might be challenging to find a reliable natural source of copper for goats due to soil deficiency and climate changes. According to The Western Producer – the most prestigious farm paper in the Western Canada area, a lack of copper and minerals can cause death and other serious health issues for goats.

Therefore, even when goats are grown up, you should maintain copper in their daily diet. UltraCruz sc-363568 is an advisable solution for goat owners. A single dose contains 4 grams of copper, maintaining a consistent copper level for an adult goat in 8 to 12 months.

After use, you should store the box in a cool, dark, and dry place to not affect its quality.

#4 UltraCruz – sc-363825 Copper Bolus for Adult Goats

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Like the above sc-363568, the UltraCruz-sc-363825 offers a 60% cheaper price per unit for large farm owners. Each box can consistently serve the copper needs for 100 herd counts.

If there are any signs of copper deficiency in goats like poor milk production, underweight, loss of hair color, you should quickly provide them with a single copper bolus to treat this common mineral shortage.

Almost all previous buyers said that their goats show noticeable improvements in hair color and hair growth after taking this supplement.

Each 4-gram capsule fits an adult goat’s copper demand in 8 to 12 months. Hence, you should think twice before getting this item. If your farm has only 70 goats, this supplement box becomes quite pricey. You should also find a pill gun that fits this capsule. Otherwise, you will have to put the copper bolus in treats like peanut butter or marshmallows.

Other Mineral Supplement for Goats

#1 TruCare 4 Top-Dress Trace Mineral Blend for Livestock

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Besides copper, goats also need other essential microminerals for producing high-quality milk.

While goats can take these nutrients from the diet, mineral blends like TruCare 4 Top-Dress are an easy and budget-friendly way to maintain good health and wellbeing. This supplement is for goats and other livestock like beef cattle, dairy cattle, deer, elk.

Each 35-ounce pouch of this supplement includes zinc, cobalt, manganese. These minerals play a vital part in your livestock’s digestion progress, bone and joint health, skin and coat production.

The most notable point is that this supplement is made from organic sources and contains no toxic ingredients. Therefore, even pregnant goats can safely use this bolus in their daily diet with no risks.

Since this supplement contains copper, it can’t be used for sheep or any copper-sensitive animals.

#2 Manna Pro Goat Mineral

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If you have a small farm of baby and adult goats, you can save your budget with the Manna Pro Goat Mineral. It is safe to use for goats of all ages and classes. The advisable daily intake is from ¼ to ½ ounce per goat.

This supplement is designed for maximizing their intake effect. First, it contains chelated minerals to boost their absorption. Second, it is a microbial blend, meaning that it has a proprietary mixture of microbial cultures, enzymes, and many micro and macronutrients to support their digestion.

This supplement includes various vitamins and minerals to keep your goats. On top of that, there is Ammonium chloride to prevent the formation of calculi in the urinary tract.

#3 REDMOND Goat Mineral Supplement Mix

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Redmond Mineral Supplement Mix offers your goats 63 trace minerals from the American ancient sea bed, including copper, vitamin A, D, E, to treat their nutrient deficiency. There are no fillers, additives, artificial flavorings, or toxic ingredients.

Goats prefer minerals with salt. This supplement mixes with premium unrefined salt that doesn’t expose to chemical treatment. Your goats will love this salty mix!

However, the minerals will clump together under wet weather conditions, and your goats might not find them as appetizing as before.

You should feed your goats with a small amount of Redmond at a time to keep the supplement at its best taste.

#4 Purina Goat Mineral Supplement

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Purina Goat Mineral Supplement is highly advisable for all goat breeds and life stages. You will save a notable budget on goat feeding while maintaining a nutritious daily diet for them.

This Purina supplement is rich in essential nutrients for the proper development and well-being of goats. For example, copper and zinc are for vibrant skin and hair color, while calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin D are for better bones and optimum milk production.

This mineral supplement is formed in coarse particles to reduce waste and dust. As stated by the manufacturer, you should provide them a daily intake of approximately ¼ to 1/3 ounces per head.

My Top Pick

UltraCuz provides the best copper bolus for goats. Its reliable source of slow-release Copper helps support their healthy skin and hair development. They also maintain good overall health, preventing copper deficiency in goats.

And, choosing an appropriate type of copper bolus is up to your goats’ age and the number of goats in your herd.

All UltraCuz copper products are safe, even for pregnant goats. If goats chewed copper bolus, you don’t have to worry. The copper is heavier than the hay, grain, and grass that they are eating. It will stay in the bottom of their rumen and slowly be released into their bloodstream in 8 to 12 months.

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