Can Goats And Dogs Live Together?

Goats And Dogs Live Together

Have you ever wondered if there are any rules among different animals’ relationships and the way they cooperate to live peacefully together?

More specifically, can goats and dogs live together? Sometimes it could really make us worry if they have any difficulties in dealing with it. If you are curious about this issue, check out the detailed information below!

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Can goats and dogs live together?

Whether goats and dogs can live together depends on what types of dogs, the characteristics of goats, and the circumstances. Most goats will get along easily with farm dogs, as most goats are very friendly. However, there are some tough goats that make it harder for both animals to live under the same roof. For dogs, only some specific dog breeds are suitable for living with goats.

In any case, before let your dog play with goats, you should take it into consideration. While dogs are predators, goats are prey animals. This difference leads to a high chance that there will have a negative reaction between both of them.

In addition, dogs are more prone to chasing or aggression. They tend to chase goats until their “goals” are dead tired. As a result, goats can be an obsession with dogs. What’s more, goats are not deep sleepers which means they can be easily awakened by dogs barking. This somehow can have a bad effect on goats’ health.

goat and dog

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What makes goats and dogs hard to get along?

Everything happens for a reason. So does the relationship of your goats and dogs. If they suffer the following circumstances, it will be hard for them to become “real friends”.

1. Goats had bad experiences with dogs

Do goats like dogs? Well, if a goad has bad memories with dogs, under no circumstances may they live with dogs peacefully. This is kinda like us if we are scared or threatened by something or someone, right?

2. Dogs haven’t had a chance with goats

If a dog is not trained to be a flock guardian before they encounter goats, they will absolutely make goats frightened. For example, when dogs first see goats, they will chase and even harm their housemate. Inherently, maintaining a good relationship with goats will never happen to dogs.

What dog breeds are suitable for guardians?

It is true that dogs are a major threat to goats, however, there are some certain dog breeds that can be great guardians if they are properly trained. The most common breeds are Anatolian Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. Those breeds are safer for guardians as they are predator-prey connection breeds.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees and baby goat

Originating in Central Asia or Siberia, the Pyrs have a long history as a guard dog. This kind of dog tends to protect vulnerable flocks like sheep, goat, chicken… from predators.

When there are no dangerous potentials around, Pyrs are calm and obedient. You can even let this dog play with your kids, however, be sure you raise this dog from puppy-hood.

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd and Goat

This breed mainly comes from Asia Minor and known as a sheepdog or a guard dog. As they can sustain under severe weather, living outside all year round is not a matter to them.

They have a superior sense of sight and hearing which enables them to be aware of any enemies around. Besides, this dog can run at great speed and endurance. When you decide to own this loyal and alert dog, your area will be safe and secure.

How to introduce a dog to your goats?

When you decide to raise goats on your farm, it is a good choice to keep a dog as a protector for flock safety. However, do not miss a proper introduction before let them live together. Follow a step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Place your goats in a safe and separated area that has a surrounding fence. Don’t allow your dog to get into it.

Step 2: Let your dog observe the goat’s behaviors. If there are any unpleasant acts of the dog such as barking, growling, or chasing the goats, reprimand them right away. In this case, the dog and goats are no longer pay attention to each other.

Step 3: Place dog cage inside the goats’ space. Now your dog can get closer to goats. Remember to always keep an eye on them. By allowing them to sniff each other from 2 separate “houses” for several hours every day, they will gradually accept one another.

Step 4: Put a leash on the dog and let him walk around the goat enclosure. When you are certain that your dog has accepted the goats, release him from the leash. If there is any aggressive dog behavior, put a muzzle on him. Bear in mind that you always have to supervise both animals, especially your dogs.


While dogs have a desire to chase other animals, goats tend to mark it as bad experiences so it is hard for both of them to live in harmony. However, dogs can be a great guardian for goats if they are trained well. With the issue “can goats and dogs live together?”, I hope that you are satisfied with the answer. Follow us for more fantastic information about animal life.

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