Top 12 Best Snowblower Brands On The Market

best snow blower brands

Before winter sets in and drops its footsteps on your surroundings in the form of snow, you should be well-prepared for the most troublesome task associated with this season: snow removal. This article is written to provide you with the best snow blower brands so that you’ll have a solution to all snowfall conditions.

Here’s the list of the top 12 best brands for snowblowers that will definitely be what you want to find.

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Top 12 Best Snowblower Brands Worth Your Consideration

1. EGO Power+ – Best brand for electric snow blowers

If you are interested in electric snow blowers, then EGO Power+ is what’s right for you. This line is a perfect substitute for gas-powered machines with similar quality.

EGO Arc Lithium batteries with great capacity are claimed to have no contenders in the market. In addition, thanks to the EGO Power interchangeable system, EGO batteries and chargers are not restricted to a specific product but can be applied to multiple EGO equipment.

Despite being majorly made of steel and plastics, the EGO Power+ snow blowers offer excellent durability and weather resistance. If powered with 2 batteries, they can tackle deep, heavy, and wet snow.

Furthermore, the level of power can also be adjusted based on the depth of the snow for a longer lifespan of batteries.

2. Briggs and Stratton

If you feel extremely annoyed by the high snow piles on your pathways, then blow them like a professional with Briggs and Stratton snow-clearing machines. These winter saviors utilize the innovative features and awesome power to defeat the heaviest snowfall effortlessly.

Briggs and Stratton introduces both single-stage and two-stage snow blowers for light and moderate volumes of workloads.

Their snowblowers will make your snow removal task a breeze due to the help of a fiercely powerful engine, heated handgrips for warming up hands in the icy cold winter. Also, the dual-trigger steering is for an easy turn, and the SnowShredder TM Auger technology is for dealing with the high compacted snow piles left behind by your neighborhood snow plows.

3. Toro – Best single-stage snowblower brand

Toro is regarded as the best single-stage snow blower brand in the world. Thanks to its perpetual innovation from year one, Toro rises to the forefront of the outdoor tool industry.

Snowblowers made by this brand are built with advanced features to last for years to come yet sold at competitive prices. Besides single-stage snow blowers, the brand also manufactures a two-stage line that comes with gas power, lightweight electric power snow shovel, or battery power.

One of the top-rated Toro snowblowers is the 38381 1800 Power Curve Electric, which features an excellent combination of lightweight, mobility, portability, and superior performance for light-duty tasks.

4. Husqvarna

With the assistance of Husqvarna products, you can show the snow who is the real boss of this winter.

Husqvarna is among the leading snowblower brands reputed for premium quality machines that can rapidly remove the snow with ease. The heaviest snowfalls seem to be no match for Husqvarna two-stage snowblowers because they are engineered to tackle the demands of harsh winters.

Aside from a cleated track drive system delivering unrivaled propulsion in deeper snow, on hills, and slippery surfaces, Husqvarna snow blowers also feature a trigger control power steering which enables a separate operation.

Every product of this brand comes with outstanding maneuverability of each wheel, heated handles, and a cast iron gearbox with a one-decade limited warranty. They are all easy to operate and reliable choices to deal with hard-packed snow.

5. Ariens – Best 2-stage snow blower brand

Clearing snow in the winter seems to be a tiresome task. However, don’t let it prevent you from enjoying this beautiful season since you have Ariens snow blowers come to your aid.

With nearly 90 years of experience, Ariens is chosen by millions of discerning homeowners worldwide. This brand offers reliable performance snow removal equipment that can stand up to anything you throw at them.

The Ariens Sno-Thro, which earns Ariens company the title “The King of Snow”, is known as the best 2-stage snowblower in the world. It is equipped with the exclusive RapidTrak system delivering operators unbeatable versatility and power even when confronted with the deepest and heaviest snowfalls on the slippery or hilly pavement.

Additionally, Ariens also offers a heavy-duty snow blower line loaded with convenience features and engineered for the extreme.

6. Craftsman

CRAFTSMAN has been the brand of choice for discerning home builders, homeowners, master mechanics, and auto enthusiasts since 1927. Before their debut, Craftsman snow blowers are tested in practical situations. The ultimate results can go beyond your expectations.

The brand launches both single-stage and two-stage snow blowers. The SB230 outfitted with a 123cc four-cycle OHV engine is considered its best single-stage one. It is a perfect solution to removing snow coming from small and moderate storms.

