The 5 Parts Of The FFA Emblem And Their Meanings

FFA Emblem Logo
FFA, the abbreviation for (National) Future Farmers of America, is focuses on providing youth and the next generation of leaders with an agricultural education to change the world. You may see the FFA Emblem logo in some agricultural organizations but you may be interested in knowing what the FFA emblem stands for. In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 parts of the FFA emblem and their meanings. But, in general, the FFA emblem is a fundamental symbol of the traditional American agricultural industry and serves as a reminder of our country’s strength.

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5 Parts Of The FFA Emblem And Their Meanings

FFA Emblem Logo The five parts of the FFA Emblem symbol allude to five different purposes of the national FFA organization that represent past, present, and future goals and aspirations. In essence, together they create a special story, a mission, and a vision of the organization.

Ear of Corn

No matter which state are you living in America, corn is grown in every state and is something all Americans can unite around. The yellow cross-section of an ear of corn used as the background of the FFA emblem represents unity as corn is a historic foundation in our country’s history.

Rising sun

The red rising sun signifies progress, and growth, and serves as a reminder that a new day with new opportunities is coming. In agriculture, the sun ensures that plants, crops, and animals prosper. Today, modern agriculture utilizes new technologies to make sure plants, crops, and animals prosper but experts and farmers still rely on the sun to develop their crops.


The plow that the owl sits upon signifies labor and tillage and reminds us that agriculture is the backbone of America. It also signifies that the country and the members of the National FFA must work hard and in the cultivation and tillage of the soil for America to continue prospering.


This owl perched upon the plow is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and intelligence. The use of the owl also refers to the knowledge required to be a smart person in the American agriculture industry, especially in the progressive agriculture industry today.


The eagle is a national symbol of the USA because it signifies bravery and is a reminder of our freedom. In the agriculture industry, the Eagle is also a mark of discovering new horizons and the ability to explore new technologies for the future of agriculture.

FFA Emblem Color Meaning

Three Colors

The iconic FFA emblem utilizes yellow, blue, and red and is the primary mark of the national FFA organization. The yellow represents the golden fields of ripened corn and crops across the country. The blue is the same as our nation’s flag, thus symbolizing FFA’s historic foundation. And the red signifies the sun that rises every morning, ensuring growth and progress.

One Color

White FFA Emblem Logo The one-color FFA Emblem logo is used when engraving or etching in fabric or soft materials only. This logo is used when producing in its full colors is not possible..  

History Of The FFA Emblem

The national FFA emblem serves as a reminder of everything about human nature and what it means to do, learn, live, and serve. The iconic FFA emblem is a mark of personal development, leadership ability, and ability to explore new career paths through agricultural education. There have been many forms of the FFA Emblem in the past. One such form was the first national convention of the America Future Farmers. The current national FFA emblem dates to 1926 when the terms changed from Vocational Agriculture to Agricultural Education to provide a well-rounded education. These days, the symbol has a state-of-the-art image with five symbols of the FFA that each holds significance to American agriculture.
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1. What is the FFA motto?

The FFA motto is: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

2. What are the 7 FFA officer positions?

The 7 FFA officer positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sentinel, Reporter, Historian, Parliamentarian, and Advisor. Other positions important to the organization include Vice Presidents for each region – Southern, Western, Eastern, and Central.

3. Why was the FFA emblem made?

In 1926, Henry Groseclose, the founder of the FFA organization, was inspired by an image of an owl sitting atop a spade when working on developing the Future Farmers of Virginia.

Final Words

The FFA Emblem is simple but it symbolizes America and the meaningful things in the agricultural industry that make America, America as well as the nature of human beings.

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