How Much Do Chickens Weigh?

how much do chickens weigh

As an owner or a farmer, we always want our animals to be at the best condition possible. Chickens, at this point, has no difference.

Asking how much do chickens weigh at first might seem like a simple question that just needs a simplistic answer, like a number or two. However, digging deeper into what their weight reflects would be more interesting than that.

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How much do chickens weigh?

The average weight of chickens is about 5 to 10 pounds (2.3 to 4.5 kg). There are a number of different chicken breeds and their average weight differs significantly from breed to breed. That variant also depends on age, gender, feeding regimens and chicken’s habitat.

Roosters weigh an average of 7.5 pounds. They are bigger than hens, thanks to that they would be attractive to them and be able to protect the flock from predators or threats. This characteristic is also found in many other species. So how much does a hen weigh on average? Well, around 2 pounds lighter than roosters.

Meat chicken breeds or dual-purpose breeds tend to be bigger than egg-laying breeds for a simple reason. Well, they have a lot more muscle, especially the breast.

Smaller chickens produce smaller eggs, in return, they are usually more visually appealing, that’s why they are often raised for ornamental purposes than for financially lucrative.

Those breeds are also bantam chickens and usually bred to be under 2.5 pounds. You can imagine how small they are knowing the same space that keeps 3 large fowls that can contain up to 10 bantam chickens.

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8 Small chicken breeds 

Malaysian Serama bantam

Malaysian Serama bantam

This is the smallest chicken in the world which weighs up to 1.10 pounds and is just 25 centimeters tall. They are very good egg layers and, considering their small scale, they appear to be very hardy chickens.


The Sebright Bantam Chicken is situated at the smaller end of the weight scale. Roosters can weigh at a limit of 22 ounces and hens can only achieve a maximum weight of 20 ounces. They’re very obedient and friendly chickens, but hens appear not to be good egg setters or layers.


This England original chicken can weigh up to 24 ounces for roosters and 22 ounces for hens. They are fair egg layers, obedient, and are quite easy to take care of.


Roosters normally weigh up to 4.5 pounds while hens will get up to 3.5 pounds. They are bad egg layers and lay very small eggs. They are more widely used in shows and are more decorative than productive on a farm.


This breed birthplace is South Africa, roosters can weigh up to 5 pounds and hens can weigh 4 pounds. They are quite docile and lay blue eggs.


This breed comes from Holland and Germany. The roosters can weigh 5 pounds while the hens can reach maximum weight at 4 pounds. This breed is very energetic.


They are originally from Holland. Like the previous breed, the hamburger rooster is up to 5 pounds, and hens can hit a weight of 4 pounds. Hens are very well-known as poor egg layers.


They can reach 6 pounds for roosters and 4 pounds for hens. Hens are good at egg-laying. They are a very active and not-so-friendly breed.

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8 Medium-sized chicken breeds


Leghorn chickens

Coming from Italy, hens can weigh up to 4.5 pounds and roosters can weigh up to 6 pounds at the highest. They are very active and are wonderful egg layers but don’t seem like setting their own eggs.


The US original breed can weigh at 5 pounds for a hen and up to 7.5 pounds for a rooster. They are very productive in terms of egg-laying and lay brown eggs.

New Hampshire

Also comes from the US, a New Hampshire rooster can weigh 8.5 pounds and a hen can weigh 6.5 pounds. They are very docile birds and lay quite big brown eggs.


Originating from the US Ohio, the roosters can weigh up to 9 pounds while the hens can weigh at a maximum of 6.5 pounds. This is a dual-purpose breed.


Coming from Australia, a hen can weigh 6.5 pounds while a rooster can weigh 8.5 pounds. The hens are quite broody and are fantastic egg layers.


Roosters can reach 8.5 pounds and hens at 6.5 pounds on average. They are very obedient and the hens are very good egg layers. This breed comes from the US.

Rhode Island Red

Just like the previous breed. They are also from the US, the top weight for roosters is 8.5 and hens is 6.5 pounds.


Another breed from the US. They can also weigh at 6.5 for the hens and 8.5 pounds for the roosters. They are good egg layers and lay brown eggs.

8 Large chicken breeds

Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant big chicken

The name speaks for themselves. This is the largest chicken breed in the world. Roosters can come in at a staggering 13 pounds and hens can come up to 10 pounds.

Not only are they large, but they also mature blazing fast. They are called a dual-purpose bird, as they are both an expert egg-layer and a great choice for meat.


This US original breed can weigh up to 12 pounds for roosters and 9.5 pounds for hens. The hens are very good egg layers and setters.


A docile breed from China, a Cochin hen can weigh at 8.5 while a rooster can weigh at 11 pounds. The hens are quite fair egg layers.


This breed is from Japan, a hen can reach 7 pounds while a rooster is at 11 pounds. They are not good egg layers therefore often be raised for meat or for decoration.


This is the breed that holds a record for the biggest chicken in the world, 24.18 pounds at an adult. It’s strange as we know this England breed can only reach up to 10.5 pounds for roosters and 8 pounds for hens.


Another breed from England, the hens are very good egg layers and can weigh up to 8 pounds, the roosters can reach 10 pounds. They are very obedient and friendly.

Plymouth Rock

This is a great choice for backyard chickens. The US breed can weigh up to 7.5 pounds for hens and 9.5 pounds for roosters. The hens are very productive egg layers.


Originates from England, a Sussex hen can weigh at 7 pounds while a rooster can reach up to 9 pounds. They are often chosen for egg production.

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Weight is one of the appealing factors that help you determine whether your birds are in good shape.

Knowing how much chickens weigh or at least acknowledge the average weight of chickens helps you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a breed that fits your needs, or even further, noticing when your birds are in trouble.

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