Another popular snowblower of Craftsman is the two-stage SB470 which is ideal for large driveways. It features a well-designed snow chute for further snow shots, a powerful 243cc engine, and a wide 28” cleaning path that enables users to finish work quickly in the largest storms.

7. Snow Joe

Founded in 2004, Snow Joe is the leading electric and cordless snow blower brand. The company offers a wide range of smart winter solutions from battery-powered snow throwers to snow brooms and electric snow shovels. They come in various models and price points.

What sets Snow Joe apart from the competition is its innovative, eco-friendly yet affordable snow removal tools. Regardless of your price point, Snow Joe will provide you with the highest quality snow thrower that outperforms pretty much anything else on the market in its price range.

Its products feature the ground-breaking battery platform for maximum power to tackle any kind of snowfall in the winter.

8. Cub Cadet

There is no need for snow shovels this winter as Cub Cadet snow blowers, which are built to blast through anything winter throws their way, will undertake the task. These machines are available for either small driveways or large driveways.

The X series includes single-stage 1X, two-stage 2X, and three-stage 3X snow blowers. The 1X can remove up to 6 inches of snow accumulation with ease. The 2X can handle 6 inches more. The star is the Cub Cadet powerful three-stage snowblower for large driveways that can remove up to 23 inches of snowfall.

These three-stage beasts feature three different drive functions, which facilitate them to adapt and function well in wet, heavy, and compact snow conditions.

Moreover, they also have an induction accelerator to smash and remove giant clumps of ice and snow effortlessly.

9. PowerSmart – Best gas snow blower brand

Convenience and powerful performance are surely two things you can find in all the PowerSmart products. The company offers both electric and gas snow blowers. The electric models are rather light, compact, and ideal for small driveways.

PowerSmart gas snow blowers are the next step up from the electric line. They are tailored for larger driveways and a more challenging snow removal task.

PowerSmart is mainly known for its two-stage machines that are good quality yet relatively affordable compared to those in the same assortment on the market. One of them is the PowerSmart DB72024PA with a 6.5 horsepower engine, a depth of 20 inches, a width of 24 inches, and an electric start. The blend of these features makes it a perfect choice to tackle large amounts of heavy snow.

10. Honda

Prepare for your winter with a Honda snowblower then you don’t need to bother yourself about the troublesome chore of clearing sidewalks, paths, and driveways.

Honda snowblowers are widely acknowledged for their high maneuverability, powerful performance, exclusive technology, and innovative features. They are available in 14 single-stage and two-stage models.

At the core of every Honda winter warrior lies a reputably reliable, fuel-efficient, and easy-starting Honda engine. The predominance of the Honda HSS Series over many competitors in the market is rooted in the harmonious blend of optimized impeller pulley, commercial-grade GX engine, and 90-degree impeller wing.

That besides, track drive models allow for superior traction and slip or slide resistance in any real-life snow condition.

11. Greenworks

 Greenworks 10 Amp 16 inch Corded Electric Snow Thrower

At Greenworks, landscaping professionals and DIY consumers can find innovative, reliable, and sustainable battery-powered solutions that satisfactorily fit their needs.

Featuring best-in-class technology, its snow blowers are ideal alternatives to gas-powered tools but without noise, noxious fumes, and stamina-reducing vibration often coming with gas products.

Significantly, Greenworks snow blowers offer you a four-year warranty whereas the standard warranty in this industry only lasts 1-2 years.

One of the best-selling models is the Pro 60V Brushless 22”. With the assistance of a high–efficiency brushless motor, easily adjusted auger, 30-ft snow discharge, and 22’’ clearing width, this equipment is perfect for heavy snowfalls that the toughest winter will drop on your sidewalks and driveways at residences or commercial properties.

12. Ryobi

Ryobi is a specialist in making power tools and outdoor products with innovative features yet affordable prices. There are currently four products in the Ryobi 40V cordless snow blower lineup. It ranges from a compact 18-inch model to two-stage ones.

In addition to the Ryobi 40V system, its snow blowers are also equipped with load-sensing technology and a powerful brushless motor for automatic power adjustment.

Other impressive features consist of up-to-25ft snow discharge, a 180 directional chute for ultimate snow-throwing control, twin LED headlights for clear visibility in the days or at nights, and a push-button start.

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Bottom Lines

With these 12 most reliable snow blower brands, you can enjoy your winter to the fullest without concerning yourself with the tiresome snow-clearing task.

Whether what you need is a battery-powered, gas-powered, or electric snow blower, you can find it in this article. Products made by these brands have been trusted by millions of homeowners around the globe. Hence, don’t hesitate to keep a place in your next go-to brand list for them.

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