5 Parts of FFA Emblem and Meanings

ffa emblem logo

FFA means the (National) Future Farmers of America. You may see the FFA Emblem logo in some agricultural organizations but you do not know what it stands for. In general, this is a symbol of showing something traditional in the American agricultural industry.

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What is FFA Emblem?

ffa emblem logo

FFA Emblem refers to everything about human nature and it is a daunting task to change habit, reflection, and inspiration in our mind. This is a mark of sticking around the time test, personal development, leadership ability, and career path through agricultural education.

There were many forms of the FFA Emblem in the past such as the first national convention of the America Future Farmers and the adjustment of the terms (from Vocational Agriculture to Agricultural Education).

These days, the symbol has a state-of-the-art image with five parts in the logo and their meanings.

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5 parts in the logo & the meanings

The five parts of the FFA Emblem symbol alludes to five different points of this organization. In essence, they create a special story, a mission, and a vision of the organization.

Cross-section of one part of a corn

No matter which state are you living in America, corn is always a widespread image in your town. Corn represents unity showing a story on Thanksgiving Day and this plant is the standard harvest season in the USA. You can see the yellow color in the FFA Emblem symbol.

Rising sun

This symbol presents the progress of growth. In agriculture, the good signal comes from the sun where plants and animals need. Today, modern agriculture continues to maintain positive aspects of new technologies.

However, experts and farmers still get the sun to develop their crops. To respond to consumer demand, the organization and members should continue the mission. The red one is the color to identify this symbol of the logo.


The straight image is popular in the agriculture backbone of America. It signifies that the country and the National FFA Emblem must work hard in the labor as well as the cultivation of the soil.


This is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and intelligence. It also refers to become a smart person with full of knowledge in the agriculture industry.


The eagle is a national symbol of the USA because it signifies to the brave and freedom. In the agriculture industry, this is a mark of discovering a new area for the future.

Three colors (yellow, blue, and red)

When you see three colors in the FFA Emblem logo on any background, it means that no one can change any detail in the logo, including shadowing and copying. This is the primary mark of the organization.

One color (white)

The one-color FFA Emblem logo refers to engrave and etching in fabric or soft materials only. We can use this logo when we could not produce it in full colors.

white FFA emblem logo

Final Words

The FFA Emblem logo is simple but it shows many meaningful things in the agricultural industry as well as the nature of human beings.

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